TDK Life On Record High Definition In Ear Headphones deliver a rich sound through comfortable,...

TDK Life On Record MT300 High Definition In Ear Headphones

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  • TDK Life On Record High Definition In Ear Headphones deliver a rich sound through comfortable, noise reduction ear tips.

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  1. Mellowship
    "Comfort king, with good overall sound quality"
    Pros - Comfort, price and bass
    Cons - Straight jack, lack of brightness in mids and treble
    These IEMs received quite a hype in the forum, with lots of Canadian head-fiers saying wonders about them for the price. As I found these on ebay for 12 euros (10 dollars more or lesss), I gave them a try.
    The first reaction was the fit. It is just perfect for my ears. I believe it is due to the angled nozzle. They hold in incredibly well and are among the most comfortable IEMs I've ever tried. I can even lay my head on the pillow wearing them! They also isolate the exterior noise very well. 
    The build quality is quite good, except for the straight 3.5 jack, which seems to be rather fragile. I own a pair of TDK mc300 with the exact same cable and jack, and the cable started to tear down in the jack junction, and I am extremely careful with my material. 
    As for the sound, it is very balanced, with lots of bass detail and a good sub-bass. The mids and highs are present, but lack some detail and brightness. I would not call these IEMs "V-shaped", because there is no mid recession, but I miss some more definition of the mid and high frequencies sometimes. The good about this is that they can provide hours of listening without fatigue.

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