Tennmak Piano


New Head-Fier
Pros: musical sound
very deep, controlled bass
extremely comfortable
Low cost
Cons: slightly distanced male voices
Stage could be deeper
original cable
That TENNMAK produces high quality in-ears, should already be known, even if the company is not too widespread in the relevant forums.
At the moment they inspire with the ORCA music enthusiasts, who attach great importance to transparency and detail variety.
The PIANO is already a somewhat older model and is one of the first with interchangeable cables from TENNMAK. What makes the PIANO so special, is not only its musical, powerful sound, but also its price, because if you can do without the MMCX cable, you can get the earphones alone for 10 € including the TENNMAK WHIRLWIND TIPS. An unbeatable price!

The PIANO are made of plastic and are available in three different colours (black, blue, red). The cover is with some glitter, which is of course a matter of taste. (It's supposed to reflect the varnished surface of a piano)
They are very comfortable to wear due to their fit and low weight.
The isolation works very well, even outstandingly, also at low volume. If you find the right foam tips, you even want to sleep with them, because you simply forget them.

If you decide for the cable variant, you get a simple standard MMCX cable, which fulfills its purpose, but is also not to be recommended by wearing comfort without restrictions. If you consider that you get the headphones for 10 € alone and pay for the cable with 13 € even more, it is worth buying another cable like the 8-core cable from TRN for unbeatable 7 € (see equipment). This clearly represents an improvement, also in terms of feel.

The sound is characterized by a V-signature with emphasis on the bass. However, the other frequency ranges do not drop off, making the PIANO sound very full, lively and musical.

The bass is very controlled and goes wonderfully deep. It is fast, to the point and powerful at the same time, which leaves nothing to be desired. Yes, it slips a bit into the midrange, but it always stays clean and doesn't get muddy or booming.
I think it's great as it is and I like to hear him through different genres.

The mids are slightly reduced, but harmonize very well with the bass, because it gives them more body. They are detailed without miraculous effect, but give voices and instruments a pleasantly full sound. They simply sound natural, even if I would wish that male voices would still stand out a little.

The highs are slightly raised, yet very smooth and clear. They are simply not obtrusive, even if they are a little brighter. For me this is also the big advantage to the trebles of the TENNMAK PRO, which are much darker in sound.
The details come across well, which makes the trebles together with their lightness very transparent.
The stage is above average and the 3D orientation works very well.

The TENNMAK PIANO is simply a round in-ear, which makes hardly any mistakes, but doesn't make it into the really big spheres anyway. He doesn't want that either, because with his unobtrusive musical nature he is simply fun and perfect for everyday life. Whether it's the office, sports or mining. The isolation doesn't make a big difference. Not to forget, of course, the potent bass, which doesn't exaggerate it despite everything and leaves the mids and highs their place.

For 10 € there is nothing that speaks against a purchase!
More reviews: https://david-hahn.wixsite.com/chi-fiear (now also in english)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CHIFIEAR/
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Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Tidy but full bass,comfort and isolation, price
Cons: Original cable can be troublesome
I bought the Tennmak Piano from the Tennmak store on Aliexpress. So far that’s the only place I have seen them available, though some of their other products such as the Dulcimer and Pro can be bought on Amazon and some other AE stores. It’s currently priced at $25.99 but I got mine slightly cheaper during the big AE anniversary sale in March 2016.
Company info (from their website): http://tennmak.com/
Tennmak Brand

