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You Don’t Own These…. Why? - TRN MT1 Review 🔥
Pros: - well tuned (U shaped tuning)
- tight, well-controlled bass
- full bodied mids
- good soundstage depth
- good imaging for the price
Cons: - gets congested with busy tracks
- not the most resolving
- timbre could be better
- not the best image separation
I've been using the TRN MT1 for roughly a month and here's what I have to say about these $8usd IEMs.


  • Tuning here is amazing. The MT1 has a Balanced slight U-shaped tuning that is versatile and works for most genres.
  • Bass is tight, clean, deep, and well-controlled. No bloaty bass mess that bleeds into the mids.
  • Mids are full-bodied, slightly warm with great vocal presence.
  • Treble is smooth and non-fatiguing. Great for long listening sessions!
  • No harshness, no sibilance.
  • Pretty detailed for the price. Hard to find another IEM at this price range that can present detail as well.
  • Soundstage depth is surprisingly decent. Heck, it does soundstage depth better than some IEMs that are way higher priced than the MT1.
  • Imaging is good for the price.
  • Responds well to cable and tips.
  • Sounds absolutely amazing with simpler songs like Hip Hop, Pop, Acoustics, Indie, and soft-pop.


  • Can't handle busy tracks as well.
  • Not the most resolving set.
  • timbre could be better and depending on the song, could have slight sibilance.
  • Not the best instrument separation. Instruments can sound "glued" together, especially with busy tracks.
  • Bass texture and treble extension could be better. But honestly, at this price point, I am asking for too much.


In conclusion,

The TRN MT1 is now my daily beaters. For $10usd, the MT1 is an absolute no-brainer. TRN hit a jackpot here with the MT1 as this IEM is tuned amazingly well. Most of the complaints I have about the MT1 can be easily overlooked as those are not things that you expect to get from a $10usd IEM. Heck, even some of the more expensive IEMs have the same misses too.

Sure, these will not replace my $300usd IEMs, but if I am forced to use only the MT1 for months on end, I honestly wouldn't mind.

What I'm trying to say is, the TRN MT1 is the best IEM money can buy at the moment. Yes, they are not perfect, but for $8usd, you can't get any better.

So... You do not own the TRN MT1. May I know why?



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Hi, I'm Ah Hui. Thanks to my Singapore friend Larry who arranged the TRN MT1 review unit for me.

Packaging :

It is classic TRN bundle, which consists of a few eartips, warranty card and operating manual.

Build :
It's quite substantial. Made of plastic but doesn't look cheap.

MT1 fits me well.
I am able to listen through long sessions without fatigue. I suggest replacing the stock eartips for better comfort.

Sound :

My first impression is the soundstage is open. Mids are crisp with vocals slightly laid back. When listening to Diana Krall, I could detect good image positions. Bass is fast.
Sub-bass is textured and well-layered. I could hear the micro details in songs.
Expresses the charisma of Sabia Angel's alluring voice.

My source is Shanling UA2. Earphone tested with stock cable and eartips.

For just $10, I feel it is well-worth a try. I am sure you will enjoy it.


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The differentiated TRN
Pros: Mild Sibilance
better than other TRN on hand
Cons: lacks clarity andtreble extension
too much bass
Here is my First Review in HeadFi, so sorry if i did something wrong with my review....

ive been fond of TRN's product since their my first company that lured me in to the whole iem and audio hobby, I have the st1 and m10, now the mt1 is my 3rd TRN product

Packaging and IEM itself:


The packaging is like any typical packaging from the likes of KZ, CCA... just a box with pictures on the from with specs on the back, and in the box is the iem itself the cables with your typical eartips(im using kz starline tips in the images btw) small and large with midium ones is pre installed in the iem, all in all for the price it ain't bad...

the included cable of the MT1 is your average 4 core TRN black rubberish wire with qdc connectors(the KZ type) and terminates in a L-shape3.5mm plug.

with the included eartips it fits my ear quite nicely and the shape of the iem helps with the fit of my weird ear, thast all

ok this part will be all in my personal opinion and im not really good at explaining sound so take this at a grain of salt.

The bass ahs warmt in them with a good punch and speed is "average" they bleed in to the mids a tiny bit but for the price it doesnt matter, so they are good for listeing to bass heavy music like edm, pop, etc...

for me its kind of a love of hate kind, since im transitioning to iems with neutral tuning and this is kinda throwing me off becasue of that, at the same time reminding me the good feeling with that nice bass.

i would say bass on this is OK, i guess.

dont have much to say here in this area, the mids is slightly recessed for my ears so i dont have much to complain here, their not that hollow as the st1, which is good, i would say TRN did a good job in the midrange here at this price point

this were im midly dissapointed on them, but first lets talk with the pros the treble here are non fatiguing with mild harshness due to the elivated lower treble,they did a good job making a somewhat harsh free treble.

now the con of them....... their clarity, they sound really dull like theres literally no treble extension, their almost sound muffled but luckily their not, they casn be improved wen EQed so no worries about heir

im using poweramp equalizer as my equing app.... they repond to EQ quite well, increasing the frequency from 6k to 8k with abit of elivation to the 1k seem to open up the sound quite alot which a good thing.

TRN did something amazing, creating an iem for the lowest price possible, with the sound that could appeal many... more power to you TRN!
Try kz edx