Superlux HD-668 B

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  1. godfadger
    Pros - About Everything
    Cons - None
    Amazing Headphones.
    I 1st found out about these cans when I walked in on a new audio shop in our local mall. They had a lot of cans and IEMS available for audition so I listened to one. I was blown away with the detail and just about everything, there are also some Sennheisers there but these really stand out for me I couldn't put them down. My first thought was these must have costs more than those Senns but when I asked the salesman he told me it only costs around 40$. Wow! Really? So I researched about the brand and found out it was really praised very well here and other audio sites. Long story short, I bought 1 the next day.
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  2. TStarGermany
    "Extremely mediocre"
    Pros - Cheap
    Cons - Sound
    The sound is nothing like great bang for the bucks read in the reviews on forums. It's rather cold, thin, dull .. On any genre, from DnB over Guitar Rock to Classical music. These earphones are no fun at all.

    If I had to pin it down, I would say this:
    The worst thing about these headphones is that they offer zero "stage" and so little "detail" that it doesn't make sense for to listen to any good music with them.

    I'm not trying to be the "against" guy here, because as you can see, it has so many good reviews, but in comparison to my old Philips (which died just before I bought the Superlux), the 668B are just a huge disappointment in every regard.

    It's like changing from a Ferrari to a Fiat - Somehow the same, but not really -.-
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  3. Remior
    "My most well expended 20€!!"
    Pros - Price, awesome sound quality for the price.
    Cons - Bright and recesed mids
    After a year with this amazing cans i think i can say a couple of things.
    How the hell they can make this cans for this price?? China it's the answer...
    This cans are amazing for only 20€, they do an unexpected sound quality for the price. It's not a Giant Killer but it's a Mini Giant Killer (MGK), i own a Sennhesier HD555 and -for sound quality- the HD668B are at the same level no doubt, but for 1/4 of the price. 
    If you like the music and want to experiment audiophile sensations but haven't soo much money i can't imagine better 20€ on sound equipment. 
    Audio Quality:
    Taking appart the price and forgetting the price to loose the Hype i must to say that his quality sound it's good, at the same level of cans with my HD555. Differents sound signature but same quality level .
    The very best sound of this cans cames when we burn in about 200-300 hours, recesed mid came more forward and don't miss it soo much, and the initial bright blows up a bit but don't dissapears. At his 56ohm and sensivity is not a requisite amplifier the HD668b to make it sound good but an amplifier make it push his best sound, resolution, instrumental separation, etc.
    In other words they are more Mini Giant Killer with a good amplifier on the way.
    It's supposed to be balanced cans for the B on HD668B but it seems to me it's not balanced flat, it's balanced on "V" like the Beyerdynamic DT990 -on the superlux website it's frequency response it's compared and it's very similar-, soo take in mind that, this cans aren't Flat at all.
    This cans are very analitycal, very detailed with envolvent sounds and with a very good soundstage, all this make rediscover new things on music you use to listen; little sounds that wasn't before but appear with them, it's a good sensation rediscover your old music on it.
    They are very transparet on the recording quality sound, if you find distorsion don't blame on cans, blame on bad recordings and mastering studios or the bad music quality music you heard. Most pepople says this cans are bright and i think it's beacause of it, if the recording it's bright the HD668b make you to know "screaming" to you :)
    The bass its well extended and present, maybe a bit muted on the very low frequencys (20-50HZ) but much more present on middle low frequencys (50-150hz) and with a very funny punch on it. Many people will found it  short of bass but i think its the perfect quantity to feel it real and not overbass.
    I found the punchy bass very very funy and enjoyable on it. But without amplification dont expect miracles... 
    The mids are a bit recesed at first but after 200-300 hours it came a bit forward and you don't miss it anymore, unless you like very forward mids in that case you don't like it. They are very well balanced after the burn in, very detailed, with clarity and natural.
    The highs are very very good for me -but i like crispy sounds!!-; some people found highs very very present on this cans and don't like it for this reason, it's a point to have very present on it. I think that the  bright highs dissapear a bit after the 200-300 hours of burn in but always be there.
    The "timbre" it's not bad at all, is not the most realistic -my Sennhesier HD555 have a more crystalline "timbre"- but i like it soo much on cord instruments and female voices and acoustic concerts. Maybe not as realistic as my Senn but much more fun and enjoyable.
    A good amplification cames to life many many things to this cans and make it a lot of better, don't miss this point. Not soo much ohms on the way but with his sensivity (98 db SPL) a good amplifier change many things.
    Nothing to say that you couldn't see on the photos. They are a copy of AKG on design and Audio Technica on headband pads. They are really light, lot of plastics every where, but well built and support hard treatment on it without broke it. Mines has fall down many times to the floor and still survive!!!
