TTVJ Millet Portable Hybrid

General Information

This is a portable amp that uses subminiature tubes inside, designed by Pete Millet. It uses a vacuum tube gain stage followed by a solid state buffer.
The tube's draw about 15 milliwatts of power each. The amp is capable of driving about 8 volts RMS into high-impedance headphones.

Latest reviews

Pros: Great sound, good volume, good rechargable battery life
Cons: Popping sound when you turn the amp on
When I first turned this amp on and plugged in my Grado RS1i's, I just said "wow, this baby is smooth and sweet". I feel the same way when I use them with my Audeze LCD2's. I use the amp almost everyday and I am very happy with it. The battery life is very good. I highly recommend this amp. It's a keeper!!


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