Thunderbass Earbuds

General Information

Crave a deep, rich sound Thunderbass Earbuds are specially tuned for maximum bass response. Whether it s hip-hop, techno or metal, modern music lovers crave really deep bass. Our Thunderbass Earbuds deliver a large bottom end that ordinary earbuds just can t handle. Built-in bass ports immerse you in rich, resonant sound, while a full-bodied bass response projects clear, articulate audio with surprisingly deep bass. Enjoy every detail in your music even at low volumes. The earbuds feature form-fitting eartips that effectively block outside noise, allowing you to hear subtle nuances at lower volumes. Three different eartip sizes (S, M, L) are included to ensure a comfortable, customized fit. The flattened, rubber-coated matte cables are durable, flexible and designed to resist tangles. Immerse yourself in bold, rich sound specially tuned for advanced bass performance. Order your Thunderbass Earbuds from Brookstone today!


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