Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5 Noise Isolating Earphones

General Information

Ultimate Ears SUPER.Fi 5 uses the same speaker and sound signature used in our professional monitors. It offers the most detailed and sonically rich experience when listening to all type of musical genres. The top fire armature produces a detailed and full soundstage. The metallic silver body with UE logo is stylish, low profile and ideal for a person on the go. The earphones are color coded and makes for easy left and right identification. Cables can be worn down for casual listening or over the ear for active lifestyles. Accessories include three sizes of soft silicone ear tips, 2 sets of Comply foam ear tips, cleaning tool and a pocket ready pebble-shaped case.

Latest reviews

Pros: Fairly cheap
Cons: Poor build quality
I had the previous model which are listed on head-fi.
- Since Logitech bought Ultimate Ears, I got another problem with my earbuds. Unfortunately, they I had to send mine back in order to have them replaced...by the new version which, apart from the name, isn't the same product AT ALL! In fact, the new ones sell for 100USD, less than half the price I paid for the previous ones. I'm trying to get a refund currently or an equivalent replacement.


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