Equipped with dual magnetic two-way graphene driver, the Pro shows greatly enhanced transience and resolution.

TFZ King Pro

    • KING PRO is TFZ brand new HiFi audio products, full CNC metal and using the latest acoustic technology and material technology,2-pin 0.78MM and 5N Oxygen free Copper Wire, Especially the double magnetic circuit and graphene driver, improve quality of resolution and sound field, incredible restore ability.
    • KING PRO: built-in a new generation of 12MM dual magnetic self-frequency graphene driver, 55Ω, 108dB, professional HIFI sound quality, exciting sound. TFZ brand hopes to use the latest acoustic technology and acoustic materials for more players to provide a better audio-visual experience.
    • KING PRO equipped with dual magnetic two-way graphene driver, will show the expected restore effect.
    • Greatly enhanced each frequency transient and resolution.
    • Driver built-in frequency divided system, perfectly balanced the high frequency and low frequency energy distribution
    • All-metal aluminum CNC process shell, four colors, green, blue, red, red and blue
    • 55ohm impedance, more suitable to match the player
    • HD resolution, large sound field, large dynamic transients, high frequency smooth, medium frequency thick, low-frequency clean and good elasticity
    • Fit For most style tracks, female vocal performance is good, close to omnivorous headphones
    • Clean and loose sound field make the new product more attractive and full of emotion


    • Driver: 12mm Dual-magnetic two-way graphene driver
    • Magnet material: NdFeB N50
    • Diaphragm material: graphene
    • Diaphragm diameter: 8.9MM
    • Diaphragm thickness: 6U
    • Voice coil material: copper clad aluminum wire
    • Frequency response range: 5HZ ~ 40000HZ
    • Harmonic distortion: 0.7%
    • Impedance: 55 ohms
    • Sensitivity: 108dB
    • Lowest power: 8 mW
    • Connectors: 2-pin 0.78mm
    • Plug 3.5mm straight
    • Magnetic flux: 9000KGS
    • Wire: core count 4 * 18 * 0.05 5N oxygen-free copper
    • Outer: high flexibility transparent PVC
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