Thin Film Technology Acoustics TFTA-1200-V1 (TFTA-5V)

General Information

This plastic earphone is our entry level with a quality that other low priced headphones try, but are never able, to attain. The accuracy and clear audio reproduction of its 14mm speaker with a frequency range that is wider than any other comparable priced headset on sale today. Full frequency, outstanding treble, spacious, warm mid range and a respectable bass that has not been possible to produce previously from this type of small plastic design. This type of headset is ideal for orchestral, classical or rock/popular music or for people who just prefer the simple ease of fit and comfort. A good spec at a great price!

On-ear Black Plastic Housing
Driver unit 14.8mm
Impedance 32ohms
Rated power input 2mW
Max power input 30mW
Frequency response 20-20,000Hz
Sensitivity 100dB at 1KHz, 1mW
R/L output difference <3dB at 1KHz, 1mW
Distortion <2% at 1KHz, 2mW
Connector 3.5mm stereo plug

Latest reviews

Pros: Excellent sounding earbuds. Great bass and balanced across the spectrum.
Cons: No branding on the earbuds. L R markings hard to read. Seperation very average.
[size=10pt]This is a review of the TFTA 1200-1V. These are TFTA’s entry level earbuds, costing ~$50. This puts them at somewhat mid-level earbuds in the earbuds game. My main “open” earphones are the Yuin PK3 and the Koss KSC75. I have previously owned the Blox TM5 (long ago) and some Sennheiser buds. [/size]
[size=10pt]Out of the box, they sounded pretty boxed in and the bass dominated the spectrum. I allowed them to burn-in for about 25 hours before I started properly reviewing them. Read on to find out how they performed after burn-in. [/size]
[size=10pt]Packaging & Accessories[/size]
[size=10pt]The packaging is VERY simple, just a small cardboard box with an insert holding the earphones plus a little bag with one pair of ear cushions (spares would be good if included). I understand TFTA are changing the packaging shortly. This is great because even though these are entry level buds, the packaging and accessories at this price are very lacking. Take the PK3’s for example, they come in a very elegant box and have a carry case, spare cushions and paperwork.[/size]
[size=10pt]The one thing I would like to see is branding on the actual product, not just the packaging. I am surprised that none of the TFTA products have any product markings on the earphone, on the Y-splitter or the jack strain relief. It makes them seem like unfinished prototypes. I hope the actual product will get branded when the packaging changes. [/size]
[size=10pt]One other thing is the L and R markings are near impossible to read as they are either way too small (on the IEMs) or the same colour as the stem, as on the earbuds. Different colours, like blue for right and red for left, would be nice.[/size]
[size=10pt]Comfort & Isolation[/size]
[size=10pt]These buds are very comfortable. They sit nicely and are more secure than the PK3’s. This could be due to the slightly bigger driver making the housing a bit bigger. Anyway, they are comfy and sit securely. [/size]
[size=10pt]Build & Cable[/size]
[size=10pt]The build quality seems good. No way for me to tell without using them over time and see how they stand up. Initial impression is of a strong build quality. The cables are kind of rubbery but not too much. They seem durable which is a good sign. The cables are kind of tangle prone and are not very easy to untangle once they have tangled. [/size]
[size=10pt]This is not related only to TFTA but to ALL earphone makers…I wish they would all incorporate an integrated cable wrap like that of DUNU. This is by far the simplest and yet most user-friendly design I have seen in a long time, I love the DUNU cable wraps!!![/size]
  1. [size=10pt]Out-of-the-Box: [/size][size=10pt]Straight out of the box, the buds sounded bassy, very bassy…so much so that I was actually surprised how much bass these buds were throwing out. The mids and highs were veiled and the soundstage was “boxed-in”. 25 hours of burn-in and what do we get???...…[/size]
  1. [size=10pt]Treble:[/size][size=10pt] To start with, the highs didn’t present much sparkle but as time went on, the sparkle came out more and more. I really enjoy the smooth yet crisp treble on these buds. They are not as airy as the PK3’s but carry a bit more weight due to this. This gives the smoothness I guess. There is less sparkle compared to the KSC75’s and from what I remember, the TM5’s were much more refined but again, the TFTA’s offer a great smooth:crisp ratio.[/size]
  1. [size=10pt]Midrange: [/size][size=10pt]Mids are very well presented. Vocals sound great, although not as forward as the PK3, they are very clear and definitely sound great. As burn-in continues, the mids open up and vocals get better and better. Very smooth and very well presented. [/size]
  1. [size=10pt]Bass:[/size][size=10pt] At first, the bass is a little bit too much and does bleed into the mid range. As burn-in continues, it settles down in quantity and, to my great enjoyment, it improves in quality. It extends pretty low (for an earbud), more than the PK3’s, which are known for their low extension in the earbud world. Extension is less than the KSC75, for obvious reasons! I really like how the texture of the bass improves with use. The texture is probably not as good as the PK3 but the ratio of quality:quantity is very favourable.[/size]
  1. [size=10pt]Soundstage and separation: [/size][size=10pt]Very boxed in sound to begin with. It took at least 20hrs for the sound to start opening up. I noticed the vent on the TFTA is much smaller than the vents on the PK3. This would obviously give the PK3 a more airy sound along with a wider soundstage. This would also be the reason to why the TFTA has stronger bass and a bit more external noise isolation compared to the PK3. Separation is definitely just average on the TFTA’s…nothing like the PK3’s or KSC75’s. I am not sure if the vents have anything to do with this, maybe other members can comment. [/size]
  1. [size=10pt]Overall: [/size][size=10pt]These earbuds, at ~$50, are a reasonable purchase. They compete very well with their closest competitor, the PK3’s. Depending on what type of sound you prefer, I think both are great earbuds. The TFTA will give great mids and highs but not as much sparkle or soundstage but the bass is definitely quite a big advantage in an earbud style. Separation is average but again, overall, they have more strengths than weaknesses IMO.[/size]
  1. [size=10pt]If someone is looking for a great pair of earbuds for a reasonable price, I would not hesitate to recommend the TFTA 1200-1V earbuds. It’s a great start by TFTA at this price point, I can only imagine how good the high end TFTA 1101-V1 sound…….[/size]
[size=10pt]Tips about Tips:[/size]
[size=10pt]I tried the Yuin donut cushions on the TFTA and the highs became noticeably harsher, to the point where I didn’t like it. I had the same trouble with the PK3’s. I feel the closed cushions help to smooth out the treble and also help the bass quantity. [/size]
[size=7.5pt]Thanks for -y0- for letting me switch to his review format.[/size]
Totally Dubbed
Totally Dubbed
Excellent review man!
They do sound quite interesting - I haven't had open earphones since my apple earbuds, literally 2-3years ago lol
Thanks mate. I have been using KSC75 and more recently, the PK3's as I like to have open back for when i'm at my computer. The TFTA were definitely a great surprise and they are keepers for me. I am really enjoying the overall sound these are putting out.


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