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Teac PD-H600 Reference Series CD Player

  • When you listen to music on TEAC's PD-H600 CD player, you will hear subtle details that you never knew existed, breathing new life into even the most familiar recordings.

    The Compact Disc is still the most popular and widely used digital music source in the world, and its potential is huge and indispensable. For accurate signal reading from discs, TEAC's Reference 600 CD Player employs an ultra high precision CD mechanism incorporated into a rigid body construction, skilfully created, and machined by craftsmen.
    For Massive Sound with Great Subtlety
    For Massive Sound with Great Subtlety
    A closer look at the electronics reveals that Burr-Brown's 24-bit/192kHz Delta-sigma D/A Converters maximize the potential of the latest compact-disc recordings. In addition, as you would expect from TEAC, every component - including the ELNA electrolytic capacitors and resistors - are exclusively chosen by experienced engineers for true audiophiles. A shunt regulator maintains the same level of output current by adjusting the value of the resistors, which are connected in parallel in the in-flow current section.

    Flawless Current to Every Single Section
    In addition, a Toroidal-core power transformer is incorporated into the CD player, to supply a stable current to the unit, while the thick film resistors used in the signal input section also contribute to the player's natural, free-flowing sound. In order to avoid jitter noise, a master clock generator, operated with a finite low-noise current, is located independently on the circuit adjacent to the D/A converter.

    Fully Armoured
    The CD tray itself is constructed using one of the strongest synthetic materials available, contributing to the anti-vibration qualities when the disc is rapidly rotating and ensuring rigidity throughout. In addition, the CD mechanism is positioned at the precise centre of the unit, thus optimising the balance-to-weight ratio.


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