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TY Hi-Z 32ohm HiFi Earbuds Earphone

  1. Palash
    Must have for Earbud lover.
    Written by Palash
    Published Sep 10, 2018
    Pros - Fun Sounding.
    Wide Soundstage .
    L type 3.5 mm plug.
    Cons - Cable can be a bit fancy.
    No Carry pouch (Not possible for that price).

    Spec -

    Sensitivity: 115+-5 db
    Frequency response range: 16-23000Hz
    Plug:3.5mm L-shaped
    Shell : MX500 Matt Black

    What inside the box ? –

    TY Hi-Z HP-32 earbud,
    2 pairs of foam cushions,
    2 pairs of donut foam cushions.
    1 Shirt Clip.

    Purchase Links -



    Disclaimer – Thanks Penon Audio for providing this unit for review .

    Tracks / Albums used for this review -

    Michael Jackson – Thriller
    Bruno Mars - 24K Magic
    Devin Dawson - Dark Horse
    Eagles - Hotel California
    Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon
    The Beatles - Abbey Road (Remastered)
    Eric Clampton - Slowhand

    (Normal foam cushions used)

    _DSC0005.JPG _DSC0006.JPG

    Earbuds are not for everyone but those who feel comfortable with earbuds , this review for them. Not from an audiophile perspective but as a music lover, inexpensive earbuds are much preferred by me . TY HI-Z HP32 is one of the cheapest from brand TY HI-Z and I am loving it. To keep it simple I used my Iphone SE and Fiio X1 2nd gen as source and let the earbud burn in for 50 hours before listening.


    First thing first though it is mentioned as 32 Ohms but it need plenty of power to run on its full potential , 60-70 % volume of your phone and good to go. Tuning of TY HI-Z HP32 is ‘U ‘shaped, that means emphasis on both upper frequency and lower frequency. But wait, don’t think that Mids are compromised or laid back. Vocals are pretty good and resolving.

    Built – Nothing fancy, rather normal for the price.

    Lows – Good amount of bass is there and blend of mid and sub bass can be noticed. TY HI-Z HP32 outputs tight and fast bass. Drums sound accurate.

    Mids – A bit laid back but not too much, vocals are resolving and realistic. Even sometimes the vocals combined with mid bass creates a nice overall experience, thus the song ‘One of these Nights ‘ by Eagles sound really good on TY HI-Z HP32.

    Highs – Emphasis on Treble is there but not harsh at all, very good .. Actually very very good .

    Good soundstage, instrument separation is normal and the balance of Lows and Highs is fun to listen. Very much resolving and fits in every genre.

    Comparison –

    VE Monk Plus – To me Monk+ is natural, both Highs and Lows lacks a bit but HI-Z HP32 shines here. Monk+ is strong in Mids. But after using HI-Z HP32 for an hour , Monk+ seem life less. Sounstage is better on HI-Z HP32.

    Wooeasy Diy Emx 500 - Wooeasy Diy Emx 500 better in terms of clarity than monk and HI-Z HP32 . Vocals seems really good on Emx 500 but lacks highs. HI-Z HP32 nailed it with its smooth prominent trebles.

    Conclusion –

    I am really impressed by HI-Z HP32 and not even touching my Emx500 soon. For the price of just 6$ it is a really good earbud to have . With a fancy silver cable and a carry pouch, HI-Z HP32 can place itself among 30-40 $ price mark earbuds. HI-Z HP32 is really a great earbud to start. Highly recommended.

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    1. Akshay Sood
      Great Review :) seems a must buy
      Akshay Sood, Sep 10, 2018
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    TY Hi-Z 32 ohm earbud-These make me fall asleep...
    Written by SOULSIK
    Published Jun 12, 2017
    Pros - Great sound for the price. Perfect for sleeping or working
    Cons - not for serious listening. Doesn't go far in terms of practicality
    video review:

    Where to purchase: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/TY-...32811048241.html?spm=2114.13010608.0.0.YKu3EN


    This earbud is great if you have trouble sleeping.

    Not too long ago, I reviewed the VE Monk plus earbuds. And due to that, this review may be biased because those were some incredible earbuds for the price. If the VE monk plus never existed then these Hi-z earbuds could have been great earbuds for the price. Unlike the VE monk plus, which I thought performed over their price point, the Hi-z performs “at” its price point. Nevertheless, thank god these were marketed as “sleeping earbuds”


    These were sent to me for review purposes. Nevertheless, my reviews will never be bias.


