Ultimate Ears In-Ear Reference Monitors

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  1. melomaniac
    "fantastic piece of gear"
    Pros - comfy, revealing
    Cons - needs amp to shine
    this is my first custom IEM, and still has a special place here (in my outer ears). the shell is a bit hard but I can wear it on long flights or extended work sessions without any discomfort. it is highly revealing, and really lends itself for the most high quality recordings. always amazes me to return to it after listening on something else. highly recommended
  2. joesuburb
    "Just wonderful"
    Pros - Listen to the music, not the IEMs
    Cons - Case is not pocketable
    My 1st Customs.  I've owned, Coppers, Golds, Shure 530s, IE8s (2 sets), among others stuff.  All of the universals I've owned were a hobby.  I would play with tips, I would mess with the EQ, I would listen to different IEMs based on the music.
    Not bass heavy, but also not bass light.  It makes whatever bass is on the recording.
    Now that I own these, I don't use anything else.  I never even think about them.  The music is just pure joy.  I can't recommend these more highly.  They are one of the best purchases I have ever made.  Oddly enough, I think at $1000, they are a better value than my universals at $300.
  3. kyo9112
    Pros - great sound just with 3 drivers
    I had owned the UE-18's before this for around 10 days. So buying this lets me been mad. Very nice full sound, with improved frequency response from 5 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Bass is much more present on these but not too overly stated. Gorgeous build quality. Very happy with these In ear monitors, it seems like JH10X3,but with better low