D1-MARK2 is a multi-function USB decoder (USB external sound card), it sets USB decoder, USB amp...

Topping TP-D1 MKII MK2 USB Sound Audio Card CS4398 USB Decoder External For PC Laptop - Black

  • D1-MARK2 is a multi-function USB decoder (USB external sound card), it sets USB decoder, USB amp and USB to coaxial in oneThe internal adopts industry leading chips and sound fidelity HIFI devices, to provide your PC and digital players with perfect sound quality.Ultra-slim design with the best sound quality and workmanship of the USB decoders.You can connect D1-MARK2 to:connected to an impedance of 16 -300ohms headphones, as a USB amp to use with headphones to listen to the music or playing computer games, low noise, close to the original results.connected to another amplifier, amp, amp and other equipment, as is a pure USB decoder to use.connected to another coaxial decoder, as is a USB to coaxial converter to use, with more high-end decoder to obtain a better effect.D1-MARK2 features:the internal structure using IIS decoder, USB interface, signal conversion, low-pass filter, and all done by an independent HIFI chipusing the Texas Instruments TI's high-fidelity audio chip PCM2704 USB digital output, output a pure digital signal to the next level, greatly improving the signal to noise ratio and fidelitythe top of Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC decoder chip solution of the analog signalthe output circuit uses a high-fidelity OPA2134 op-ampall-aluminum chassis, very portableeven in limited space, is still widely recognized high-quality devices enthusiasts to create the best quality and performance, such as: Germany's Siemens capacitors, Japan Panasonic capacitors, Japan ALPS potentiometer....D1-MARK2 parameters:Dimensions: 58mm *13.6mm * 89mmWeight: about 80 gramsInterface Type: USB1.1Sampling frequency: 44.1kHz, 48kHzSampling depth: 16bitDistortion (Line out output): 0.0036%Distortion (amp output): 0.01% @ 100mW/32¦¸Amp output power: 60mW @ 16¦¸, 1% THD + N; 120mW @ 32¦¸, 1% THD + NPackage: 1xD1-MARK21xUSB Cable

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