Ultimate Ears MetroFi 220 Noise Isolating Earphones

General Information

More than just a pretty package¿MetroFi 220 earphones give you clarity, smooth range and a clean thump in a sleek design. The 220s keep you in touch with the world around you while letting you hear your music clearly. The comfortable, compact design sits securely in your ears while you go about your day. Hear your music as it was meant to be heard, with clarity, smooth range and a clean thump. 75% of the top touring musicians use Ultimate Ears Custom Earphones, now you can experience the same quality of sound in an earphone created with you in mind. For people who take their music everywhere they go, the MetroFi products are designed to fit into a busy life. Ultimate Ears by Logitech. How music is meant to be heard.

Latest reviews

Pros: Great step up
Cons: Strait pin connector
OK, So I had been looking into stepping up from the $10 mass production headphone for quiet some time. I had stumbled upon Ultimate Ears in my research and like their upbringings and what not.
Long story short after getting used to jamming something up to my ear canals I was quiet pleased, especially when hooked into my Sony D-NF430 walkman (a huge factor in my move to upgrade). A step up, everything will be clearer than any cheap pair of headphones from wlamat.
Unfortunately after only 8 months the achilles' heel of any pair of iem's, and to my dismay it appears most of UEs products use the strait connector instead of the L-shape. Why logitech didn't do something about that in their re-branding idk (just goes to show they are evil i guess)


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