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Knowles 33518 BA Driver and 8mm Dual-Core Dynamic Driver
Exquisitely Made Magnesium Alloy Shell
Detachable MMCX Cable

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Previously known as "FyreAudio"
TRN TA1 - Budget chifi meets cheap Knowles
Pros: Bass is great, sub bass is deep and satisfactory

Good note weight

Mids sound good, nothing unusual or unpleasant, quite natural

The shell is gorgeous, and comfortable on the ears

The stock silver cable is quite nice

Affordable at $30
Cons: The treble is gutted, 14dB gouge makes treble slightly muffled and lacking in detail

Soundstage is only average

Uppermost treble could have more definition to it
Let's take a look at the frequency graph:


(measurements made using an IEC711 Occluded Ear Simulator)

The bass on the TA1 is great in my opinion, it has good weight to it and is in balance with the rest of the sound signature, i didn't feel as though the midbass was too much or that the sub bass was lacking oomf.

The mids sounds good, it is for the most part natural with nothing obvious that needs correcting, however i did prefer the the sound when i decreased the 1.6khz by a few dB.. and increased the 6.3khz by a few dB...

let's talk about the treble, the treble is quite gutted, there is a ~14db GOUGE in the treble, and it's audible, the treble is fairly veiled because of it. is it the fault of the tuner? or tuning? i don't think so. You see, the MT300 is another iem that uses the Knowles 33518, the same BA as the one in the TA1, right in the nozzle just like the TA1, it also has that huge cutout in the highs, leading me to believe that it's not the fault of poor tuning or implementation, but due to limitations with the 33518 BA itself. I don't believe there's any way to alleviate that dip without using a totally different balanced armature. imho, I'm not a huge fan of the TA1 treble, or the 33518 driver itself.



The soundstage is mostly localized in your head, imaging is actually good for the most part, treble instruments are placed away from your ears and are easy to pin point, despite this, i wouldn't call the overall experience realistic sounding.

The TA1 cost me 30 bucks and the MT300 $74, the MT300 is basically the upgraded version of the TA1 with more upper treble extension and definition and more low frequency extension. but for $30, the TA1 sure gives the MT300 a run for it's money.


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Good job mate. :)
I don't mind the dip in the treble. I think it contributes to the relaxing sound of this set. :)


100+ Head-Fier
Trn TA1
Pros: +Affordable price for a hybrid that has knowles ba driver
+Very relaxed mid tuning
+Build is very solid with mirror like
+Can be worn down like normal earbuds
Cons: -Mmcx a bit tight
-Need a proper eartips for maximum
sound quality
-Early treble roll off
Trn TA1


The TA1 is a budget 1+1 hybrid in ear monitor from trn.
One Knowles 33518 ba and one 8 mm dynamic driver for each side.
It comes with one oxygen free copper silver plated cablej, and six pairs of silicon eartips, and one pair of foam tips.

Featuring a removable cable, the TA1 connects via an MMCX connection. As a result, this earphone offers compatibility with a wide range of Trn and third-party cables.

The earphones feel and look fairly premium, thanks to the aluminum housing and mirror like coating .The overall shells don't have any sharp edges. The nozzles are not too long or too short so I can happily use these iems with my eartips collection. The supplied tips come in handy in trying to find the perfect fit. And as for this shape iems,the fitting is very important for maximum sound quality.

For my ears , I find the fit is just okay but when wearing wire down,this earphone fit quite nicely and comfortably again thank to the mmcx connection.

General specification

Product Name = Trn TA1
Drivers configuration =1 knowels 33518 and 1 8mm dynamic driver
Impedance = 16omh
Sensitivity = 107db
Frequency = 10-40000Hz


With es100 the TA1 sounds a bit warm but also muddy.
Using btr5 is a different story, the sound is clean and dynamic. Clarity for this 30$ iems is quite amazing. Sound stage is noticeably improved
The high is so delightful to listen to. Do take note, this Trn is fairly easy to drive even with phone
When using E1DA G3, the sound is comparable to the btr5. The E1DA has an amazing app while the fiio has a high gain option.
For portable use, personally, I pick the fiio btr5 because it not only syncs well with trn TA1 but also can be used as a bluetooth receiver without attaching to my phone all the time.
Additionally, when using TA1 with trn bt20s pro, the TA1 still performs quite well but loses some high details.


