Takstar Pro 80

General Information

• Accurate and natural sound reproduction, particularly designed for
 audio mixing monitoring
• High quality PET diaphragm features brilliant wide highs and rich
• Closed-back design incorporating double noise rejection
 technology effectively reduce the ambient noise
• Soft leather headband and ear pads assures long time wearing
 comfort Stylish and noble outlook

Latest reviews

Pros: Bass quality and overall transparency
Cons: Not super comfortable or isolating, and weak vocal reproduction
Takstar Pro 80s

NOTE: I did not buy the Takstar Pro 80s, I instead bought the Gemini HSR-1000s. By all accounts, these are the same headphones, so I brought my review from there over to here in order to give more people an understanding of these headphones. Please comment corrections if this is not true.
Isolation: Okay, but not great. They aren't going to block out the world, but they will make it more manageable. I would like to have something much more isolating. 7/10
Comfort: The pad size could be bigger, over a couple of hours they will somewhat hurt my ears.  I can wear them for multiple hours, though. They do not have a death grip. Overall, they are pretty comfortable. If I could find replacement pads that are more isolating and more comfortable, I would buy them in a heartbeat. 8.5/10
Sound: For testing the sound, I used this test file. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/69968986/MyMusic/CombinedTestTrack.mp3
The song samples contained are:
Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift, Strobe by Deadmau5, Pirate Bay by Savant, I Want It All by Queen, Small Two of Pieces from Xenogears, Home Sweet Home + Title Theme from Earthbound,
Star Stealing Girl from Chrono Cross, Aquatic Ambiance from Donkey Kong Country, For River from To The Moon, and finally the Final Fantasy VII Main Theme performed during Tour De Japon.
My main priority when listening to these songs is to question, how well do the headphones provide the intended emotion that the song sets out to create?
Songs that did not perform well:
~~~Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift, I Want It All by Queen, Small Two of Pieces from Xenogears, and Aquatic Ambiance~~~
The reason being that these songs are very vocal focused, and the headphones have a dip around 4 Khz, which I personally find to be a very important area for vocal listening. None of these songs provide emotion without EQ. I Want It All is heavily lacking even with EQ. Rock music does not mix with DJ headphones, I believe. It sounds lifeless. The drums are great, but the guitar, man. It makes me sad :c
Aquatic Ambiance, on the other hand, suffers from the impactful bass. The song should be relaxing, but the bass breaks any attempt at a soothing piece.
Songs that are okay:
~~~Final Fantasy VII Theme~~~
This song, listened to on the best of equipment, will take my breath away. On the Takstar's, this  will only make me smile. An acceptable reproduction, but not the best.
Songs that are great:
~~~Strobe by Deadmau5, Pirate Bay by Savant, Earthbound music, Star Stealing Girl from Chrono Cross, and For River from To The Moon~~~
Do you like Bass impact? Because these headphones got it. I'm normally not a bass head, in fact, I'm into treble, but the bass production on these are nice.
Pirate Bay proves that the headphones will do well with dubstep and the like. Strobe has a wonderful kick to it, and the organ is perfectly eerie.
On the other hand, the bass really makes the Earthbound track something else. I didn't even know the bass synth went so low in Home Sweet Home!
Star Stealing Girl might be here and not on "okay" because of the EQ I started using, but it also is a wonderful reproduction of the piece. The instruments are well separated and clear, and I believe that is great. The piano in For River also sounds wonderful on these headphones.
The sound is much more transparent than I expected, overall. I love how revealing these can be, but this also can bring some harshness to your listening experience in the treble, making them possibly too revealing for some people. They also do not reproduce vocals as well as I had hoped. The soundstage is slightly better than your average closed headphones. I find these to be a wonderful new edition to my tiny headphone collection.
I found these headphones to be lacking slightly in isolation, comfort, and vocal reproduction, but making up for it in almost every other aspect of the sound.
Pros: bass, treble, soundstage
Cons: cord is coiled and annoying, needs HM5 pads
They beat my DT 770's. That was enough for me. Everything about them was better. Vocal clarity, soundstage....upfront vocals...beautiful and not just for the price.
Under rated... people don't know what they are missing.
Well they don't require a lot of power and a laptop sounded great. My Toneport UX2 sounds better though. I think for the price you can afford to try....loving them more every day.
Sold my DT770's and CAD audio cans as well.
Nope, I had the 80 Ohms.
Pros: Precise Sound, Build
Cons: Read review
Takstar Pro80
This is a common reference headphone that has been made by several others.
But from what I've studied, and heard from others, the drivers inside are actually a Takstar Driver that isn't like it's clones.
If you're fond of the M50, MDR-7510, then read along.
This is not a detailed review, but will contain strong points.
Soundstage in these are ok, compared to it's Open Designed brother.
You receive a package containing the following.
- Tight Bass
- Bright Melting Highs
- M50 Style Bass Done Right
- Slight Beyerdynamic Style Brightness
This headphone WILL need Burn In to fully achieve the capacity of what it's designed for.
Also, critical listening is almost the same reference of the MDR-7510, being near pinpoint for a budget headphone.
Bass is something I had to grow used to when first listen came around, and it does pay off. People have numerously called these cans the M50 done right with few features. I can't say you're wrong!
I recommend this to anyone who wants to see what would happen when reference headphones meet, & have a child.
A sometimes Bright, Slightly Warm, Beautiful Mids, Crisp Highs that share the beauty of how precise tings should sound, and a headphone that truly helps you experience what true Burn In feels like.
Burn In:
Burn in should take up to 100h. What happens? The Headphones mellow out, they don't become a relaxed sound, but make it more a headphone you can use in Public Environments as a precision piece. The headphone becomes a DT880 Style sort of Bright, More Bass Depth is gained as well. 
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How do they sound with low power devices like the clip+ or phones?


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