TTPOD T1-E High Definition Dual Dynamic Professional In-ear Earphone


Pros: Full non-bloated bass, rich smooth mids, clean laid-back treble, build quality, comfort
Cons: Literally nothing
First off, I would like to say that anyone who gives this less than four stars either:
1.  Received a fake pair
2.  Is a troll / is lying
3.  Has godawful taste in sound
I'm not actually going to write a review at all... twister6 's review pretty much covers it.  I do have to say, though... if you put these side-by-side with the legendary Havi B Pro, the Havi edges ahead only slightly in the detail category; the TTPODs are quite detailed for their price bracket.
Wait till one of the drivers starts crackling. 
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The first pair I bought lasted me a year and a half before one channel cut out. I bought a second pair without hesitation.
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500+ Head-Fier
Pros: They come in a nice box ,they look nice, don't hurt your ears IF you're using foam tips, decent bass
Cons: Worst mids ever, horrible value for money ,NOT a fun sound, will make you hate music
These things are probably the biggest shock i had in the world of headphones\earphones, i read all the rave reviews, i burned them in for days, i eq'd them to death but in the end: "You can't polish a turd".





My greatest concern about these turned out to be a non issue, some of the white silicone tips had a good fit but some memory foam tips i got from Ebay gave me a great comfy fit.

Nothing to complain about here.




These look great imo, a lot smaller than they look in the pictures and videos, the cable is kinda cheap and ugly but i didn't expect something of great quality.




Bass and lower mids: The bass on these is nice and controlled, definitely not a basshead low end. I agree with everyone about the quality of bass too, you can increase the bass on the TTPOD without any distortion and i was impressed by it.


Treble: Not too bad! , it doesn't extend too much or sparkle but it doesn't pierce your ears either.


Mids (especially high mids):  BRUTAL,  i'm not overreacting here, it can sound OK with some tracks but other songs just made me laugh with how bad these are...It's really weird...the bass and treble sounds like 50$ but the mids and higher mids in particular can sound like those 1$ earphones you get in a plastic bag from eBay.


Overall i'd say these IEM are characterized by a very poor technical ability, anything more complicated than a Kick+percussion+Analog bassline\Acoustic guitar is mission impossible.


Value for money: (2/10)


A few years ago i would have said these give you a pretty good value for money, but now? i have a 7$ iem in my ears right now (AWEI ES900i) which are WAY better than the TTPODs, the AWEI are more fun because of their bass and they don't distort nearly as much as the TTPODs , they actually share a similar caveat in the higher mids but to a lesser extent. all i have to do with the AWEI is decrease the high-mids band by -2db and i'm done, the TTPODs are hopeless, they might have some better sound separation than the AWEI but they are not fun to listen to.


I even have a cheaper AWEI iem i bought for 3$ which i prefer over the TTPODs.



Why did i write this review?


I just wanted to say my intentions are good. I bought these because i read all those 4 and 5 stars reviews so i clicked the "buy now" button expecting a magical crisp sound which will be an upgrade over my other 3-7$ IEMs and i was really disappointed by it.

I think it's time to stop this hype train or at least balance it out, these DO NOT worth 35$+ , spend your money on something else.




Now tell me that i bought fakes\broken pair\am crazy\a Chinese mole working for a rival company ​


@gikigill, Joe bloggs has always been a straight shooter so if it's a defective unit issue then maybe I got a bad set? They are like sound through a paper cup. It is so different from other reviews it's possible mine are damaged and Vibers? If you are getting them used .....use caution always.
@Tom22 @Hawaiibadboy
Guys, the fit IS problematic with these.
With these you can get a bad fit, a good fit (when the bass sounds good but the hi-mids are still abysmal) annnnd the ever elusive great fit.
When you get great fit with those the hi-mids are better and less horrible (still not worth the money) while the bass remains on a good level.
I discovered that the "best" sound comes when i wear them reversed with the wire over the ear, but then i have to keep a finger on each piece so they won't come out (they are not made for you to wear them this way).
But all these annoying gymnastics just to make them sound as 7$ iems? seriously, these just make me mad before i can enjoy any of my music.
Scratch that off the Christmas list. Another bud bites the dust. I have yet to find IEMs under $100 that I can appreciate.


