Ultimate Ears 200vi Noise-Isolating Headset comfortable music and calls. Designed by Ultimate...

Ultimate Ears 200vi Noise-Isolating Headset, Blue

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  • Ultimate Ears 200vi Noise-Isolating Headset comfortable music and calls. Designed by Ultimate Ears, this sweet-sounding headset fits your ears even if they're small and includes on-cord controls with an integrated microphone.

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  1. dkshifat
    "Fuller and detailed sound for the price. Overall good balanced sound."
    Pros - Fuller and clear sound, fit, sound isolation, price
    Cons - Built quality, cable noise.
    First I would like to inform that this review is not going to be long. i will just describe everything very briefly. first thing is i am not an audiophile but I play guitar and I love music. So the following review I am going to talk about the things which are I consider important for choosing the right headphone.
    Built Quality:
    To be honest i think the build quality of this headphone is disappointing and may be the only downside. the main problem of the build quality is the headphone jack. Though it has "L" shape connector but still it does not have good strain relief between the "L" shape connector and actual cable. the itself is not very high quality, so I suspect that the joint between headphone jack and cable will not last very long. so if you are looking durable in ear then this may not be your choice. Another thing if you move then cable makes so much noise but found that if you wear this over the ear style then cable noise reduces.
    i found this in ear quite comfortable and good fit. it also comes different sizes of ear buds, so if you have very small ear then it should be no problem. for my experience i found good fit and comfy.
    Sound Quality:
    When first listened to these the first impression was WoW these sound clear!! because i was not expecting that much clean sound!! and the first impression still remains the same. let me give the detail impression....
    Bass:  certainly bass is not the dominant element of the overall sound signature. I would say bass is just a tad rolled off, but it does not sounds tiny. IMO the bass amount is enough for most of music genres. the bass may not have that punch but it is there. the bass gets better after burning 
    Mid: Mid on these is good. It is clear enjoyable and this may be the one of best aspect of these in ears. in upper mid region is somewhat emphasized and may sound exciting for some. vocal sounds good on these.
    I think treble is the main element of over all sound signature. treble is emphasized just a bit which gives a brighter sound signature. Treble is not sibilant and not even soft or smooth, it is almost dry sounding treble. I enjoyed the treble. because this is kind of treble which will give you a sense of detail.
    Overall this is a very good IEM for the price with its detail sound and good fit. IMO most consumer will like its sound and to be honest these are way better than Apple ear buds :). so if you are looking for upgrading from Apple ear buds then you will not regrade.
    Thanks for reading my review :)              

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