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Product introduction [Main Features] ● Equipped with Norway ABLETEC Inc. Class-D amplifier, both...

TEAC AI-501DA-S Reference 501 Integrated Amplifier USB input / 192kHz / hi-res sound source corresponding silver (Japan domestic model)

  • Product introduction [Main Features] ● Equipped with Norway ABLETEC Inc. Class-D amplifier, both high quality and high output and low power consumption ● USB cable 1 in the personal computer and the full digital connection, also supports playback of 192kHz sound source that exceeds the CD ● BurrBrown PCM5102 in DAC built-in, fan-less design ● damping that was pursuing a variety of high-quality headphone output ● quietness that corresponds to the digital sound source power supply unit home to large capacity toroidal core transformer ● ● an operational amplifier was used one on each channel Full Metal housing for both sex and luxury, 2 stations to tell the pulsation of the user interface ● audio unplugged commitment to give the joy that also rich input terminal ● operation can be deployed to A4 size ● full-fledged audio system that can be installed on the desktop pointer-type level meter [Other Features] ● screw type speaker terminal (banana plug, AWG8 correspondence) ● Aluminum way Ted volume knob ● dedicated remote controller included ● 3-pole power socket From now on the audio system, Koon****su more to smart. 192kHz USB input corresponding low power consumption Integrated Amplifier. Power consumption has been achieved low power consumption of 55W. Speaker output that is output from the large screw terminals, realize a large output of up to 68W / ch. To completely drive a small speaker, of course, because you can full-fledged large speakers also drive, you can enjoy the amplifier and speaker matching.


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