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Sweetest Bass with good treble
Cons: Fitting Issue
TTPOD T1E Review
Be using me Fiio X3 for this review ......fosho' this purple jet pack is one sexy lookin' IEM .....housing is big but could be a problem for some with the fitting ....can be worn down or over the ears though me prefer down always do ..ahem ......HUGE they are but its actually quite comfy for me and insertion is shallow and good for long listening session.....guaranteed to make you break out and do some nasty move fosho' sure did ....muahahahahahahahahaaa 
Right out of the gate gotta say ...its a must have for those who already owned Havi it will compliment on your iem signature collection ....with Havi being more technical vs T1E fun factor without sacrificing too much on detail and clarity ....damm good buy for under USD50 or less.
Dual dynamic driver is excellent on these babies .....awesome bass performance ...the show stopper and main attraction .....quality bass texture  but not overblown with good attack , impact is very engaging with good speed, aggressive and in your face presentation while the sub bass is imho tonally right with incredible extension that don't bleed into mid ...." MUSICAL " and "FUN". Put it this way ......if you have Havi ..this is the type of girl you bring home to meet the parents ....type your parents will approve
BUT with T1E .....its the kind of girl you wanna bring to the club and partaaaaaaaaaaaay .....and you know you gonna have a good time 
The  mid is lush and forward it a very smooth, warm and very musical sound .....with good details......damm the electric guitar sounds good with BITE ....together with the sweet bass ...its a knock out punch combination 
Treble is clear though not extended as me would like ......but they do shimmer n sizzle with the right dose standing head to head with the bass and the mid ....not overly bright ....very smooth and more forgiving when the music gets busy ....very ideal in the whole sound signature ....." SIZZLE" ...they do
Sound-stage is above average with depth and width ..isolation is good imho .....have to get the right seal and fit ...details are also good considering the bass is the scene stealer here ...
Conclusion ....if you are not a bass head but do enjoy "thump" in your sound or you be bass head but do enjoy some detail,clarity and good lush mid ....its a good iem to get with copious amount of good fun quality bass that me think will satisfy many ...without limiting your choice of music genre by getting a bass head iem or neutralish iem...
Hope you enjoy the review are some image that most aptly describes T1E in me head ..." FUN"  ....not for children !
Those who click ....dissapointed in you guys thought there would be more pics of beautiful girls ....Wokei delivers ! Boom
Some actual pics of me Purple T1E ....and not just those pics above are for illustration purpose only ..haha
I love it dude! 
Thank you everyone for the comments
Thanks for the review :)


