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  1. burnwaygta4
    "Qualitative modification of the player"
    I made a modification of the player that lifts the sound to TOP portable players. Details here(http://www.head-fi.org/t/447479/teclast-t51/1380#post_9326082)
  2. AlexRoma
    "Best sound quality from the least money paid"
    Pros - Great SQ, powerfull amp, good size, 10 hours playback, can be upgraded in may ways, can be used while charging
    Cons - So-so user interface (i've seen much worse), useless EQ, bright signature, low reliability, Chinese service
    So, what does make T51 such a unique and relevant music (and video) player after all ? 
    The combination of :
    * Great SQ  (on the bright side - very detailed, HUGE sound stage, lots of air and space, punchy and dry).
    * Thy on-boar amping (drives even 600 ohm Bayerdynamics),
    * proper size, proper battery life (10 hours measured), proper design and usability (memory card slot, lineout, volume wheel)
    * good, affordable  price. 
    This small DAP may give you lots of SQ when properly used, even stock (not modded) .
    After some tweeks and mods (better invertors, better op-amps, capacitors) you may get world class performance out of a 200$ DAP. The size of the dap is just right, fits your pocket.
     Design and connectivity is also good. You can use the player while charging, it's a great feature to have, considering the battery life.
    Unfortunately, there are con's related to the way chineze deal business...
     The were lots of case of defective units. But, if this DAP survives for a half a year , you'll have nothing more to worry about any longer.. Thus, It is good to have a warranty , at least for the burn-in period.  
    Highly recommended for power-users with skills in electricity, or at least for those with friends good in ectronics hardware. 
  3. turokrocks
    "Teclast T51 "
    Pros - Sound, Sound , Sound
    Cons - Everything Else!
    If you want a DAP for the best sound quality and value look nowhere. 

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