    The pressure on the head maybe its a bit hard to support many time continuisly on the head and hurts but with time it take the form of your head and will bee more confortable, but it's there.
    The most criticable thing on this cans it's the ugly earpads that would you sweat on summer like an idiot, and maybe Superlux would take the point for next models... :)
    They have a cuple of cables (1m and 3m), one jack adaptor 3,5mm to 6,3mm and a clip to swich with no problem the cable to headphone that it's a new great idea rom Superlux and would must copy other brands.
    This it's a good cand, a very very good headphone for the price, i can't imagine a better 20€ expended on  sound equipment.
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  4. Headzone
    Pros - Bright and clear
    Cons - None for the price.
    They look like a cheap version of AKG K240, but the drivers are made by Superlux and sound very different.
    These drivers have this good detail retrieval, that makes them good value despite their treble distortion or brightness. I would like a bit more bass.
    Edit: These headphones have a newer EVO model, which has much extended bass response.
  5. navi7892
    "good for gaming"
    Pros - cheap, amazing soundstage,analytical
    Cons - ear pad
    Sound Quality:
    amazing soundstage
    recessed lower mids (little)
    the ear pad are horrible they make my ear sweat after wearing them 5min+. they are tight at first but get better over time.
  6. Tacoboy
    "First 8 days"
    Pros - Good all around sound and PRICE
    Cons - For this price, no cons
    Wish I had bought the HD-668Bs before spending all that money on other headphones.
    Not as fully adjustable as my other headphones, but fits my head size fine
    and should work for most people
    The clamping force is just about perfect for me.
    They are all plastic and fake leather, but that as good as one can expect for the price.
    I really do like the way they are designed.
    If I was designing headphones this is exactly how I would have done it.
    They are semi-open, but most people around you would have a hard time hearing whatever your listening to.
    You can hear outside noise, but not enough to interfere with what your listening to.
    They come with a 3' and 10' cable, would not have minded if they also came with 6' cable.
    Would be nice if they offered a higher end model with Velour pads.
  7. keanex
    "These Cost How Much?"
    Pros - Stunning clarity and balance
    Cons - Comfort issues, build quality feels cheap.
    I chose to review these with my FiiO E7 with my E3 LOD to my iPod Classic as they definitely need some juice. The E7 is able to power these to comfortable listening levels though without a worry.
    The Superlux HD668b came packaged in a rather cardboard box which I actually found to be pleasing to look at on the front. It's not eye catching, but it doesn't need to be. It simply says Superlux on the front with the model number and "Professional Studio Standard Headphones," with a picture of the HD668b taking up the rest of the space. On either side of the box the included contents are shown with many languages present to tell the information. The back has technical specs in various languages with a serial number and contact information.
    The packaging isn't flashy, but I actually really like it. It is classy and old school and has a charm about it I really like. The box is also rather thick cardboard, it doesn't feel cheap. 
    Inside is an instruction manual, the Superlux HD668b headphones, a cloth carrying pouch, a 3m cord, a 1m cord and a 1/8th to 1/4 adaptor. Nothing excessive, but well packaged. I'm happy with the included items and couldn't really ask for more.
    Design and Build Quality
    When I read some reviews on these I thought they looked beautiful, a nice mix of Audio Technica and AKG. When I received them I noticed the pictures were very flattering, it's not that the Superlux HD668b look bad in person, it's just easy to see that they are rather cheap looking. They still look fantastic, but the plastic and rather cheap construction is apparent.
    The feel of these is rather cheap plastic with faux leather pads and thin metal wires as opposed to the thicker ones on the Ad900. For $50 though I can't blame Superlux, they obviously can't spend a huge budget on the quality of materials in the way Audio Technica can, especially when they're focused on the sound. Overall though, while they look cheap, I don't see any problems with durability. The removable jack on the left earphone is a nice touch, 2.5mm female plugs into the headphones. The cable is a bit thin and cheap feeling, but there's no problems I have with it sound wise or durability wise so far. I will say that I wish Superlux included a medium cable as the 3m is a bit too long and the 1m is a bit too short. I like that it terminates into a straight plug though.
    When worn they do get a bit hot, despite the semi-open design, which really feels like a closed design and offers decent isolation. The pads do get a bit hot and there's some clamping which has cause my listening sessions to be kept around 1 hour or so. The clamping isn't huge, but it's definitely apparent. Overall though they feel decent on the head, I'm simply used to open headphones, noticeably my Ad900 which are amazing in comfort.
    Overall I feel like Superlux did a good job with obviously a small budget. They feel and look good for the price, but it's apparent they had to skimp somewhere when compared to my Audio Technica Ad900.
