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Koss's miniature portable earphone, affectionately dubbed "The Plug," makes use of an ear-cushion material (similar to that used in sound-blocking earplugs) that slowly expands in your ear canal to provide a custom fit and maximum sonic isolation from external noises. A detachable, extrawide headband makes these Koss-termed "stereophones" easy to carry or store. For accurate sound reproduction, these earbud-style headphones are made with oxygen-free copper voice coils and neodymium iron boron magnets. You can enjoy them with either a portable or home audio device, since both 0.125-inch and 0.25-inch adapter jacks are included. "The Plug" weighs a mere quarter ounce and has a frequency response rated at an impressive 16 to 23,000 Hz (though its unlikely you'll hear bass output anywhere close to what you'd get from a similarly rated loudspeaker.). Impedance is 16 ohms, with less than a 0.3 percent distortion and reasonably high sensitivity of 112 dB SPL/1 mW.

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Pros: Better treble production from other koss offerings, nearly 100% of KDX100 in here
Cons: Unusual frequency balance might piss off some "usual" listeners
i hate when they do that. i was using kdx100 & kdx200 for nearly 1 year and i did spent a stable $120 for the two. now i'm realizing actually the $15 ruk30 and $7 plug weren't much worse. kdx200 was a little different from ruk30 at least, but comparing plug to kdx100 just hurts... this was something i was expecting after ruk30 vs kdx200 comparison but god knows i wasn't expecting a totally identical sound.
any differences ? yes. plug lacks the triple flange tip and it's nozzle is built with a soft material which means lower build quality. who cares ? of course the prices i talked about are discounted prices but plug's original price is already $15 and it was for sale on amazon for as low as $10, i got it even for a low price during a special discount in turkey.
you know how things are going on sites like head-fi, you know the reviews and reviewers who always pumping you that weird chinese things but i'm not going to talk about them in this review because when i do that, my reviews are vanishing into thin air without any trace.
i was did a kdx100 review days before, now after experienced the plug i decided to rewrite that review and carry it to here, but this means a lot of work and i'm an extremely lazy turkish person so please just look at that review if you want to know more about this product.

here's my kdx100 review
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