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Equipped with Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling technology reducing up to 35dB, Qualcomm flagship QCC5124, Qualcomm aptX, 6 microphones together with Truewireless Stereo Plus technology, Apollo Bold immerses you with complete quiet and studio quality audio.

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Tronsmart Apollo Bold, feature packed with latest QCC5124
Pros: -Feature packed with Qualcomm 5 series SoC. Ambient and ANC mode. Fully control options like volume and track skipping etc. Good BT strength. IP45 rating. Aptx
Cons: Case lid build quality. Can be too much bass without using EQ. A small sound difference with (bass) with ANC on and off.

Disclaimer: Got these free in a contest here on head-fi.

So, it seems I have been waiting some years to finally try the Qualcomm 5 series SoC. Last month i have gotten two earbuds, the momentum true wireless 2 with QCC5121, and these .

These Apollo Bolds are feature packed, with ambient mode,anc, in ear detection,ip45 rating and all the necessary controls as volume, track skipping and assistant.

The packaging and accessories is very good, including a small pouch. Build quality on the buds is good, but the case lid could have been made with better material with firmer hinge.

Regarding the fit i spent some time trying different tips, and finally settled on spinfit 360 xl. These apollos accomodate more flush tips better.


To me these sounded very good, but I needed to tame the bass. Reminded me of the first car I bought, old BMW 518i but with amplifier under the backseat. Very prominent on "Kari Bremnes - Det e min sønn".
So with poweramp I have different settings for each BT buds that gets selected automatically. On the apollo I toned down the bass and upped the treble for some sparkle.


After that they sounded good to me. Warm with "subwoofer" bass, that I can listen to on lower volume. Soundstage and separation also seemed fine with tracks like "Love in Vain" From the Stones Stripped.
Better than on the Mavin Air-X i imported when they first launched, to try the new Qualcomm 3 series SoC. The Mavins are more intimate and in your head, but their bass is less boomy. A step above the "cheaper" syllable s101 with same QCC3020, that can be too narrow and intimate sounding.

One important aspect for tws for me is ambient mode, for use with dog walks and hiking. With ambient on your less in your own bubble outside. The Apollos performed fine, sharp and clear ambient sound while playing music on low volume. No static hiss or electronic noise that takes focus. Last two years used jabra 65t for hikes purely on ambient, and in that regard the Apollos performed good for me. The Jabras problem is the sound..for me the sound is too "small" and boring. Lacks warmth. So with ambient on the Apollos are better, wider and warmer.


So, as a whole the Apollo Bold seems like a good package. Each bud can be used independently unlike the momentum 2. But the momentums 2 I think are now the class leader, once they finally fixed the drain issue from previous ones. They are balanced and airy with good bass impact when needed. But then said, their ANC is not miles ahead than that on the Apollos.

Looking forward to the Tronsmart app, and would like to see EQ adjustments be stored on the buds. For those older of us who no longer buy cars based on aftermarket stereo fitted
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Tronsmart Apollo Bold Review - Dancing In The Moonlight
Pros: Comfortable, light, good build. Well fitting.
Good sound quality for TWS, music wise.
Good timbre for acoustic instruments.
Charging case for extra playback (up to 30 hours), up to 10 hours on single charge for the TWS.
Strong and easy BT connectivity and range.
Supports voice assistant.
IP45 dust proof and water proof.
Superb for movies due to the subwoofer like subbass.
Volume controller.
Tronsmart will be developing an app soon, supposed to have EQ and other goodies, possibly with aptX-HD support too. Will be a gamechanger when it releases.
Cons: May be too basshead for some when ANC or ambient mode is on (the upcoming app has EQ control to possibly lower the bass for our bass averse breathen).
Not the best passive isolation, occasional wind noise.
May have muffled sound during calls.
No wireless charging support.
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I would like to thank Joy from Tronsmart for providing this review sample, my views are my own. It can be gotten at $99 USD at multiple sites/shops.


The Tronsmart Apollo Bold is a great all rounder TWS set, packing many features, and providing good sound, stable connectivity, long battery life and ANC/Ambient modes. It has IP45 waterproofing and is very comfortable too.

Sound wise, it is a basshead set (when ANC/Ambient mode is on), but there's supposed to be a gamechanging app to be released soon that promises to bring even more features such as EQ (for our bass averse friends) and possibly aptX-HD support.