An expert on his own opinion.
Pros: Construction, Fairly Balanced Fun Sound
Cons: Large Housings, Limited Bandwidth
 While some may recommend  budget $20 IEMs like Xiaomi Pistons or the 8$ Monoprice 9927, I have found 30-40$ to be the sweetspot if wanting to spend little as cash possible for something good.  Such price gets you an IEM like this one, which not only has a great sound for it's price, it is well rounded in construction, ergonomics and isolation. In this price range, the only other IEMs I could think of that are on par in sound, are Sony MH1, SteelSeries Flux IE and ZA Tenore [this price range also seems to the home of the microdrivers]. But it's all about the whole package here, as the T1E are better constructed than all the IEMs just mentioned, while having good isolation and ergonomics to boot. With the introduction of these IEMs, TTPOD garnered quite the attention here at Head-fi and for good reasons. 
  TTPOD T1E uses a dual micro-driver design. Each microdriver is 6.2mm in a unilateral formation, tweeter on top, woofer on the bottom. This design was first introduced with the JVC FXT90 [pictured on the far left below]. In addition to being the first of it's kind, it was one of the very few dual-dynamics at the time and was received quite positively. Fast forward sometime and company MOE introduces it's SS01 [pictured in the middle], which not only had a lower price, it proved to have better sound than the previous FXT90. Then comes in TTPOD with their T1 which introduces an almost identical design to the MOE, but didn't quite the get attention the company perhaps hoped for. This is when T1E comes in [Pictured on the far right],"E" for "Enhanced Bass", the missing puzzle piece in the sound, which would  garner quite the attention. These 3 IEMs share the same "DNA" and you can pretty much call them siblings. While the FXT90 is still quite original, the SS01 and T1E look identical in the front of their housings, but the back portions give each IEM their originality. I believe these 3 all share the same OEM driver configuration, with each company giving their take on the sound. Here you can see that the SS01 and FXT90 have the same exactly resonance points, with the SS01 having deeper bass and smoother treble. I suspect the graph of the TTPOD T1E will also share the same resonant points, with a sound more akin to the SS01, with perhaps smoother treble and less midbass. I haven't personally heard the SS01 and it's been so long since I heard the FXT90. I would say that from memory, the T1E has less midbass, more subbass, more forward midrange and smoother treble than the FXT90. Considering the T1E is about half the price of a FXT90 and quite a good amount less than the SS01, with tuning better than the former and perhaps on-par or better than the latter, TTPOD is doing quite well....
Accessories and Packaging
  T1E comes in quite a nice box package, presentation is quite nice. In it, you will find tips and a soft carrying pouch [pictured below]. Tips included are a set of colored tips with a wide bore [tip opening] in 3 sizes, smaller bore tips in 3 sizes and generic  wide bore tips in 3 sizes. Shirt clip is pre-installed and will come in quite handy for the design of this IEM [more on this later]. All in all, I'll say the accessories are solid. The shirt clip is helpful and well build and the colored tips can't be bought separately, which gives them more value. I would have preferred a hard zippered carrying pouch but the fact that they include so many tips means these are well accessorized. ​
photo cred []
Build Quality
   First off the  housing has this transparent design [even the black ones pictures below], which gives it quite the aesthetic appeal [in 5 different colors!] and the cable is solidly built. The housings are made of plastic, which makes it look cheap in comparison to the similarity priced Zero Audio Tenore, though housing still feels solid and wields a much better than the mentioned. While it may be somewhat stiff and carries memory, it's cable feels far more duable than most cables in this price range. Nozzle has a metal mesh which is well built and has two metal bolts on the back of it's housing, which add to it's looks [though both apparent vents are apparently closed]. Strain reliefs on the cable look underwhelming but luckily the cable should hold up well. To note, the plug is quite big, but should still do well for phone cases as it's design makes up for it's size, with a aiding cap right above the jack. To note, the cable is actually 6N silver plated copper, a configuration only found in much pricier IEMs like the GR07. All in all, the T1E built pretty well for it's price range, IEMs like the Tenore and Flux In-Ear aren't as impressive with their fragile cables. 
