TRN TA2 - 1DD + 2BAs [Knowles 33518]

General Information

TRN TA2 HiFi Audio Triple Hybrid Driver(1DD+2 Knowles BA) Earphone IEM Metal Shell with Detachable Headset Running Headphones

1.Product Name:TRN TA2 Knowles Hybrid Metal In Ear Earphone
4.Earphone type:In-ear
5.Impedance: 16Ω
6.Earphone sensitivity: 118dB/mW
7.Frequency range: 7-40000Hz
8.PlugType: 3.5mmStraight Plug
9.Cable Length: 1.25m
10.Color: Silver ,Blue ,Black,Pink
11.Whether with cable: Yes
12.Earphone interface:2 pin (QDC)Interface
13.Whether with mic:Optional
14.Whether can replacement cable: Yes
15.15.Driver unit:2BA+1DDhybrid driver unit (Super-sized Knowles 33518,8mm Dynamic)
【1DD+2BA Hybrid Driver】TRN TA2 adopts hybrid technology to pair one dynamic driver with Two high-performance Knowles balanced armature. As a brand with well reputation, TRN choose to go with Two Knowles 33518 balanced armature and a 8mm dual-core dynamic driver. With this combination, you are able to enjoy sweet vocals and a smooth detailed treble with fast response
【Exquisitely Made Magnesium Alloy Shell】For TRN TA2 earphone, we adopt premium magnesium alloy for shell. This material carries a natural gloss and feels superior. It is one of the most important elements in the whole design of TA2.
【Custom Micro Dynamic Driver】TRN has equipped the TA2 with an 8mm micro dynamic driver unit. It’s a dual-core dynamic driver unit providing an excellent bass response with precise control and quick speed. The lower end shows good extensions
【Professionally Tuned】Despite all the amazing features, we also care about sound quality. TA2 is tuned by professional experienced acoustic engineers to provide an excellent distortion-free sound output with rich high-resolution sound output across a wide frequency range. The pair goes as low as 7Hz and as high as 40kHz providing a true high-resolution output for its users
【Easy to Use, Plug and Play】With a low impedance rating of 16 ohms and a high-sensitivity rating of 118dB/mW, TRN TA2 is suitable for daily use. The pair can be powered easily using smartphones, portable players, and more devices. You don’t need special devices to enjoy the full potential of the TA2.
【More colour options】 And with the addition of 4 colours to match more people's requests for colours, like pink, yes, this is a bold attempt, and I have a wild guess that this is one of the most suitable gifts for female friends.

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TRN TA2 Review
Pros: Above average mids
Smooth and non fatiguing
Cons: Bass bleed
mediocre technicality
Mid bass emphasis
TRN TA2 Review


TRN is a company that needs no introduction to the community. They offer a wide selection of IEMs at different price point. No doubt some of the IEMs are very well known to the community and being praised very hard, namely the MT1 and also a few others. I have the TA2 with me today, which is a hybrid configuration which consists of 1DD+2BAs. Let's see if it’s able to follow the footsteps of its siblings.


The packaging is average. Nothing to expect at this price point. The inclusion of a 6.3mm adapter is rare for IEM at this price point. A very welcoming gesture nonetheless.

Build and Comfort

Build quality of TA2 is alright. Metal faceplate with resin shell. Feels very light and comfortable for long hours without feeling its weight. No sharp protruding edges.


Foobar2k -> RHA DACAMP L1 Lineout Cayin C5 -> TRN TA2 (With TRN T2’s cable)
Apple’s Type C Dongle -> OH1S


*Take note that the review is done by pairing it with TRN’s T2 Cable. The stock cable just sounded too warm and bassy to my taste. TRN should have just pair the TA2 with this cable and it’ll sound okay out of the box.

TA2 is a warm set to begin with, it’s advisable that you don’t pair it with a warm source.
There is a slight BA timbre but due to TA2 being a warm set, not that noticeable to my ears.

  • Bass here is definitely highlighted
  • Mid bass bleeding into the mids occasionally when the track gets busy
  • Sub bass rumble does present and in a good amount that’s adequate for some fun

  • Male and female vocal’s texture is average. Lacking some bite
  • Well bodied mids
  • Bass occasionally bleeds into this region during busy track

  • Non fatiguing nor sibilant,buttery smooth
  • Detail retrieval is average
  • Lacking in air due to treble roll off which is very evident

  • Soundstage is average to my ears
  • Lacking in width
  • Imaging is average,doesn’t really stand out for this price point
  • Instruments separation is also average to my ears
  • Despite having average imaging capability, i’m still able to pinpoint the instruments properly

  • Easy to drive and you will get acceptable volume level even off smartphone
  • Benefit from better source/dac/amp
  • Does not really benefit much from amping

Cable Rolling
  • Cable rolling does not change the signature much but it does improve the note weight depending on the cable material used
  • I found them to pair well with copper cable,it will kinda tame down the upper mids a little for those who find them to be too glaring
  • Doesn’t really synergize well with SPC as it made it even brighter

Final Thoughts

So, do i like this? No. Is it a good product? Depends on what you’re looking for. Warm and bassy set, then its for you. Critical listening? Stay away from this.

I honestly have no idea why a company would keep churning out new IEM on a monthly basis without getting the tuning right. It seems to me the direction that this company is taking is focusing on quantity instead of quality. Churning out new IEMS every month won't help, get the tuning right and it’ll boost your reputation and sales at the same time.

