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Toneking TO400s

  1. audio123
    Toneking TO400s - Alluring Rendition
    Written by audio123
    Published Oct 2, 2018
    Pros - Detailed Midrange, Extended Treble, Transparent
    Cons - Bass reproduction can be fuller

    Toneking is a Chinese company that produces in-ear monitors and earbuds. I would like to thank Toneking and Penon for the review unit of the TO400s. At the moment, you can purchase the Toneking TO400s from Penon or Aliexpress .



    • Driver Configuration: 16 mm Dynamic
    • Frequency Response: 10Hz – 32KHz
    • Sensitivity: 112dB
    • Impedance: 400Ω
    Unboxing & Accessories

    The earbud comes in a black package with the brand name in silver on the front. There is a transparent film which shows the earbud. After opening the box, there are the TO400s and black soft carrying case sporting the brand name. Inside the case, you will get 1 shirt clip and 8 pairs of foam.



    Earbud Build & Design

    The TO400s has metal shells and they are matte black in colour. On the side of each shell, there are the brand name, brand logo, model name and L & R markings on the left and right respectively. There is a blue and red ring on the left and right faceplate respectively. There is a vent at the bottom of the earbud. This earbud features a detachable MMCX cable. The earbud construction is rather good and just like other earbuds, it is lightweight and sits in my ears comfortably.




    Cable Build & Design

    The cable has a 8 core braided design. It is made of silver plated copper and copper. It has MMCX connectors. Each connector has an opaque black housing with grip. There are L & R markings on the left and right side respectively. There is strain relief. The chin-slider is made of rubber. The y-splitter is circular in shape and it is black in colour. Lastly, the jack is 3.5mm gold plated with strain relief. It has a black housing.


    Sound Analysis


    The TO400s has fair sub-bass quantity and it is able to extend well. The sub-bass reproduction is expressed with a tight control. Each bass note is being articulated with a clean hit with good accuracy. The bass texture is moderately smooth. The bass decay is quick with the extra agility contributing to a higher engagement level. The mid-bass has moderate amount of body and the delivery of slam demonstrates pace. There is clear bass definition but lacks the punch.


    The midrange has good details retrieval with a high level of transparency shown. The lower mids has moderate quantity and male vocals are expressed without any signs of hollow feeling. The upper mids is boosted and the forwardness results in an intimate female vocals performance. There is a clean presentation.


    The treble extends well with slight brightness. There is no sibilance and harshness. The extension presents the technical aspect well. The amount of air rendered is great and it contributes to an airy presentation. The TO400s showcases details well without any fatigue. There is good crisp which contributes to the liveliness and there is little sparkle.


    The TO400s expands quite naturally. The width magnitude is great and the depth is not closed in with a good amount of space rendered. There is a spacious feeling. The positioning of vocals and instruments is accurate.



    Toneking TO400s vs Toneking TO200

    The TO200 has more sub-bass quantity as the TO400s but the extension on the TO400s is slightly greater. The sub-bass reproduction on the TO400s showcased its agility while it is fuller on the TO200. The mid-bass on the TO200 has additional amount and it results in a more weighted slam. The slam from the TO200 produces additional impact. Bass texture is much smoother on the TO200 while the bass decay is slightly quicker on the TO400s. Each bass note on the TO400s is articulated with higher precision level. The midrange on the TO400s has better transparency and it is rendered in a cleaner manner. The lower mids on the TO200 has slightly more body and male vocals sound thicker. The upper mids on the TO400s has additional forwardness and female vocals are more intimate. Moving on to the treble section, the TO400s has more extension while there is extra treble body on the TO200. There is greater amount of air rendered on the TO400s and crisp is more apparent. The TO400s is able to bring more sparkle. Treble articulation on the TO400s is more accurate. In terms of soundstage, the TO400s has greater width magnitude. Depth on the TO200 is more closed in. Expansion on both is quite natural.

    Toneking TO400s vs Rose Masya

    The Masya has more sub-bass quantity than the TO400s and the TO400s commands greater extension. The sub-bass reproduction from the TO400s is less full but there is additional punch. The extra kick results a more impactful performance. The mid-bass on the Masya has slightly more quantity and the slam is not as controlled as the TO400s. Bass decay on the TO400s is quicker with more agility. Bass texture on the Masya is smoother. Each bass note on the TO400s is articulated with extra accuracy. The midrange of the TO400s has higher transparency level than the Masya. The lower mids of the TO400s has more quantity than the Masya. Male vocals are expressed well. The upper mids on the TO400s is more forward and female vocals sound with higher intimacy level. Details retrieval on the TO400s is better. Moving on to the treble section, the TO400s excels in its extension. It has better crisp and the articulation has a higher precision level. The sparkle is more apparent on the TO400s. The amount of air rendered on the TO400s is greater. Lastly, there is a natural expansion for both while the width on the TO400s has greater magnitude. The Masya has a more closed in depth. The TO400s provides a spacious feeling.


    The TO400s is a lively earbud that is able to produce agile bass performance, detailed midrange and extended treble. It has a high engagement level. The soundstage offers good amount of space. In addition, the TO400s utilizes MMCX connectors. The Toneking TO400s is another excellent earbud by Toneking with its alluring sound.


    For more reviews, visit https://audio123blog.wordpress.com/ .
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