  • Bluetooth: 5.0 TWS+. Mono or True Stereo. Qualcomm QCC5124 chip with customized LDS antenna (for more stable/longer transmission)
  • TWS+ Binaural synchronnus tranmission technology
  • Bluetooth codec: SBC, AAC, aptX (supposed to have an app that may allow aptX-HD when app releases soon)
  • Driver type: Customized graphene driver 10 mm
  • Connection distance: Up to 15 meters / 50 feet
  • ANC: rated at 35 dB noise cancelling, 360 degrees hybrid noise cancelling via 6 mics
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Impedance: 35 Ω ± 15%
  • Waterproof level: IP45 (sweat, light rain and splash proof)
  • Playtime: Earbud: up to 10 hours (50% volume); up to 4 hours (100% volume). Charging case: up to 30 hours (50% volume)
  • Charging time: Earbud: 2 to 2.5 hours. Charging case: 2.5 hours


In addition to the TWS IEM, it comes with:

1) Soft carrying bag

2) Silicone ear tips (3 pairs in total)

3) USB C charging cable

4) Charging case
  • On the small side size wise, and can fit in a pocket.
  • It can charge earpieces fully 3 times.
  • There's an inner magnet so the earphones won't drop out when the charging case is held upside down.
  • The charging case supports type C quick charging, and one can get about 1 hour usage with 10 minutes charge.
  • I like that some aftermarket tips can be put on the Tronsmart Apollo Bold and can still fit inside the charging case and be charged at the same time (some other charging case models won't charge if the eartip causes poor contact with the charging pins). It may rattle sometimes depending on the aftermarket tip, but one can put padding inside the charging case so as to give a more secure contact with charging pins.
  • Unfortunately, it doesn't support wireless charging.
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The Tronsmart Apollo Bold is very comfortable, light and ergonomic, no issues using it for hours, you even forget sometimes it's in use. It doesn't look too secure, but I was pleasantly surprised the fit is rather secure when in use (it does have a three point structure to secure the fit when worn).

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-21 at 19.38.59.jpeg

Passive isolation (without ANC mode) on the Tronsmart Apollo Bold is above average but not the best, and wind noise can occasionally get in.

The Tronsmart Apollo Bold has a IP45 waterproof rating (i.e. sweat, light rain and splash proof), so it can be used for gym/exercising too, but probably not for heavy rain or water sports.


The Tronsmart Apollo Bold powers on when taking it out of the charging case. Putting them back into the charging case once powers them off. When the app comes, Tronsmart says one can turn off the earpiece via the app too. I had no issues with pairing it with BT devices, they recognized the Tronsmart Apollo Bold on the spot.

The Tronsmart Apollo Bold starts music spontaneously when the buds go into the ear (ANC mode is the default mode when first using it out of the box), and they pause automatically when one takes them out of the ear. This might be useful when someone is talking to you when ANC mode is on. The Tronsmart Apollo Bold can be used in mono or stereo usage too. Tronsmart says the upcoming app can save the last mode it was used in (eg ANC mode, ambient mode or normal mode).

Function for the Tronsmart Apollo Bold is as per this picture:

The functions work above as advertised, with adequately sensitive touch controls and fast response speed.

BT connectivity on the Tronsmart Apollo Bold is good, it can hit about 10 meters or so with thin walls/obstructions, but I did get a few drop outs in the past 1 month I've been using it. On some occasions also, the Tronsmart Apollo Bold did fail to connect to the last device, which necessitated deleting it from the device and re searching for it. But overall, the BT connection and range was pretty stable compared to my TFZ B.V2 TWS set.


The Tronsmart Apollo Bold supports SBC, AAC and aptX codecs. Tronsmart is supposed to be releasing the highly anticipated app around end september, that may allow aptX-HD.

Battery life wise, the Tronsmart Apollo Bold is marketed as having up to 10 hours (50% volume) and up to 4 hours (100% volume) in the specs sheet, on a single charge. Indeed, when bringing it out for a spin, I found the battery to last about 4 - 5 hours (ANC on) and about 8 - 9 hours (ANC off). I don't have iron ear drums to pump the volume to 100%, so these numbers were tested with listening at moderate volumes. If one factors in the charges provided by the charging case, there should be ballpark 12 - 15 hours playback with ANC on, and about 24 - 27 hours without ANC on (dependent on loudness of volume it is used at). I suppose in general the battery life would also decrease subsequently with repeated charges, but these numbers are already quite good for daily use for sure.

The ANC mode blocks out most of the lower frequency noises for me, such as droning traffic, air con sounds, low rumble of construction work etc. It may not block out higher pitch stuff like children's squeals or intermittent sounds eg dog barks/car horns, but I find it very adequate for ANC purposes. I ever tried some other ANC sets before that gave me giddiness/nausea, and am glad to report the ANC on this set doesn't.

Ambient Mode allows in some higher frequency environmental sounds, it might be useful say if one wants to have some awareness of their surroundings.

The Tronsmart Apollo Bold boasts 6 mics for noise cancelling, and the sound quality is adequate for calls. Some other callers have fedback that the sound may be occasionally muffled when speaking to me, like as though one were speaking thru a mask, but they said it was still intelligible.

I didn't detect much latency with videos and music, unlike the TFZ B.V2. I don't usually do gaming, but I think the latency speed is excellent for this set for non gaming purposes.

