Ultimate Ears MetroFi 200 Noise Isolating Earphones


1000+ Head-Fier
Pros: Comfort, Warm Sound
Cons: Clarity,
Ultimate ears metro.fi range are often overlooked on these forums. There is a simple reason for this, they are not worth the price they quite often retail at. They are, however, frequently on special offers and very good deals, i've even seen them being given away with other things costing only about £50. Obviously when earphones are on special offer they should be compared to others in their new price range and when they are they fare much better.
I bought the metro.fi 200's quite a while ago for not much less than retail price and was disappointed with them. I was looking to move away from the sennheiser sound which I had tired of and I didn't have much success with shure. Not having the benefits of head-fi at the time, ultimate ears was worth a shot.
They are an improvement on the budget sennheiser's of yesterday make no mistake but i expected much more for the price. They have a warm sound with strong but fairly clear bass and the rest of the range is presented quite well too but they don't stack up to close scrutiny for too long. The treble is quite compromised at the top-end and the bass lacks quite a bit of clarity. The sound just doesn't excite and you get bored of it quite soon.
Also, while micro-phonics aren't too bad due to the solid earpiece, the cable is not very good and didn't last long on mine. Also i was expecting half decent isolation but it was pretty poor actually.
If these earphones are the price I paid for them walk away but these and the newer 170/220 are frequently available at discount prices, in fact, I nearly bought a pair of 220's recently at £15. you can't go wrong at that price. These are not worth the retail price which is why the ratings may appear harsh, I paid nearly full price for them, you might not have to.