TDK ST800 High Fidelity Headphones

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  1. Mark K
    "Excellent performer standing up well as ones like HD650, detailed high band, good vocal and huge lower end"
    Pros - Great sounds, great price
    Cons - Powered EQ,
    I was looking for its cousin WR700 and I spot this beauty, lying quietly next to WR700. It is well built with leather. The cable, though not detachable, has an extension wire to use with desktop amp, is also well built. 
    Sound is terrific, crystal clear than any other thing and very comparable to HD650. The vocal / midband is so sweet that there was one time I could barely believe what I heard. 300ohm impedance is a challenge to most of my mobile amps....but not to desktop. 
    The worst thing will be the cable which is not detachable and also has a powered  EQ. I wonder why TDK has to do this..rather than putting a small amp instead.