Our unwavering appreciation for design motivates us to develop visionary audio products that deliver a “never heard before” experience; one that shatters expectations and leaves the listener wanting more. As one of the music industry’s most sought-after innovators, we’re obligated to provide our customers with a premier product suite for both professional and home use, with an emphasis on sleek design, high-quality materials and incredible longevity. Our products set the tone for audio ingenuity, and take user experience to another level.
I’ve always loved anything audio but only recently started buying IEMs and taking more of an interest in my tools of choice.
My music preferences are fairly widespread and include classical, Celtic, Psytrance, hip-hop, pop, j-pop and movie/game soundtracks.
I’ve become extremely interested in the budget oriented iems, mainly the ones coming from China and I love sampling anything I can get my hands on. Nearly all of my earphones are in the sub $100 range.
Build and accessories:
The Tennmak Piano are an over-ear IEM with a single dynamic driver. They’re available in black, red, blue or a combination of red and blue. I have the black version.
The earphones came with 9 pairs of whirlwind eartips in S,M,L sizes in a silver metallic case. As of June 10th they will come with a soft, black carrying case.
*The cable on the Piano has good and bad points. It’s designed to be worn around the neck so the right side above the Y-splitter is significantly longer than on the left. On the left side is an in-line microphone with a single button that can be used to answer or end phone calls, pause music and skip or go back tracks. The button has a tactile click and feels sturdy.
The cable itself is slightly thicker than average and is a greyish brown color. While it feels reassuringly strong it does retain some kinks and bounces around a bit and can sometimes be a little unruly. At the end is a 45° gold plated, 3.5mm connector.
*Keep in mind as of 20th July they will come with the new cable.
The earphones themselves are made of plastic, are well put together and feel very strong. There is a L/R marking in white print along with the Tennmak name on each side.
Click on pictures for full size
This image taken from Tennmak's product page
Showing the supplied "whirlwind tips"
Cable length




Frequency range




Driver unit




Fit and ergonomics:
The Tennmak Piano is very comfortable for me and I can wear them all day long without discomfort. I’ve actually fallen asleep while wearing them and didn’t realize until I woke up in the morning. They’re worn over the ear and like most custom style earphones they have a low profile and don’t protrude out the side very much.
The included whirlwind tips give a good seal but I’ve been able to use several tips from my own collection without any problems as the nozzle size is standard.
The isolation is average using silicone tips. I’ve not found any foam tips that fit me yet so can’t comment on those.
Click on pictures for full size
I mostly use these with my XDuoo X2 and Galaxy Note 5.
I have clocked in many, many hours on these since I’ve had them and I continue to use them almost every day for my commute to and from work. Because of their design and good isolation, they are ideal for outdoor use and noisy areas.
The sound signature of the Piano is V-shaped. They’re more prominent on the low end but don’t fall short in other areas as a result.
Fantastic fast, punchy bass that is tidy and pushes the beats along effortlessly. As stated above its slightly boosted but certainly not bass head level. The sub-bass on these is just incredible. It rumbles deep and is intensely satisfying but always controlled. Probably the favorite of all my sub $50 IEMs in this department. It reminds me a bit of the bass on the Shozy Zero but is a bit cleaner and faster.
The midrange is fairly neutral as far as I can tell and remain mostly unhindered by the bass. Vocals sound natural with good tones for both male and female. Orchestral strings sound rich and full and musical so there’s plenty of emotion there. The Piano seems to have less of the more common coloring of the mids which most IEMs in this price range tend to do, which enables a bit more detail to come through.
The treble has a slight boost but is never edgy or intrusive while retaining good detail and clarity with fairly good extension. The result is a laid back but clear sound that doesn’t cause any fatigue.
The soundstage is fairly wide and quite impressive, with good 3d positioning throughout. They even manage a certain degree of height in the sound.
The Tennmak Piano are in my opinion an amazing IEM for their relatively low price, coming out on top of pretty much everything I have tried in the sub $30 price range (note here that my collection is still rather modest). The sound is crisp and detailed yet still remains musical with just the right amount of tasty goodness spread over the frequency range.
For some the lower mid-bass might be a little too prominent but for me personally it’s just how I like it as I listen to a lot of electronic and hip-hop music. The treble while not harsh or too exaggerated gives a good energy and some sparkle to the high end.
These have not gained the recognition of Tennmak’s other models and since I don’t own any of those yet I can’t say what the reason is. I do plan on getting the Pro very soon and am really looking forward to doing a comparison.
To sum up, the Tennmak Piano is a stellar performer in the $20-30 price range especially considering it’s a single dynamic and I heartily recommend that people consider them if they’re looking for a comfortable IEM with fun yet tidy  and detailed sound signature.
@DetailGirl For me they would be comfortable enough for that but it may be different for your ears. Also keep in mind the Piano lean towards a bright sound signature so if you're treble sensitive they may not suit you. You should also take a look at the Tennmak Pro as they're also very comfortable and have a warmer sound. Both the Piano and Pro have good noise isolation and are easy to drive so will be perfect for in the car.
Hey crabdog, can you compare the pianos to the pro? I like mid centric iems with wide Soundtage and good instrument separation. Which of the two you think will suit me best?