photo credit:
Comfort and Isolation
    While this IEM may resemble the much higher-priced Sennheiser IE800, it's housing is actually almost twice it's size. The housing on this IEM is quite big and it's nozzle is short. Therefore, expect a shallow fit this IEM, which does allow it to be comfortable despite it's size, but will also make it insecure in the ear if a good seal isn't achieved. Because of it's design, wearing them over the ear just isn't as practical, though luckily the included shirt clip is quite helpful in eliminating cable noise when worn straight down. I personally didn't have any luck with the included tips and opted for Comply TSX400 which have a mesh inside the tip, taming the midhighs a bit. A thing to note is that this IEM sticks out a very good amount outside of the ear due to big housings and shallow fit, definitely not one to be worn when laying on your side. 
Isolation is a big above average. While it may appear to have ports in the back, the housing is actually all closed, though what limits it's isolation is it's shallow fit. If the reference, Etymotic ER4 isolates about -43db [IF graph result], the T1E is at -25to-30db. Overall, I find it's isolation practical for commuting, though I'll want a bit more if I were somewhere really noisy. 
Sound Quality
    I've heard some describe these as v-shaped in sound, but I found them quite a bit midrange forward. The bass while punchy never exerts authority and it's treble has quite the sparkle, but the focus is a bit on the lower midrange and accentuated midhighs. To note, TTPOD makes quite the claims in configuration, with a German bio-membrane diaphragm and less than 1db difference between channels, i hope the channel matching can be confirmed with future measurements. Efficiency on this IEM is quite good, I found it to get loud enough on my iPhone even on quiet recordings, more efficient than the likes of Sony MH1, Zero Audio Tenore and Flux In-Ear. I chose to use Comply TSX400 because it tames it's midhighs and keeps it's treble extension quite well, Comply S200's taming of bass didn't work well for this IEM as it's bass is midbass oriented. 
[Listening set up: Shallow fit, Comply TSX400>iPhone 6]
bass: While it's bass may be "enhanced", I found it to be much less in quantity than I expected. I actually found it to lack a bit of subbass, missing some rumble in the low end. But it's midbass was indeed quite enhanced over a neutral response, but far less than a bass bloated IEM such as the Xiaomi Pistons. Perhaps about 4-6db above neutral in it's midbass at 150 with a gentle roll-off starting at about 90hz. Overall, the bass on the T1E is quite punchy and full energy and controlled, but doesn't quite the rumble of some IEMs with similar or less midbass. 
midrange: I actually found the range quite in your face here. I suspect, these are well tuned in the most important 3k region, giving the midrange the presence needed.  Lower midrange does have a tint of warmth due to it's midbass but at the same time the sound can sound a bit nasal due to enhanced higher mids in the 1-2k regions. I found this combination did make for quite the midrange, as it can sound quite in your face at times. Luckily, the midrange is quite detailed and clear despite these criticisms. 
treble: Here, the lower treble [5k region] is  a bit accentuated.  I personally did find it a bit sibilant at times, but was remedied by tip rolling. I used Comply TSX400 which have a damper inside which help tame the midhighs. The stock wide bore tips were too sibilant for my taste, so I slightly preferred the stock tips with the smaller opening. Higher treble is much softer in comparison, but does have a good amount of energy and sparkle for cymbals, though it does start to roll off past 10k, thus lacking some air in the very high regions. 
Zero Audio Tenore Comparison: Here I'm comparing the T1E to what I consider, the best sounding IEM in it's price range bar-none. Bass on the Tenore has a similar punch but carries more weight, sounding a  bit more natural in comparison, though requires tips like the Comply S200 to sound more refined as the foam tames the bass. T1E sounds softer but it's midbass has more punch, but it also warms up the lower midrange a bit more, though it's clearer when the Tenore uses silicone tips. midrange is more forward on the T1E though not by much. Midrange placement is more natural on the Tenore, as the T1E can sound a bit nasal/honky at times. Higher mids are more forward on the T1E which makes it more prone to sibilance and it lacks the air and treble extension of the Tenore. On the other hand, the treble also has more sparkle and energy making it a bit more engaging. Soundstage is wider on the Tenore but the T1E's intimacy can be preferred at times. While it may seem like the Tenores pull ahead, I'll say overall, the T1E just doesn't do anything terribly wrong in comparison and stays on par for the most part. While I give the slight nod to the Tenore in every aspect, the T1E isn't too far behind and it's an overall better package due to better build, it's cable won't give out nearly as quickly as the Tenores...