Soundwise, the Tronsmart Apollo Bold is a L shaped warm basshead set. Indeed, the bass becomes a bass canon when ANC/ambient mode is used. I'm a basshead and I like the bass quantities, but I suppose some of our friends who prefer a neutralish bass or are bass averse may not. The bass can be jawrattling on some recordings with a visceral grunt in the subbass. The bass slam and attack is very good. Watching movies with sound effects is a real treat as the subwoofer speaker like subbass gives an excellent rumble. Good news for our bass averse friends is that the soon to be released app has an EQ function, and I think that will be a big gamechanger to allow the bass to be lessened to your preferences. Or one can consider using some aftermarket tips with wider bores to lower the bass a bit. With the normal mode on (without ANC/ambient mode), the sound is less bassy and more balanced.

Headroom is good, it can get very loud. Timbre is very good for acoustic instruments, though the bassy tuning may ironically not be that suitable for acoustic genres such as classical and jazz.

The upper mids and treble are a bit tamed and not fatiguing, but there are still quite clear. Despite the copious bass quantities, there's still room for the mids and trebles to shine, though they aren't the prominent frequency as discussed, with a slight midbass bleed present on ANC/ambient mode. Soundstage, imaging, details, clarity and instrument separation are good for a TWS, but probably won't beat some wired gear in this aspect.


The Tronsmart Apollo Bold is a great all rounder TWS set, packing many features, and providing good sound, stable connectivity, long battery life and ANC/Ambient modes. It has IP45 waterproofing and is very comfortable too.

Sound wise, it is a basshead set (when ANC/Ambient mode is on), but there's supposed to be an app to be released soon that promises to bring even more features such as EQ (for our bass averse friends) and possibly aptX-HD support. The app will be a gamechanger, and it is good to see Tronsmart have good customer support in the audio forums too.

I'll write an updated review once the app is released. But even without the app currently, the Tronsmart Apollo Bold is already a set I would recommend for those looking for a feature packed TWS with ANC.
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Tronsmart Apollo Bold: Aptx HD,Qualcomm QCC5124 TWS
Pros: Stereo imaging,clear sound,that sub bass...
Cons: Call quality,case build

So,the latest from Qualcomm in what Tronsmart kindly sent me for this review.First of all and don`t get me wrong,it`s a quite nice box, you get the regular usb cable,type c this time,instructions,a couple of tips and what`s important,the case and the buds themselves so no point of posting a picture with the box as i only saw it once and after that it joined the other empty boxes probably forgetting i have it,so i am getting straight to what matters:

The Buds:

1.The fit:

For me personally,i never had a tws that fit my ears with the standard tips,foam being the perfect ones for me even if i change them quite often although for this review i used the stock ones just to be impartial as the foam tips colour the sound a bit.

So they fit quite good,i won`t take them to the gym unless fitting them with the foamies but compared to my daily buds,the sony wf-1000xm3`s which dangle like crazy when running the bolds do a nice job.


I used a Oppo find x2 pro,my laptop and a shanling m0 as my sources and other than the shanling where i have to manually pair each of the earbuds,no problem whatsoever,done some chores in the house with the phone on the couch and only lost connection when i stepped outside so the range is there with the sony buds.

3.Sound quality

Now this is where the Bolds got me.I love a neutral to a bit warm sounding headphone when listening to my flac collection.The apollo`s are not that....noo.V shaped,sub bass boosted,the stereo image is better than the xm3`s maybe not than my wifey`s airpods pro,a bit lacking on the mids,the treble doesn`t pierce but sounds clear.Nice,for a daily use pair of wireless earbuds,listening to my hip hop and them.not so much without the anc on.
Tronsmart announced the app for these so i think with the eq these could be brilliant for a daily.

4.The anc

Well this is where it get`s a little wierd.Anc on,love the sound,off...not so much.Bass at a loss,they just sound like my 8 £ pair of tws.That`s why i said i think the eq will solve a lot.
The anc is good,covers most of outside noise,not yet wf1000xm3 or airpods pro level but not far.
The ambient sound function serves it`s purpose,the microphones do their job but still in my opinion,sony is still king.With further software updates and with the app that will follow i think tronsmart can get there,very close to a pair of earbuds twice their price.

5.The calls

This one is a little bit of a miss too.At least for me,tried it with a few people and all of them said i sounded like i was talking with a mouth cover.Tried both on my oppo and my wifes iphone to rule ot the phone.Now this needs to be improved,sure it will in next iterations,i know tronsmart is listening.

6.Battery life

Approx. 5 hours with the anc on...that`s a win for me.

The Case

From my prespective,this is the most pocketable of my tws cases,as for the build quality another point Tronsmart nedds to take a look.It feels unsubstantial and when i touch the top part it creeks and squeeks.might be just my case but still...

Hopefully my review will help someone who is looking for a under 100£ tws,in my books this one is a winner with just a few niggles to iron out.Nice one Tronsmart,all the best guys.


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