Teclast X19HD

General Information

Teclast X19HD MP3 Player with FM Radio - 8GB

Teclast delivers you their latest MP3 player, the X19HD. This compact player features a tiny LCD display, an 8GB of storage, a built-in Maxim MAX9723 amplifier with output energy up to 50mw+50mw, Teclast’s BassMax technologies, an FM radio and supports for MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC as well as APE audio formats.

Teclast X19HD MP3 Player Features:

Screen: OLED Screen
8GB Memory on board
Support BassMax Technology
Output energy up to 50mw+50mw
Adopts the Music Dual Mode Technology
Support FLAC, APE auio formats
Support SRS sound effect
Support TTS Voice Reading function
Support FM Radio (87.5MHz~108MHz)

Teclast X19HD MP3 Player Player Package Contains:

1× Teclast X19HD MP3 Player
1× Earphone
1× USB cable
1× Manual


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