Swan S3W

General Information

With it's compact size and combined digital amplifier / volume controller, the HiVi Swans S3W mini multimedia speaker is especially suited for the laptop users. The compact S3W can reproduce an unexpectedly rich bass sound. This is keeping with HiVi's design target: the sound quality is always the most important element.

HiVi Swans S3W mini multimedia speaker is composed of three parts; patent volume controller with digital amplifier, right / left speaker and power adapter. Normally, the amplifier and volume controller are designed separately, which leads to complex wiring and sometimes causes electromagnetic interferences. The S3W combines the volume controller and amplifier into one unit to solve these problems and provide better control. The volume controller uses an advanced high efficiency digital amplifier, SMT technology, and a machined aluminum alloy enclosure.

Swans S3W is specially made for sound. To achieve robust results in a small speaker, our engineers had to select the proper balance between the driver and the high quality digital amplifier to bring out true bass for this mini speaker system. The midrange of the S3W is outstanding, human voice reproduction is smooth and natural. Swans S3W reproduces sound flawlessly, you can hear the difference!


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