New Head-Fier
The new TRN TA - a more Warm and Bassy TA1
Pros: Warm and Bassy Sound Signature
No sibilance noted, safe tuning for wide genre of music
Normal IEM shape, better fit and isolation preferred
Cons: Midbass bleeds causing nasal vocals
Early treble roll off, can be better if not the case
Plastic resin not as premium material from former metal alloy [TA1]
TRN TA - 1DD [8mm dynamic] + 1BA [knowles 33518]

Disclaimer: Thank you and kudos to TRN and Sir Larry Fulton for arranging this review unit, based on own observation with no affiliation nor obligation.

Packaging / Presentation

IEM is built in resin and similar to the MT1 shell , 0.78mm 2pin TFZ raised connector preferred, end with 3.5SE L shaped, accessories is minimum, normal slight improved stock black TRN cable, 3 pairs silicon tips.

Equipment used :
iMac - Linux - RPI4 8GB - Volumio Tidal Connect - Topping DX3PRO - L30
iMac - Linux - RPI4 8GB - Volumio Tidal Connect - ifi Zen Dac v2.0 - Xduoo TA05 Tube Amp
Sony walkman A55 3.5mm SE / Fiio M9 DAP 3.5mm SE, 2.5mm Bal
LG G7+ / Samsung Note8 [UAPP / Tidal] 3.5mm SE, Samsung Dongle, X1, CXpro

Music Tracks - variety of pop, jazz, country, instrumentals, audiophile male/female, chinese / cantonese favourites.
Some of tracks used -
Dire Straits - Tunnel of Love, Billie Ellish - Happier Than Ever, Aha - Hunting High and Low, Camomile - Fields of Gold, Chicago - You are the Inspiration, Depeche Mode - Strange Love, Eagles - Hotel California, Ed Sheeran - I Don't Care, Fleetwood Mac - Big Love, Glass Tiger - Thin Red Line, etc..

Sound Impression / Comparison with TA1 and TA2

Tonality is warm and bassy with good mid bass and little sub bass rumble. Bass Quantity over quality, ie. can be better, speed is normal, when especially play back a very Bassy and Busy instruments track, mid bass bleeds occur. Vocals can sound a bit nasal. Weight tone is good and forward sounding Imaging and instrument seperation is good average based on the performance of the knowles 33518 BA.

TA1 is more mid centric with more crisp clear and clean vocal [both male / female]. TA has more midbass, bass will sound more full and slam, but bleeds into vocal occurs. [similarily the case for TA2]. TA soundstage will sound wider and better extended than TA2.

Timbre is quite natural sounding with a tint of metallic, very slightly. Male / Female vocals presentation is acceptable in most tracks, except when tracks that are heavier in bass [bleeding can be heard, vocal sounds nasal].

TA1 timbre sounds more organic and natural as compared to both TA and TA2.

TA Soundstage is normal wide and acceptable. Width, height and depth performs better than TA2, treble roll off somehow affects the sparkle and airyness, just slightly. Both TA and TA1 soundstage sounds and appear wider than TA2.


TRN TA is positioned as the most budget wise set in the TRN TA series. For a warm and bassy sound signature with no sibiliance at this price point is a good consideration for a wide range of music genre as well. TA2 with 2 knowles BA is a better and pretty attractive IEM with focus in its weight tone and concentration in sounding but sacrifies a bit soundstage in return. Mid bass bleed and early treble roll off are both the traits found both in TA and TA2. For those more into mid centric vocals the TA1 is still the best choice IMHO.

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