Xiaomi Pistons 2.0 Comparison: Here the Pistons just give out too much bass in comparison. Both the subbass an midbass are enhanced a bit much in comparison to the T1E, making it muddier and less clear. The midrange is more forward on the T1E but the slightly more laid back Piston mirange sounds a bit more natural here, but it also sounds less clear due to the muffled lower midrange. The midhighs and treble are surprisingly quite similar, but I found the Pistons to be  more prone to sibilance with more grain throughout the higher frequencies. Both roll off past 10k and lack some air. While the Pistons had a wider soundstage the placement of instruments was much clearer on the T1E. Overall, the T1E simply wins, it's bass is much more in-line with the rest of the frequencies and the higher frequencies are more refined. To boot, it has better build, isolation and comfort, so I don't see the point of spending less for the Pistons, the 10-15$ price increase for the T1E is a far better investment. 
Generally I like to listen to this IEM at moderate or lower volumes, this is an IEM that gets a bit shouty and fuzzy at higher volume levels, luckily you can listen to it loud enough for it to be fun. This IEM has an intimate soundstage, don't expect anything grand, but imaging and depth are good. While it may not go very low or very high in the extremities of audio, this IEM has quite the energy in between. Regardless, this criticism is compared to full range dynamics, the T1E still has better bandwidth than any other single Balanced Armature I've heard to date, which includes the likes of the Etymotic ER4. With a sound that's clear, coherent and engaging, it's easy to recommend, specially for it's price. 
Here is my apparent perception of the T1E's response. To note, the peaks here can be located elsewhere past 7k, due to difference in insertion depth. As you can see, while there is quite the bass hump, because it is located in the upper subbass, this IEM remains quite clear. I find that there is some low sub-bass missing but it's not too bad. There is a 3k peak which makes things quite crunchy, but also a bit edgy. Also to note is that the latter two peaks are tamed with tips quite well, but the 3k peak seemed to remain for me. Treble rolls off past 10k, so it lacks some air. 
[ When I EQ this IEM I place a 3-4 db drop at 200hz with 1Q and decrease the 3k region to about -3db with a 4Q, -2db at 10k with a 1Q. I use Equalizer in iOS]
Despite not necessarily having a sound signature fit to my preferences, this is an IEM I could see myself recommend. My main complains are it's big size and limited bandwidth, but it just gets so many things right for it's price. TTPOD has set quite the example here with the pricing, JVC and MOE just don't give you this much value for your money. All in all, these belong in a handful of IEMs I still keep on my mind because they are in the top ranks in it's price range, easily recommended!​
notable links:
official site
ttpod head-fi thread
purchase link [Currently on 2/23/2015 on MassDrop, great warranty support, 2 days left!!]
Ira Delphic
Ira Delphic
Very nice review and I agree on the bass. I never understood the claims that the T1E is an extreme bass IEM.
Good work bro! :)
@Inks late to the party, but after reading your take on the T1Es. Your findings very closely resembles mine! i think you explained the midrange being forward very well, I had a hard time articulating that, because like you i found the lower and upper midrange a bit more emphasized causing them to sound a bit "coarse" especially in the upper midrange. *though i was able to get a good fit with the silicones. i found that while the stock narrow bores, toned this upper midrange emphasis, the bass became a bit "wooly?". the wider bores lessened this effect but made the upper midrange more apparent.. Its a mixed bag for the T1Es... in terms of objective technical capabilities, each component does a good job, but the mix i guess was just not for me. I still have my pair with me (but its not getting much ear time, i'm mainly keeping them because i got them in the pink/purple variation, which i find quite snazzy.


