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T-Peos RICH200

  • Another sub-$50 budget IEM from the Korean company T-PEOS

Recent Reviews

  1. ClieOS
    Yet Another Great Budget IEM
    Written by ClieOS
    Published May 4, 2014
    Pros - Price. Overall Build Quality, Sound.
    Cons - Lack of Accessories.
    The Korea based T-PEOS surprised the IEM world with their hybrid IEM a few years ago and still continues to push for more innovative design. The RICH200 is meant to be a step up from the company’s first dynamic model D-200, but keeping the same high value-for-money factor.




    Transducer: 8mm Dynamic
    Power: 3mW / 30mW (normal / max)
    Impedance: 32 ohm @ 1kHz
    Sensitivity: 102dB @ 1kHz
    Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 15kHz
    Cable: 1.2m Half-Flat with single button + mic
    Connector: 3.5mm L-shaped TRRS 24K Gold Plated Plug
    MSRP: US$28

    Packaging, Accessories and Build Quality
    Nothing spectacular about the packaging , but nothing to really complain about either. As you might have expected, there isn’t much about to talk about accessories wise on the cheaper RICH200, which includes just the various size eartips and a shirt clip. The models come with single button remote + mic so it should work with most smartphone out there.



    Like the previous reviewed T-PEOS models, the models is quite well built and nothing to complain about. Overall, the Korean seems to play a little more attention to detail than most of the Chinese brands. RICH200 does come with flat cable, but it is the slim type so it shouldn’t annoy those of you who dislike flat cable.

    Sound Quality

    RICH200 has a sound signature that warm and sweet, but specious and tilting toward neutral. Bass has good reach and quite snappy, but quantitatively only slightly above neutral. Mid is well blended, a little further away with good space, but doesn’t sound overly distanced or lacking texture. Treble too has good reach and clarity, though missing some of the top-end sparkle. It is actually quite well balanced between being too dull and too sharp, giving a sense of smoothness yet still presenting most of the micro-detail. Soundstage is quite good with fairly wide image and decent depth. To put it short, RICH200 has a very similar presentation to T-PEOS’s own D-200 series, but with a wider soundstage and not quite as warm, making it a more versatile sound that should go well with all kind of music and not just the mainstream that D-200 is more suitable to. Overall, it is a small but noticeable step-up.

    T-PEOS, the company that once surprised the IEM community continues to solidify its status as a strong player in the market, offering seriously good products at a great price point. While RICH200 doesn’t really get as much spotlight as the company top-end models, It is nonetheless great buy on its own right. If that’s any indication, I guess we can expect many more goodies from the Korean for years to come.

    Big thanks to T-PEOS and Mellow Work Studio for the samples.


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