Ture wireless stereo bluetooth headset: X1T by Rambotech

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Ture wireless stereo bluetooth headset: X1T. In ear bluetooth ear buds

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Pros: Price, decent sound
Cons: Housings are big, battery lasts for 1.5 to 2 hours
Hello Head-fier's
I was fascinated about wireless in ear buds. The thought of no wires always something I wanted to try. Wanted to own the Earin Wireless Earbuds but spending 250$ on it was something I could not justify to myself.
The challenge with in ear buds are the battery, you will get 2 to max 3 hours of battery life with it. Though you have some of the earbuds coming with a charging case which you can use it as back up. But the thought of keep charging it is something I find clumsy.
Anyways, I read about Rambotech from one of the threads on head-fi and got in touch with Rambotech team (located in China). Customer care is really good, you get immediate response. You can find this either on Rambotech or on Alibaba. These guys are bulk manufacturers and suppliers. You can ask them to put whatever name you want on the product and packaging and bam you have your own product which you can sell on amazon. (Most of the vendors on Amazon buy from them (example: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B014VVJBPS/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=AKOGOKC07UASW&tag=dealmoon-20  it is same as Rambotech S5).
I bought this directly from Rambotech for 15$ (but paid 30$ for shipping :frowning2: )
Build quality:
Decent. No complain for the price I paid. The plastic doesn't feel cheap. 
Charging cable and 3 pair of silicon tips.
The housings are pretty big and one of the buds keep popping out of my ear. Post changing the tips to memory foam I was able to get a decent fit, but was always scared of using it for cycling or running.
You can see in the picture, the housings are darn big. I got pretty big ear and still it looks big.
Pairing is simple, pair 1 first then add the second. You all set.
Audio quality:
It does reproduce decent sound. For the price I paid, i am really happy. Nothing much I can write about sound quality. 
It is equipped with inbuilt mic. Only one bud will work during calls. Works decently, but when it is windy or crowd, it gives up. The other person can hear all noises. 
Batter Life:
They are equipped with 65mA batteries, so don't expect miracle. With both paired the battery will run for 2 hours and 3 to 4 hours when you pair only one. 
If you want to try out new technology without paying premium amount go for it. 
Link: http://www.rambotech.com/
Update: I replaced the silicon tips with Memory foam and post some burn in I can say the sound quality has improved. The fit is better with memory foam but still sometime it do pop out.
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