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: strong fast tight bass, clean midrange, bit a crispness in the treble
Cons: fit (housing shape), shallow fit, midrange a bit unnatural sounding and thin
The TTPOD T1E takes design cues from other more expensive and more well known earphones into a much more affordable package. It comes equipped with “dual dynamic drivers” in each of the earpieces, making these earphones a bit on the larger side. But the question everyone is asking is how does it sound?
So lets get started with the review: Below you can see my video review, be sure to subscribe, cause new content is always on the way.

Accessories: The TTPODs come with a solid assortment of accessories:
  1. A white pouch to store the earphones (it does feel kind “papery”)-> I would opt for a hard shell carrying case instead
  2. 3 sets (S,M,L)of wide bore, spiral design hybrid tips (colour coordinated)
  3. 3 sets (S,M,L)of wide bore white eartips
  4. 3 sets (S,M,L)of narrow bore white eartips
  5. shirt clip
Overall: 8/10
Design: The TTPOD T1-E honestly looks like a mix between the Sennheiser IE 800( MRSP $1000) and the JVC FXT- 90 (MRSP $149.99). The housing has this interesting “rocketship” like design that from afar looks like something out of a science-fiction show (and the fact that the cable is this “silvery space suit” colour definitely adds to that., I think it looks great and it comes in a multitude of fun vibrant colours (transparent, clear blue, clear purple/pink, opaque red, and opaque black). I opted for the clear purple (which looks more like fuschia and pink in real life) just for some added colour in my collection, and with the clear colours you can see the “internal” components of the earphones, which I think is really interesting.
Overall: 8/10 ( I like the design, I like that I can see the internals , plus the pink/purple is pretty snazzy)
Build quality: This is where the price of the TTPODs begins to reveals itself. The housing is entirely plastic, and is lightweight but it lacks that “solidity” factor, which can be achieved with denser and more durable plastic. For sake of comparison, the plastic used is reminiscent of the VSONIC VSD3S. The earphones have adequate strain reliefs throughout, but what disappointed me about the build of this earphone is: the cable.  The cable carries memory, and it feels a bit cheaply made (in terms of how supple or flexible in the hand). It probably is more durable than it feels though. The earphones terminate in a straight angle jack that is “on the larger side” so it will definitely stick out of your device quite a bit.
Overall: 7/10 (Decent strain reliefs, but cable is a bit stiff and carries some memory)
Comfort:  This is the single most difficult area to comment on, because comfort will vary from person to person. However, in my experience, I found the ttpods to be very “hard to please” in a sense. The housing is massive and in combination with the short (and very wide nozzle) these sit a lot shallower in the ear and they do stick out quite a bit . Also due to these factors, I was not able to wear them in the “cable up” method.  To add to this, because of the short and wide nozzles, I had to really do a lot of “tip rolling” to find the right eartips in terms of comfort and sound (*spoiler alert*- the narrow bore eartips like the Sony Hybrids were decently comfortable, but unfortunately made them more dark and more congested sounding.) In the end I opted for to use the Brainwavz S0 eartips (medium-wide bore) in the medium (which is larger in size than the average medium eartip).
In short these took a lot of effort on my part to find a comfortable fit. * so patience is a necessity with these earphones*
Overall: 6/10 (the housing is really big, and the I had to try basically all the eartips I had in my disposal (which is a lot) to find 1-2 eartips that I can somewhat live with)  the with any other eartips, the plastic housing rubbed against my ear (due to the short nozzle, and shallow fit)
Isolation: It’s an entirely sealed housing but because of the shallow fit, I felt that isolation is just about average. Good enough for everyday use, but not class leading by any means.
Overall: 8/10
Cable noise: I was only able to wear these in the traditional cable down method, so cable noise is mild, and for the most part it did not bother me.
Overall: 8/10
The sound has been described as L- shaped, to V shaped to U shaped and everything in between.
Personally I think its somewhere in between. It’s smooth, warm with a definite emphasis in the bass with sccop in the midrange and gains a bit of emphasis in the lower treble and rolls of gradually after that.
Bass: The bass here is the greatest strength of the TTPODs. Its emphasized in the midbass. The point of emphasis here is the quality of the bass, where there is no sloppiness, not in the slightest. It’s forward, tight, and fast, and strong punch. The bass is well rounded and extends very low as well. (the bass here remind me a lot of the GR07Be, I think if you love the bass on those  (but looking for a more budget friendly option, the TTPOD T1E is a great bet).
Midrange: There is a bit of a bass bleed into the midrange, but for the most part the midrange is fairly lean, which helps in terms retaining good clarity. I felt that the midrange is laidback compared to the bass. It was a bit lacking in terms of body for vocals. I think this is where the dip in the midrange is , causing this “thinness” in the vocals for female vocals which made them a bit “coarse” sounding, so not the most natural sounding midrange out there.
Treble: I think the treble has  a small peak in the lower treble to give it some sense of “crispness” so the treble doesn’t fade out in the background. However, its definitely not siblant by any means but a bit artifical and I will be comfortable recommending them everyone.  The treble extension is okay, and fairly rolled off on top. This gives the TTPODs bit of a darker sound, so they are missing “air” and guitars riffs especially don’t have sense of realism and crunch.
Soundstage: I felt its just average in terms of width and placement. Depth and separation is good.
Overall: 8/10 (it’s a likeable and a competent sound for the price, perfect for someone that likes more contemporary music, (pop, electronic particular) that’s more focused on the low end, and in need of clear vocals) its missing body in the midrange which I think)
In conclusion: To put it simply, they continue the 2014 trend in the seemingly more and more competitive sub $100 market.  While I don’t think they are absolute standouts, I think they are good with electronic, and pop music.  I think the TTPODS  will  complement the VSONIC VSD3S (rich, natural sound) and the Havi B3 Pro 1(wide soundstage, and relatively neutral sound). The last time I checked on they can be had for about $50, and come in a wide variety of vibrant colours to choose from. 
Below are some pictures of the TTPOD T1E
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Nice review and what tips are you using?
@Tungd678  Thank you! i'm using the brainwavz s0 mediums (which are essentially med-large) none of the included eartips fit me well because of the housing shape (rubbed against my outer ears). The s0 eartips are a bit longer than normal too
They fit me just fine, they protrude a bit but they seal just like any other earphones.


