Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10 Pro Earphones Gun Metal Blue with Roadie Case


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Pros: Guitar strings, Heart-wrenching highs, Great Bass extension, Detail
Cons: Comfort, Dependent on ear-canal size, Price if purchased new
Absolute steal at this price.
Should have given a review on these a long time ago but unnecessary because for one simple fact.
You either get a good fit on these and experience pure nirvana or dislike it for any possible conceived ideas.
It's quite inaccurate to listen to people's opinions as well.
Some people clearly state that the IE8 is much better than the Tf-10 but the Se530 is inferior. Others state the Tf-10 is worse than the ck-10s. There are even people that claim the tf-10 lack bass and the highs are sibilant. This all depends on many confounding factors.
But regardless to say, imo, I couldn't be happier with these.


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Pros: punchy bass, good extension in both bass and treble, excellent isolation, warm, easy to drive, good build quality
Cons: warm, not as analytical as others, weird fit for some
I really like them, they are not as crisp as my sennys and the soundstage is more narrow (to be expected from iems) but their bass is noticeably better (it extends much better) and they are very enjoyable to listen to, I do not think there is any "burn in" time on them because of the armature drivers, but I will continue listening to see if anything changes. Also the sound insolation works quite well and I notice details I never have before because I assumed I was hearing outside noises on my open cans (the tapping of someones foot on a recording of chopins "revolutionary etude") so that is pretty cool. They are not as analytical as sennheisers notoriously are, but they warm without the exaggerated bass and thin treble that grados sometimes suffer from (I cannot stand it personally, it was grating, sr80s).
I am sorry I cannot compare it to any other iem, but the closest iems Ive heard are bose, so I dont even bother.
the size and shape does not bother me at all because I have large earholes so they fit fine, although I have a bit of trouble figuring out how to angle them in my ear sometimes. 


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Pros: Black Friday price, premium quality
Cons: comfort, line tangle, accessories
Well, I got this on Black Friday 2010 for below $100, what can I say, this thing is worth beyond every dollar I spent for me thanks to dramatic drop of the price. This guy is currently tagged at $250 price range.
So, here is what I wanna say: this headphone is probably too good for me
All I have is a Sony extender which connects my Triple Fi 10 to my Asus Xonar DX
as far as I listen, I can often hear the background gitter due to electric interference from the sound card.
I did exactly what a HTPC does not want to do: Beefy Power Supply, Tower Heatsink, Multiple fans and Hard-Drives, GTX 460 Hawk (2 fans), and therefore I often suffer from the Ttzzz sound from this headphone
Well, that shows how good this guy is.
The vocal and instruments stretch out far and clear. Unlike other headphones, I feel the sounds come from a big line. It is as if I am listening to live play
Here are the following songs I use to test:
Guns N Rose Lies (the whole album)
Guns N Rose Greatest  Hits (again the whole album)
Macross F OST (the whole freaking thing)
Gumdam 00 OST (season 1+2 OP and ED)
Jam Project Skill, Olympia (sadly, this is the only non-loseless and was in 320K MP3)
The vocal is not as joyful when it comes to Macross compare to Audio Technica, which is nothing but female vocal and some simple instrument. Yet the instrument part, such as Guns N Rose, it is the perfect synergy. Drums are crystal clear. Which is a really big thing for me. Guitar and Bass all mingle together. Even if the Vocal overlaps with either Guitar or Bass, they do not cover each other. Instead, all sounds hits the ear the same time. No wonder people say this thing can fight against IE 8.
In terms of music I listen to and the price I get, IE 8 sounds like a dumb deal.
Yet this headphone is not all that great:
1. this guy is tagged at $250 range, yet unlike IE 8, it only comes with few earbuds.
2. the ability to be able to swap the line is good for me, since that is one of the reason this guy attract me in the first place. Yet for those that use headphones without any thoughts about modding them, swappable line means the lines die faster
3. it is expected that the lines will not tied up or curl together, yet it is exactly what Triple Fi 10 did
4. I gave it to many people to listen, yet most people have problem keeping this thing on their ears on the first few tried. I personally have no problem. After a few tried I find some angles which fits me nicely.
5. there are other minor points, yet it only bothers me, and they are rather minor compare to the first four, therefore I will not list them out
This really is the crossroad for me. Before this headphone, voices are never this clear and mix together for me. That is why I call Triple Fi 10 the crossing line. At this level and beyond, it is highly recommended to get DAC/Amplifier. I can bare with the static noise, since I plan to purchase a DAC already. However, it does not mean the static from my horrible setup does not influence my musics. In fact I am suffering from those backgorund noise quite heavily. Yet for the price I get, I can afford to purchase a DAC to fix it.


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My old memory 


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Great bass, full sound, good construction.
Cons: Fat tube doesn't fit in small ears too good
Its been a while, I had a pair of these which inspired me to buy my UE 11 Pros because I liked the sound but I couldn't get the darn things to stay in my ears!  The problem being that my ear canals are a flattened S shape which is non-conducive to universal IEMs in general.  Since these LE 10s are thicker than a Shure 530 they were especially hard to get in my ears, and they wouldn't stay there.  That's why I only where custom IEMs now -- these are probably good for someone with large ear canals.


