The House of Marley TTR Destiny

  1. vackraord
    Great quality materials and surprisingly good sound
    Written by vackraord
    Published May 1, 2013
    Pros - Surprisingly airy, can be driven by portable devices without dedicated amp
    Cons - Noise reduction gives out a low-frequency ambient sound
    Great packaging, great build quality. On pair with or even exceeds hifi-phones in the same price range. Makes Bose QuietComfort 15 look lite cheap toy phones in comparison.
    The sound is good, I have compared them against my MDR-MA900 and they are not far from them. The Destiny has more base but a little less refined than the 900, I think alot is because the Destiny's is more closed. The MA900 has better separation and vocals is generally better separated. I have used a Apogee Duet 2 when comparing. If I would compare the head phones using only a iPhone it's a completely different story, the Destiny's is driven easily. The sound leakage is low, I read in the other review here that he complained on leakage.... Im guessing he must listen REALY loud. Now to the bad part sound wise... The noise reduction gives away a low-frequency ambient sound, like a small conditioning unit. When the headphones are used in a noisy environment the reduction work pretty well and the ambient sound isn't a issue. But when used in a quiet environment it's somewhat annoying. And no, you can't use the phones with the noise reduction turned off...
    Build quality wise the Destiny is in a different league from the MA900. All metal and leather, detachable cables with a premium feel, best packaging I have come across for a pair of head phones.
    Update #1:
    AmberOzL: I totally agree that it's a big miss. Worst scenario is that you run out of batteries on a long train ride or etc and forgoten to bring new ones. Then you won't be able to listen at all.
    1. AmberOzL
      It is a big issue that you can't use them NC turned off. I had a chance to demo them, they were nice. Yes, nothing too serious but they were okay. At least better than many NC headphones.
      However I still prefer passive NC with better sound.
      AmberOzL, May 1, 2013
  2. lolasdsdgfsads
    Great purchase
    Written by lolasdsdgfsads
    Published Apr 1, 2013
    Pros - Comfiest headphones I've ever tried, much better than any headphones in this price range, clear sound with highs', mids' and lows.
    Cons - Leak a good amount of sound, not the best noise cancellation out there
    Well I bought these a few months ago. They come in probably the nicest box i've ever had headphones come in. They come with two cords, batteries, an airplane adapter, and a tip for amps and stuff. They sound great, they look pretty good, they're a little bulky but they're very good for the price. I'd take these over a pair of beats pros without heistation. They are a pair of open backed headphones. This lets in ambient sound, however lets them leak a considerable amount of sound. The noise cancellation definitely isn't as good as Bose Qc15's. But it's alright. Overall these are really worth the money.
    1. Mshenay
      I think you mean Over ear, open back cans well have the drivers surround by air. An open back can will not isolate will NOT cancel noise and will leak like crazy... if they manage to make a noise canceling open can :O I would try it xD
      Also that price tag is mid fi territory xD ur getting into HD 650 and dt 880 territory <3
      Mshenay, Apr 1, 2013