Professional Multimedia Monitor System The T200B is a professional monitor electro-acoustical...

Swan T200B

  • Professional Multimedia Monitor System

    The T200B is a professional monitor electro-acoustical design for multimedia products. T200B can upgrade your iPhone or computer into a Mini HiFi system and setup your personal PC studio.

    While chic and fashionable appearance, T200B is a professional active 2.0 system design. The full functioning LCD remote controller can control each speaker independently due to the dual amp design. Each speaker is shipped with it's frequency response curve, so you know your pair is a perfect match.

    The T200B combines a triangular enclosure design with black piano lacquer and silver aluminum panel. T200B adopts HiVi 5" long excursion woofer and 28mm soft dome tweeter. The woofer and tweeter are positioned in a delta arrangement which minimizes the radiation area and reduce the diffraction of sound waves. The sloping panel design causes the high and low frequency to reach the listener simultaneously in the near sound field. The asymmetrical enclosure structure reduces internal standing sound waves and minimizes cabinet resonance.

    Featuring a full functioning LCD remote controller with intelligent microprocessor digital volume control, dual channel 40Wx2 RMS power output, and XLR balanced input. The T200B frequency response is 55Hz-20kHz (+2.5 dB, -6dB, free space), and capable of producing 100dB SPL sound output level with wider horizontal dispersion.

    All these combine to give T200B formidable dynamic, natural, accurate sound reproduction and guarantee near field monitor sound accuracy.

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