Interested in getting it?
Head to the link below: Non affiliated
TRN Ali Express


New Head-Fier
Pros: vocal details , deep soundstage , imaging stereo positioning
Cons: bass bleeding , treble roll off , vocal bleeding
Hello, I'm Ah Hui aka Mr Wong. I'm a K-pop fan and audiophile from Malaysia.

First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to TRN for Sending me this review unit and giving me the opportunity to review the TRN TA2 .

I've been working with TRN for a long time, thus why I have a lot of TRN earphones. If you are interested with my reviews, feel free to check out my Facebook page called - MrWongChannel

Configuration of IEM : 8mm carbon nanotube driver .2 knowles 33518 BA driver

Price of IEM : USD $40 from TRN official store .

Comfort: Comfort is great. It fits securely in my ears and I dont feel any sort of fatigue after long hours .

Design : typical in ear monitor design .stylish faceplate design
1 . vocal details
2 . deep soundstage
3 . imaging stereo positioning
1 . bass bleeding
2 . treble roll off
3 . vocal bleeding

TRN TA2 - 1 - Imgur (4).jpg

TRN TA2 - 1 - Imgur.jpg


TRN TA2 - 1 - Imgur (2).jpg

TRN TA2 - 2 - Imgur.jpg

TRN TA2 - 1 - Imgur (1).jpg

TRN TA2 - 1 - Imgur (3).jpg

**Disclaimer : This reviews done by stock TRN eartips L size , stock cable pair with FiiO X1 II DAP .

The bass here is punchy, but is boomy and bleeds pretty bad. When listening to Everglow - Promise, I can hear the bass bleeds into the mids. Bass is also on the slower side here, which isn't the best.

laid back midrange presentation, vocal is detailed, full bodied female vocals . When I tested 田馥甄 - 寂寞寂寞就好, vocal presentation is laidback and decently detailed, but with bass bleed which makes the vocals bleed . How about male vocal ? male vocal bleeds pretty bad. When listening to 许冠杰 - 半斤八两, vocals are too laid back and bleeds too much, which leads to detail not being as good

Treble is rolled-off. When listening to Ane Brun - these days, treble is ok, but overall, not too good

SOUNDSTAGE : it is deep and wide. When listening to the On land - Desert Island, the sense of space is pretty good, with deep and wide soundstage

IMAGING : it's about decent .When I listen to On land - Desert Island I can pinpoint the instrument and the singer on stage .It has good stereo positioning.

Details : detail retrieval here is about average .When I listen to some tracks, I can't pick up on the micro-details.

Overall I feel the TRN TA2 it's quite bass bleeding treble roll off ,but good is the female vocal is body and details present .However I cant recommend the TRN TA2 to you because I think got better choice .


New Head-Fier
TRN TA2 - 1 DD + 2 BA [Knowles]
Pros: Warm and Bassy set - musical and enjoyable
Good Mid Centric Vocals - clean clear presentation male/female
IEM Good nice built, 2pin recessed preferred, adequate accessories for price point
Cons: Mid Bass Bleeds - affects vocals slightly
Treble roll off - lacks sparkle and airyness in top end
Not wide soundstage - sounds congested, all in one location
TRN TA2 - 1DD + 2BAs [knowles]

Disclaimer: Thank you and kudos to TRN and Sir Larry Fulton for arranging this review unit, based on own observation with no affiliation nor obligation.

Packaging / Presentation

IEM is well built in resin and looks good, 0.78mm 2pin TFZ raised connector preferred, accessories is adequate, 3.5to6.3mm adapter, black metal round casing, norm TRN cable, 7 pairs silicon and 1 foam tips.

Equipment used :
iMac - Linux - RPI4 8GB - Volumio Tidal Connect - Topping DX3PRO - L30
iMac - Linux - RPI4 8GB - Volumio Tidal Connect - ifi Zen Dac v2.0 - Xduoo TA05 Tube Amp
Sony walkman A55 3.5mm SE / Fiio M9 DAP 3.5mm SE, 2.5mm Bal
LG G7+ / Samsung Note8 [UAPP / Tidal] 3.5mm SE, Samsung Dongle, X1, CXpro

Music Tracks - variety of pop, jazz, country, instrumentals, audiophile male/female, chinese / cantonese favourites.
Some of tracks used -
Dire Straits - Tunnel of Love, Billie Ellish - Happier Than Ever, Aha - Hunting High and Low, Camomile - Fields of Gold, Chicago - You are the Inspiration, Depeche Mode - Strange Love, Eagles - Hotel California, Ed Sheeran - I Don't Care, Fleetwood Mac - Big Love, Glass Tiger - Thin Red Line, etc..

Sound Impression

Tonality is warm and bassy with good mid bass and little sub bass rumble. Bass Quantity over quality, ie. can be better, when especially play back a very Bassy and Busy instruments track, mid bass bleeds occur.

Timbre is quite natural sounding with a tint of metallic, very slightly. Male / Female vocals presentation is acceptable in most tracks, except when tracks that are heavy in bass [bleeding can be heard] and multiple instruments in the mix. [seperation not the best distinctively, clustered all in a location feel].

Soundstage is not wide, width is more than height and depth, treble roll off somehow affects the sparkle and airyness.


For those that are more into mid vocals, the 2 knowles BA have rightfully and justifiable done their functionability to a good degree. However, the 1DD used 8mm CNT and tuned for mid bass, has indirectly caused a little mid bass bleed, when play back bassy tracks. And treble roll off takes away the little more fun and pleasure to more spacious airyness in the top end.
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