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Pros: Awesome finish, Bass isn't bloated, Excellent Treble extension
Cons: Cable is pretty bad, Definitely one of those 'hit -or-miss' iems, Definitely not for people with small ears.
Ok first of all I will be using my Sansa Clip as my source as I feel an iem should always be tested with portable sources. I paid $200AUD for them brand new, which is dirt-cheap by Australian standards. I do not believe in burn in, especially for armature drivers - owning and listening to many iems has shown me burn-in is just a mental phenomenon where the brain adjusts to a new sound signature. I will throw some quick comparisons to other iems I have tried, such as the IE8 and RE0.

Initial Impressions

Being used to the cold and analytical sound of the RE0 and the warm and bassy sound of the IE8 my first impressions were quite negative. The TF10 had a really 'mechanical' sound (very artificial sounding, not very natural) to it with ear-piercing treble. However, after about 30 minutes of use my ears adjusted to the treble and the mechanical sound disappeared. After that these wowed me with their detail, punchy bass and treble extension.


Design to me is quite good. Since the TF10 jut out of the ear there is minimal contact with the inside part of my ear compared to say, the IE8 or SE530 where the body of the earpiece makes more contact with the inside of you ear. The gun-metal blue finish is quite attractive. Build quality is above average which is expected for a iem in this price bracket. Fit for me is excellent, however, I can see how some people complain about not being able to get a good fit. The size of the shells are massive. Personally I have medium sized canals and have always used medium sized tips for iems. If you have small sized canals then I can most likely predict that you will have fit issues.
The cable however is very average - thickness of the wire is about normal for any iem, however the material is rubbery to the touch. The cable terminates in an not very sturdy looking straight jack which I absolutely hate and doesn't look like it could take a beating unlike the IE8 cable. However, TF10 aftermarket cables are in abundance and are not that costly (about $38USD for a good an ES8 cable on Jaben's website.). Furthermore, isolation is not terribly high. It has more isolation than the IE8 but definitely less than what Etymotic and Shure iems can offer. For me it is good for the daily commute and allows me to faintly hear cars in the distance for safety reasons.


Browsing around these forums, quite a few people claim that the bass of the TF10 is muddy and bloated, I couldn't disagree more. To me it sounds very punchy. However, bass quantity is quite high but not massive so to speak and does not have a lot of low end rumble.

TF10 vs IE8
Hmmm...a hard one to call. I cannot say that one is better than the other - just that they are different from each other. TF10 bass is punchy and has a lot of quantity to it. On the other hand the IE8's bass (set to minimum) is more rumbly with a hell of a lot more quantity to it. Neither of these iem's bass sounds bloated. However, from my own preferences it feels that the TF10 has more quality bass while the IE8 has more bass quantity that has a lot more ear shaking rumble.Whether one is better than the other simply comes down to personal preferences. For me the TF10 sounded better in the bass department with Trance music and the IE8 sounded a lot better with Hip-Hop style music.

TF10 vs RE0
After listening to the two TF10 bass sound's very punchy with a high level of quantity. RE0 on the other hand the bass sounds thin and un-energetic compared to the TF10. However, the actual quality of the RE0 bass is still excellent.


Midrange on the TF10 is nothing special. It does not stick out among the bass and treble, however, I wouldn't called it recessed either. Vocals sound a little bit distant. This doesn't bother me at all and I feel is a bit necessary for the TF10 in the way that the Treble and Bass is quantified. To me, having a boosted midrange would make the whole experience overwhelming and fatiguing.

TF10 vs IE8
To me the IE8's midrange is a little recessed. This drove me mad sometimes on a few songs with a lot of vocals as it sounded really...unnatural. Midrange is nothing special on either of these iems, however, the TF10s midrange is not recessed to my ears and hence I believe that TF10 wins out here.

TF10 vs RE0
Surprisingly the midrange of the TF10 and RE0 sound very similar. I could not discern any real difference between the two. Neither are recessed nor boosted in the midrange. However, vocals are a tiny bit less distant on the RE0. Which is better? Not a clue.

The treble on the TF10 is definitely one of the defining aspects of the TF10 sound signature. It extends well and has a lot of quantity to it. Some people may find it to be too much. On occasion I also find the Treble to be very fatiguing, but this is usually only when I am very tired. As I mentioned when I first listened to these I found the treble to be earpiercing, but my ears adjusted to it withing 30 minutes. I feel no sibilance with these.

TF10 vs IE8

Depending on your preferences the Treble on either the TF10 or IE8 will be more suitable for you. As was mentioned the TF10's treble extends very well and definitely comes in large amounts. On the other hand the IE8's treble also extends well (extends better than the SE530 so I am told to believe), but does not have a massive quantity to it like the TF10. Which is better? If you can't stand a lot of treble then the IE8's treble would be better suited to you. However, if you are like me and feel that a lot of treble couldn't hurt then the TF10 may be better.