New Head-Fier
Pros: good sound quality, great price, Look Great (Especially the transparent model)
Cons: slight discomfort due to bulky driver
Hello Head-Fi
Check out my unboxing of the TTPOD-T1E in transparent, and black. 
The review will be coming up soon as well!


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Pros: Overall SQ is versatile. Great price range.
Cons: Not sure if they will stay put at the gym.
Almost 2 months with these gems. I simply love these IEMs. I paired them against my Shure SE215 and the Havi B3 Pro 1 and I briefly pit them against the UE700s and Klipsch S4II. I am definitely no authority when it comes to SQ lingo or by no means an audiophile but I will let you know my experience so far. (I mostly used my Fiio e11 amp w/ Ipod touch 4th gen for testing these).
Vocals: Good forward presence with both male and female but nothing like what the Havi B3 produces. They are clearer then the SE215s on many different type of tracks.
Highs: The treble ranges are well pronounced but at higher volumes, they tend to be harsh (more so with classic rock) and depending on the song they can be sibilant.
Mids: These shine in the mids. With heavy or light rock tracks, the guitars are neatly placed (imaging), although the detail graces subtley, the mids stand out on the TTPOD.
Lows: I have to say these shine as far as the resonating presence is concerned, for the price range. EDM brought the sub-woofer out on these; 808s sound exciting for such little guys. They are dual drivers so I am not surprised. I wouldn't call them bass head though.
Soundstage: It's more spacious than the SE215s but not nearly as airy or detailed as the Havi B3s. It is nice none the less.
Sound Quality: For my general use IEM I go to these. To me, they sound full, maybe because they are the Enhanced version. The bass resonates without bringing the "muddy" factor in too heavily.
When amping, you will hear some white noise or hissing but it is not overbearing. It seems to go away when music is playing. That is the unfortunate thing about the low impedance and amp but it sounds great when amped through my Fiio e11. Also, comfort-wise these send mixed signals. One day you forget you have them on then the next they're slipping out of your ear which can be irritating...very irritating. Havi b3s are the winners over all but when transitioning between IEMs, the bass presence that the TTPOD provides is missed. 
I recommend these, especially because of the price! $12-15 will get you a far more neutral or lean IEM. For on the go, fun, warmer listening, give these guys a try. I am happy with my Shures, Havi's and TTPODs hands down. Headphones can be like the differences between milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate (especially in the difference of the 2 dual drives in my lot).
My Ranking:
Havi's (detail, detail, detail)
SE215 (ergonomics and comfort)
TTPOD (versatility)
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Pros: quality build, sexy look, excellent sound with enhanced bass, lots of accessories
Cons: not as detailed
This is a review of TTPOD T1E dual dynamic driver in-ear headphones.
Here you go, another in-ear headphone gem for under $50!  Though I was a bit skeptical approaching it, T1E turned out to be another giant killer where this dual dynamic headphone set delivered a sound quality on par with others that cost at least twice or more.  When you factor in a unique design, amount of accessories, and quality of packaging, it makes you scratch your head with a question: "weren't they suppose to cut some corners in order to keep the price down?"  Well, apparently TTPOD guys figured out how to make their product look like a million bucks while still being priced under $50.  Here is what I found.
Starting with a package, it arrived in high quality all black box with golden print on top of it.  On the back, it has a detailed specification listing, also in gold print, though a light background made it a bit hard to read.  With a box cover removed, you have a semi transparent frosted insert with headphones stored underneath.  Included with headphones you will find 3 sets of S/M/L eartips, one with a narrow bore, one with a wider bore, and one custom hybrid with a wide bore.  While a lot of headphone manufacturers use commonly available eartip sets, I was quite impressed to find a set of hybrid eartips like I never seen before.  You also get a shirt clip and a nice draw-string pouch.
