Supreme Sound Opamp V6 Datasheetv

General Information

Supreme Sound Opamp V6 Datasheet
The Supreme Sound Opamp (SS Opamp) is a specialized, single-purpose opamp for high-quality
analogue audio amplification.
Unlike the general-purpose IC opamp designs, which focus on the high open-loop gain, Burson aimed
to achieve low open-loop distortion, low noise, low drift and low offset. The Supreme Sound Opamp
also exhibited a wider bandwidth and wide power supply range. These qualities are essential in
high-quality analog audio amplification.
The input stage features a pair of carefully matched field-effect transistors. Each pair of transistors
went through two stages of screening to ensure the best possible matching. The main amplification
section employed a current mirror configuration instead of the conventional voltage amplification. By
keeping the current limiting resistor to a minimum value we minimized RC parameter of the circuitry
and hence achieved a wider frequency response.
Another pair of matched output transistors is coupling with the emitter follower stage. This
arrangement ensured high driving current and low output impedance, which made the SS Opamp
suitable for a wide range of audio applications.

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