    TY Hi-Z is a company with lineup of earbuds starting from low impedance, low cost ones to high impedance, high cost ones.


    · Brand: TY Hi-Z

    · Model: AWK-314P

    · Wear: earbud

    · Color: black + white

    · Impedance: 32ohm

    · Driver: 14.8mm

    · Cable: about 1.2m

    · Microphone: no

    · Interface: 3.5mm


    · Comes with:

    · 2 pairs of solid foam cushions

    · 2 pairs of donut foam cushions

    · Clip

    Not very exciting. Earbud build quality. The foams that comes with it is terrible, it irritates my ears and I very much prefer the foams that came with the VE monk plus.


    Earbuds have no isolation. Do not think of using these anywhere else but when you are studying by yourself or sleeping.


    Adequate amount of bass for an earbud. Clear vocals and strings in the mid ranges. Lacks detail and presentation of the trebles. Laid back kind of sound that will make you relaxed and fall asleep in peace. Not much to talk about.

    Final Thoughts

    For a product to be good, it either must do ONE thing better than anything else or be optimal for many things/situations. I believe it was smart to market these as “sleeping earbuds”


    1. 20170617_213434.jpg
    2. 20170617_213521.jpg
    3. 20170617_213707.jpg
    4. 20170617_213804.jpg
    5. 20170617_213843.jpg
    6. 20170617_213938.jpg
  3. Afriza Aulia N
    Balanced with "enough" bass for an earbuds
    Written by Afriza Aulia N
    Published Dec 21, 2016
    Pros - "enough" bass, simple design, price, L-shaped plug, you can use it while sleeping :D
    Cons - Thin cable, waaaay too common of a design. Can't complain too much for the price....
    The TY (not so) Hi-"Z" HP-32 is a 32Ohm Earbuds that punches way above it's price range (just like VE Monk). It provides a good amount of bass (for an earbuds that is) while everything else is above the average (for the price range, and also for an earbuds).
    The build is just like what I wrote in the cons section.
    The "Hi-Z" only has 32Ohm of impedance, which is not high, at all... Most smartphone would probably drive this thing just fine, although my Redmi 3S needs to go near the max to reach a listenable volume, but that's because 3S's DAC is pretty weak.
    Highly recommended for a replacement earbuds, or even a go-to earbuds, I personally use these everyday.
  4. audio123
    Balanced Excellence - TY HI-Z HP32
    Written by audio123
    Published Sep 20, 2016
    Pros - Balanced sound
    Cons - Soundstage can be wider
    I am a hobbyist reviewer and like to explore new audio gears to give them a listen in pursuit of the best sound. My take is that a good iem/earbud should be versatile in tackling different genres and have excellent sound quality.
    Listening Preferences
    I love vocals so mids is an important part of my listening preferences. Of course, other frequencies are important too. I do love wide soundstage too as they give a sense of concert feel.
    TY HI-Z is a relatively small company and it is difficult to find any information about them on the web. Basically, they are a company specializing in earbud. These days, there are many Chinese earbuds that offer excellent price to performance ratio. The TY HI-Z HP32 offers tremendous price to performance ratio.
    I purchased the TY HI-Z HP32 V2 from Penon Audio online store. Purchase Link: http://penonaudio.com/Earphones/earbuds/TY-Hi-Z-HP-32
    I am not affiliated with Penon Audio or TY HI-Z in any way and I do not make any financial gain as a result of my review. Here below is my honest review on the TY HI-Z HP32.
    1. Sensitivity: 115+-5 db   
    2. Frequency response range:16-23000Hz
    3. Plug:3.5mm L-shaped
    4. Cable:1.2M 
    1. TY Hi-Z HP-32 earbud
    2. 2 pairs of  foam cushions
    3. 2 pairs of donut foam cushions
    Sound Analysis With VE Foams (Source: Questyle QP1R)
    The TY HI-Z HP32 has a mid-centric sound with a tinge of warmth that aids in the presentation of how the song is being portrayed. The details retrieval is quite good. The layering and separation is above average but the mids coupled with the appropriate width of the soundstage makes the mids shine.
    The bass is quite balanced and there is good mix of mid-bass and sub-bass. The mid-bass does not slam hard at all and the sub-bass is addictive. The bass is decently tight and has a rather above average speed for decay. As a result, instruments sound very realistic due to it. The mid-bass is really controlled nicely and does not sound artificial.