The headphones itself have a shape of a molded dual chamber shell, and the transparent color I choose for my set (it actually comes in a number of different colors) revealed both of the drivers as well as wiring and all the internal connections.  Though it might look a bit uncomfortable to put T1E in your ear, it actually has a very nice fitment.  Starting with a straight gold plated slim 3.5mm connector with a short but reliable strain relief, it follows with a quality OFC cable which according to TTPOD is actually silver-plated.  Moving up to y-splitter which matches the cylindrical shape and finish of the connector, you have a built-in chin slider (cable cinch) which slides right into the y-splitter capsule.  A very neat design idea where together it looks like one solid piece.  Moving up to earpiece shells, there is also a short and sturdy strain relief labeled with L/R and a raised dot on the R side to ID it by touch.  Headphones itself are very lightweight and have rounded edges which makes a fitment very comfortable.  Having a selection of correct eartips will greatly assist in keeping these in, and you can also wear them wire down or wire up where a soft cable shielding goes smoothly over your ear and chin slider keeps the cable tucked in.
Now comes the fun part - how do these sound?  To start off, due to its excellent bass performance these have L-shaped (balanced with an enhanced low end) sound signature, very smooth, warm, and melodic.  Starting with a bass, which is a star in here, you get a deep sub-bass with a sizzling texture and a fast aggressive mid-bass punch.  Bass does spills a bit into lower mids, but has a very nice separation from upper mids.  I was actually surprised expecting the bass to overpower the rest of the spectrum, but found this dual dynamic design keeping its upper mids clear and well separated.  These are smooth and warm; they do lack some details since they are not as bright, but I don't consider it as a shortfall.  Treble is clear, though not as extended which could be just a perception due to upper mids/treble being warm.  This signature makes sound non-fatigue and great for extended listening period.  Don't make my reference about smooth and warm discourage you since the upper mids have a great delivery of vocals with a lot of clarity.  With a right set of eartips to create a perfect seal, I found T1E to provide a very good sound isolation.  Also, soundstage was definitely above the average in width/depth.  Furthermore, I didn't sense any microphonics effect from a cable wearing these wired down or up.  Overall, the sound was quite forgiving even with lower quality music, thanks to its warm signature.
Since I have reviewed in the past a number of other giant killer headphones, I thought to write a quick comparison with a few other headphones in this "budget" category.  With T1E vs KC06A, KC06 sub-bass is not as deep, but mid-bass has a similar impact; mids are brighter where upper mids a bit more recessed and more detailed, but feels a bit harsher in comparison; treble has a bit more extension due to brightness; soundstage is not as deep.  With T1E vs VSD3S, VSD3S sub-bass is similar but mid-bass is not as aggressive; upper mids are more detailed, brighter and harsher; treble has more extension; soundstage is similar.  With T1E vs B3 Pro I, B3 sub-bass has a similar quality but scaled down quantity, and similar fast punch, but less quantity with lows having less overall "weight"; B3 has a much better separation and layering; upper mids are more detailed and clear, no harshness at all; treble more extended and crispier; soundstage is the best of them all; and it requires a little more power to drive, about 15 more volume clicks in comparison to other headphones.
Overall, T1E is one sexy pair of in-ear headphones that doesn't just look good, but also sounds good.  Without a doubt, bass is a star of their sound, and some might even find their performance borderline basshead, especially if you switch to narrow bore eartips which exaggerate low frequency by filtering down highs.  But one important thing to note, with bass-enhanced headphones you often lose a quality of upper mids which results in veiled and recessed vocals.  Here, upper mids/treble might not be as bright, but its very clear and perfectly balanced with low frequencies.  Definitely a great pair of headphones to consider!
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Thanks for the review! Does anyone know how they sound if you compare them with the XB's from Sony? ( Sony MDR-XB 30, 50 or 90 ) I really like the Sony's and i'am wondering if the ttpod's are better..
"Sexy look"... God your standards must be awful lol