TF10 vs RE0

Yes, the RE0 does emphasize Treble a lot. However, it is not dished out in the same quantities as the TF10. Both extend very well, pretty much both extend to the same level according to my ears. So basically I see the TF10's treble as a more quantified version of the RE0's treble extension.

General Sound Signature

I guess you could say that the TF10's sound signature is 'v-shaped' - boosted bass, normal levels of midrange, boosted treble. This provides for a unique sound signature I have not experienced in any other iem I have tried. The TF10 has a bit of a cold sound signature, not analytic though. A bit like the RE0's sound signature but with more emotion to it. A hit if you like this sort of sound signature - miss if you like a warmer or analytical sound signature like the IE8 or Etymotic/RE0 respectively.

RE0's sound signature is very cold and analytical. After listening to either the TF10 or IE8, the RE0 sounded extremely thin and lifeless without any emotion. However, after about 30 minutes of listening my ears adjust to the sound and the RE0 becomes a bit more full with a bit more emotion - still cold and analytical by many standards.

IE8's sound signatures is very warm and bassy. After getting used to the TF10 or RE0 the IE8's bass sound's very flabby bloated and with the recessed midrange sticking out like a sore thumb. However, once again, after 30 minutes of listening my ears adjust and the IE8's bass regains its awesome rumble and flabbiness and bloat mainly disappear.

To sum up the TF10 is a very good iem, however it is definitely one of those iems that you would either love or hate based on the sound signature and the sheer amount of treble relative to other iems mentioned here. If you can get your hands on one cheap then I suggest you give it a try - you never know - you might actually like what you hear.
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New Head-Fier
Cons: its hard to fit my ear. until now
but its the REAL price inChina
hardly have cons.
I think its better than WEstone UM3X


100+ Head-Fier
How much I wanted to like these... I just can't. Coming from the analytical and clean sound from the RE-Zeros, I wanted to give a critical listen, but despite the fit and isolation being very good(as opposed to many others), I couldn't like the sound and had to put it down.
One of my friends is a TF10 fan, so I wanted to trust him and listen to these for a prolonged period to at least get used to the sound signature, but I just couldn't. Bass is all muddy and bloated, treble is aggressive, vocals are far away and I can't hear them(but with ear piercing sibilance), and on top of that imaging is not what I should be hearing from a $500 gear(yes, it is $500 here).
However, I do have to mention that the wide soundstage was impressive, and it was very comfortable when wearing on my ears(can't understand the fit issues from others). These lack major fault, but the overall sound signature and the imaging is not worth $500. I would say about $150, it is a reasonable price, but I still wouldn't buy it. $200? still a little too expensive, IMO.
Maybe my ears are so adjusted to the RE-Zeros, but even when I heard these before I bought the RE-Zeros, I remember having a similar impression, so I find these not my cup of tea.
Sorry UE, it seems many like these, but even at amazon price, I won't buy one(or maybe one for a gift to my future GF). at $99 RE-Zero which I decided to keep is better, IMHO. 
Edit : listening to it again I think I gave them too harsh remarks. Still the fact that the vocals are a step back is a big 'miss' for me.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Clarity, precision, build quality.
Cons: Comfort and fit
As a sound engineer, I am fussy about audio and the UE Triple Fi 10's have made me a happy man.
Right out of the box they sound fantastic, despite a slight problem with fitment. After a short play with the different buds, I settled on the Comply buds and they provided a decent seal.
Overall they are great, and I use them for listening enjoyment direct from my iPod, and also mixing on my laptop, and the resulting mixes prove the Triple Fi's are a good reference!
Now I just need to get some ACS custom moulds for them! 


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its amazing


Pros: Flashy Packaging, Nice 'gun-metal-blue' finish, Unparalleled Sound Quality
Cons: Build Quality, Prone to puncturing
[size=12pt]My Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10 Experience[/size] with Pics and Video!

[size=10pt]Overall impression:[/size]

A+= Packaging
A+ =Look
A+=  Sound

FBuild Quality

Gravely disappointed with the build quality. I already have puncture points on both wires. But SQ was greatPictures and Video after the Jump.

Finally, today was the day that my TF10s came. I was anxious to see if they had arrived yet so I checked Air21's tracking page. Very accurate actually. It tells you where your package is, and how many transfers its gone through.

They came in an Air 21 package


Great Packaging






Candy Case Contents


TF10s out of the box




Sadly, that was the unit I got. Sir Leo called me regarding warranty but said it would still be in the U.S. and would take time. Replacement wires cost 40 dollars. :/. The build quality ruined my day... but overall, the TF10s are great. A partner for my other IEMs. 

and finally,

Video Link of Unboxing and Review by Yours Truly. Please do check it out and comment, sirs! 


While the puncture points are dissapointing, I can't see how they affect use of them. The cable as a whole is really trashy, I purchased these expecting to replace it. Thats the thing-its removable. Though I haven't gotten around to buying new ones yet, I've heard sunricky's cables really bring out the mids, as well as being of better build quality. Check out his Dark Lord cables on ebay.