    The TY HI-Z HP32 has a fantastic midrange and this is my favourite part. Lush and prominent mids make vocals shine. It has a tinge of warmth that goes extremely well with it. Coupled with the mid-bass, there is an appropriate quantity of mids to the HP32. Vocals are resolving and there is a slight emphasis on the upper mids.
    The treble is smooth instead of your usual analytical treble. It gives the HP32 the space for its mids to shine. The extension of treble is quite good. It is also not sibilant. To sum it up, extension of treble is good without being too analytical.
    Comparison with Other Earbuds:
    TY HI-Z HP32 VERSION 1: There is a slight bump in mids and better details. Other than that, it is around the same.
    VE MONK: The VE Monk has a more organic sound than the HP32. The HP32 has better details retrieval than the VE Monk.
    VE MONK+: Both are around the same with HP32 edging it because of the better soundstage.
    It is quite a good earbud for <10 usd and I would recommend it.
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    2. AT Khan
      AT Khan, Nov 26, 2016
    3. 8hours
      These live up to the hype...such lovely bass extension without sacrificing brightness. I can't wait to try it's bigger siblings
      8hours, Feb 9, 2017
    4. 8hours
      One minor irritation is that on the LG V20, this headphone shows up as normal not high impedance...still sounds awesome. Soundstage is sumptuous on this :D
      8hours, Feb 9, 2017
  5. Himpedance
    TY Hi-Z HP-32 Great sound at an affordable price!
    Written by Himpedance
    Published Aug 28, 2016
    Pros - Nice、natural 、balanced、amazing、value
    Cons - Goods too little
    TY Hi-Z HP-32
    Sensitivity: 108 +/- 5 Db/mW
    Impedance: 32 ohm
    Frequency range: 18-21000 kHz
    Cable length: 1.2M
    Product website:
    TY Hi-Z HP-32
    Sensitivity: 108 +/- 5 Db/mW
    Impedance: 32 ohm
    Frequency range: 18-21000 kHz
    Cable length: 1.2M
    Comparing the TY-Hi-Z and VE MONK
    TREBLE: Both the Hi-Z and VE MONK show great details on top with the MONKS sounding ever so slightly harsh at its peak, while the Hi-Z sounds crispier. But, though the Hi-Z’s are easier to listen to at its peak the MONKS can give just slightly better extension.
    MIDRANGE: The midrange is fuller, forward and breathe taking with the Hi-Z’s showing off all instruments and vocals that travel through this range, while in the other hand, the MONKS sounds clear and vivid, with a more centered focus –nor forward or laid back.
    BASS: The MONKS displays a fast and quick bass response that clearly sounds detailed for an earbud at such a budget price, while in the same way the Hi-Z displays a “wow” factor at the sub-bass range that clearly has me asking “how do they get that type of sub-bass to come out of an earbud?"
    SOUNDSTAGE: This is where both might be a little different. When you first try on for the first time the Hi-Z’s, quickly you’re submerged in a stunning and wide soundstage that strikes you as being there “live”! With the MONKS, the presence of their clarity and detail, at first are just as surprising, as well! But, the width, height, and depth of the Hi-Z’s are just BIGGER and more engaging. So, while the VE MONKS sounds transparent the soundstage is smaller, but has a lot of detailed bass punch, but not in quantity, but more of originality and quality. The Hi-Z’s has an organic experience or a luscious feel to them, which personally I think falls at a higher price ratio for more of originality, soundstage and a quality sub-bass to kill for!
    OVERALL EXPERIENCE: Overall, the sound signatures on both are excellent for earbuds. The VE MONKS has a totally digital sound to them –like hearing a digital amplifier through your favorite speakers, while the TY Hi-Z’s has an analog sound to them –like hearing a tube amplifier with your favorite speakers, as well. They both have different sound signatures that can be truly appreciated. My overall experience with both was everything one would have wished for on earbuds many years ago. But, knowing what I have now makes them somewhat priceless!
    Another article in a Russian
    http://mysku.ru/blog/aliexpress/41935.htmlComparing the TY-Hi-Z and VE MONK PLUS
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    1. AT Khan
      AT Khan, Nov 26, 2016