Surfans F20 Bluetooth, Lossless DSD High Resolution Digital Audio Music Player - Reviews
A Great Budget DAP
Pros: Simple to use, built solid , looks great, many features, includes data/ charge cable
Cons: No case , not a Android DAP so no apps, minimal packaging and accessories.

Build quality:

The F20 comes in a simple box with the data / charging cable and manuals. Its made of metal with a glass like back I’m not sure if its dragontrail or polycarbonate but is cool to the touch so I am assuming its real glass. buttons are clicky and have a good feedback to them. The screen display is more than adequate. In my opinion the retro look is very appealing.

The system is easy and the first night I was up and playing DSD files in less than 60 seconds.


This player is very forgiving and the older MP3s sounded pretty good but going into better files such as lossless formats this player shines with a pleasant clarity and a transparent quality. The 10 band EQ works great but I perter things as is, it sounds balanced without coloration. The device has enough power to run some headphones with higher impedance.


For a budget DAP this thing is packed with some useful features. It not only is a DAP but can be run as a DAC as well through USB and OTG cables, it has two way Bluetooth so despite it not being a Android device it can receive the signal from your phone and favorite app and it can also send your stored music to your favorite wireless devices.

Here are some specs:

Earphone Impedance: 8Ω~150Ω

Headphone Port: 3.5mm Port

FM Radio: No

THD: <0.008% SNR: 103dB,±2dB

Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20KHz

Dynamic Range: 98db

Battery: 3.7V/1500mA Lithium Battery

OS: Windows XP/ Vista/ Win7/8.1/ Mac OS 10/Linux 2.4.2 and above

Dimensions: 3.7×2.2×0.6”

Weight: 110g / 3.9oz

Supported high-res Audio File Formats
APE (192 KHz/ 24bit); WAV (192 KHz/ 32bit);

WMA (192 KHz/ 24bit); WMA Lossless (192 KHz/ 24bit);

FLAC (192 KHz/ 24bit); DSD (5.6 MHz / 1bit);

DFF (5.6 MHz / 1bit);

Aiff / AAC / OGG / MP2 / MP3

Utilizes with advanced TI’s segment-DAC PCM510xA chip to achieve excellent dynamic and high-performance audio (up to192KHz/32bit )

Enjoy DSD Playback, Experience the natural sound and intense detail of DSD audio formats, thanks to the high-quality digital audio, it can reach 64 times the CD audio sampling rate.

Display: 2.0 inches TFT Display (320*240)

Customized Equalizer (EQ): Rock / Classic / Jazz / Pop / Dance / Vocal / Blues / Heavy Metal / Customize etc.

USB OTG: Via USB-OTG cable, it can read tracks and data from OTG devices and it enables up to 256GB capacity (USB-OTG cable not included)

USB-DAC: Under USB-DAC mode, the player can be used as a computer decoding amp

Line-Out: It can be connected with amp like car stereo and other home audio via Auxiliary Audio cable(not included)

Apt- X Bluetooth 4.0 Transmission Supported:It can improves the transmission of sound via Bluetooth.

In Conclusion:

The Surfans F20 is a cool looking retro styled DAP with a simple interface that has some useful features , sounds great and it is built solid, whether your playing MP3s or FLAC files you’ll find this little player is a good value and solid performer.