I have used this TA1 for more than 10 days so I think I have done enough drivers burning in.

Low End

Thanks to the 8mm dynamic driver, the TA1 provides a pretty luscious low end. There’s a sense of tightness and well controlled bass. This results in a sound with minimal bleed. it still feels pretty accurate and those bass textures are well delicious. However, it is not powerful enough for bass heads.
For example, a song called superman by Enimen, the bass texture is quite clear and tight. Every hit is well presented. Another one called Bad Guy by Billie Eilish, at near the end of the song, the rumble is clean and precise with a slight roll off.


When it comes to the mids, I was actually really surprised at how good the TA1 sounds. The TA1 mid is so thick , with more emphasis at the center of the frequency range. Yet, with this headphone, the upper mid never sounds harsh nor piercing, this is very new to me from trn tuning , no matter what genre I am listening to. The low and high are smooth and relaxed , but vocal really steals the show here. Every word from the singers is so alive and in my head.
For those who like jazz and slow pop music, I highly and highly recommend you to have a try this one out.
Again the Bad Guy by Billie Eilish, her voice is so well positioned away from that bass. One song called Real Friends by Camila Cabello, the sound of the guitar has a feeling of warmth and full and yet not distracted. Her voice is lush and forward without any harshness.
One more song called Tears by Celine Farach, the beginning of the few minutes, the TA1 sets me in a relaxing mode but just as she sings. Her voice is so full and above the rest of the instruments.


A little rolled off, these highs never seem too bright nor dark but I feel the cymbal crush always behind the singers. Still, for bass guitar,it sounds full but the string sound is lacking. When I listen with this TA1, I miss some notes in my music like it has faded away in the background . The high is presented but with a rather gentle way,more like a laid back but not dark.
Crush cymbals lovers will find some early roll off here.
Micro details lovers should look for another alternative.


Not the best aspect of the TA1 , it delivers some good depth and even a paltry sense of space. Granted, it is a hybrid so I expected more especially from Trn, but with this mid focused tuning, I couldn't complain. It is a trade of.
There’s some slight overlap in the imaging but the clarity and separation in the mids help push vocals forward from the overall sound.

Tonality and timbre

This Trn is a hybrid but more like a single dynamic in ear monitors to me. Sometimes, I feel lark of of air from that knowels ba driver.
This won't suit those looking for micro details masterpiece but very well suited for folks who like jazz music. It is unbeatable for this price.
To me, this set has a slight colored timbre towards the warm side and yet again this makes the vocal even more so addictive to listen to.


Fiio fh1s

A 70$ 1+1 hybrid from fiio
While fiio represents a wide soundstage with a neutral to bright tuning, the TA1 is more mid focused, especially voices.
These two are so quiet different in tuning.
So what if I have to pick one?
When using a phone, it is indecisive.
However, when using my portable amp xduoo xd5 plus, the difference becomes even clearer. My fh1s becomes harsh,and I notice all the frequency go up and a bit lifeless.
The TA1, on the other hand, shows its strength with the laid-back tuning. To me, the singer's voices are so addictive and I never get distracted by the low and high frequency. Also, the upper mid still remains as gentle.

Moondrop Ssp

A 40$ single dynamic driver iems
Many claim ssp is diffused field tuning iems. To me, it is a mild v shaped sound signature and leans to the dark side.
The moondrop could sound full with the help from additional power like headphones amp, fiio A5 at least.
Between these two,for overall listening, I still prefer the TA1 because it is cheaper,and easier to drive, and has a more relaxed tone.
And TA1 fits more comfortably and can be used with a wide range of eartips.

My overall thought

Trn TA1, a 30$ hybrid in ear monitors, is not a fun set for bass head nor micro details performer.
But It's vocal based tuning lets me enjoy my music for a lot of hours without any ear fatigue and with the metal housing, this will last.
It is a musical set from Trn and it is quite surprisingly good.
For this price, this build and this tuning, I highly recommend.

Gears used

Earstudio es100
Fiio btr5
Fiio A5
Xduoo xd5 plus
UAPP app

Songs used

Bad Guy by Billie Eilish
Superman by Enimen
Real Friends by Camille Cabello
Tears by Celine Farach
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did you pay $30 for your ta1 or have you receive a review sample?
How's the isolation?
It's tip dependent but I found the isolation on mine to be below average. I probably didn't have a proper seal though.