    Sound Quality
    I really couldn't believe my ears for these. I let them burn in for 30 hours as Kevin at Superlux has informed me and put them on. "Wow, these cost how much?" Was my initial reaction. The sound is fantastically balanced with amazing clarity and a natural sound, that rivals my Ad900. While these are labeled as Studio Monitors don't let that fool you, I'm having a lot of pleasure listening to these, they aren't as music as my Ad900, but are more musical than my Ad700 and HD558. The bass extends well and has a nice full warm sound, it does lack impact though for electronic music such as drum and bass. The lows do leak a little into the mids a bit, but only so slightly as to make them sound a smudge recessed. The mids are full sounding with excellent clarity. They don't have the forwardness my Ad900 have, but they do a wonderful job for rock music regardless. The highs are a little tame, but they extend well. By tame I mean that they aren't piercing or overly bright. They still extend well with excellent clarity. The soundstage is great, it's not as big as my Ad900 or Ad700, but it definitely gives the music some room to breathe. Time to listen to some tunes!
    Modest Mouse - Doin the Cockroach
    While this song is admittedly lo-fi, I chose it because of it's quick pace and distorted guitars. The bass line is something I don't think I've ever heard properly, in-fact on my Ad900 it's barely noticeable. On these I hear it wonderfully, without it muddling the mids. The vocals and guitar sound wonderful. The vocals sound astoundingly natural, the guitar is able to be easily picked out through it's hazy distortion and sloppy playing. The headphones are able to keep up with the tempo no problem. Everything honestly sounds absolutely wonderful and natural on these.
    James Blake - Limit To Your Love
    The vocals and piano sound wonderful on these, absolutely wonderful. The notes ring out with a nice naturalness and clarity, nothing artificial sounding here. The heavy bass definitely extends well, but there's no rattling in my ears. I hear the bass and the headphones are able to keep up with the quick pace, but there's no feel of it. These definitely aren't for bass heads, but they do reproduce the lows wonderfully without muddling up the rest of the frequencies in this song.
    Feist - I Feel It All
    I chose this because it has a lot going on and is a nice sibilance check. The drums, acoustic guitar, tambourine, electric guitar and vocals all sound wonderfully natural. There's no hint of sibilance, which is fantastic. This song is a good test for sibilance and the HD668b pass. Feist's voice simply sounds wonderfully silky smooth.
    High Contrast - Return of Forever
    I chose this liquid DnB track to see how the Superlux would handle a fast paced song. The song has a nice balance in it. The repetitive bass line sounds right where it should be, the quick drum beat is sound as it should it doesn't feel slow or bloated and the miscellaneous sounds are easily apparent. I definitely like the HD668b for electronic, though I feel the Ad900 have a little more impact than the 668b making me choose them for dnb usually.
    Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil
    This song has a lot going on in it, a lot of instruments. The various hand drums and shaker sound wonderful at any part of the song and remain a strong backbone for the rhythm of this song as the bass piano and vocals come in. The song sounds very natural and no instrument sounds more present than the next, at any point of this song I'm able to easily discern an instrument from the next. I'm very impressed for this song.
    While the build quality and comfort isn't superb it's definitely more than average for the price from my experiences. The build quality is about on par with the Audio Technica Ad700, for instance. The looks are fantastic, I love the AKG/Audio Technica hybrid look. The detachable cable is also a very nice addition. The sound quality is superb with these, they easily rival $100 headphones and I find myself reaching for them over my Ad900 at times, they completely make my HD558 obsolete in my opinion, I'll never reach for them again.
    If you're looking for a cheap, good looking headphone with excellent sound quality to price ratio look no further. The only problem you'll run into is finding a place that stocks these.
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  8. Jackinthebox
    "Really good value Giant Killer (Need EQ adj.)"
    Pros - Neutral Sound, detail in all range, good soundstage (AFTER EQ Adj.)
    Cons - Kinda off balanced (Need EQ adjustment)
    Here's my quick review:
    Sound Quality: 
    Solid Bass, detailed mid and vocal, crisp treble, very good soundstage, no amp required, but off balanced.
    Range Balance: (and my EQ adjustment of my COWON D2)
    Bass and mid-high:  Perfect amount (EQ+1/10)
    Mid:  Very slightly low (EQ+1/10)
    Mid-low:  Kinda too low (EQ +2/10)
    Treble:  Too bright. (EQ -1/10)
    Comfort, light weight, need better cushion pad(too thick material: fake leather: sweaty)
    What you should do:
    It sounds too light and too crispy without EQ adjustment and burn-in. 
    It'll become a real giant killer(well balanced neutral sound) only if you add some good amount of mid and mid-low and reduce its high range at the EQ setting.  Also, about 5 hours initial burn in, will makes its sound a lot warmer.
    Is the HD-668B a good buy?  Yes, definitely but would only recommend to people who have a good mp3 player or good audio system with good EQ setting function.
  9. chips88
    "cheap and cheerful"
    Pros - (in context of price) detail ,resolution, soundstage, fast-taut bass
    Cons - (in context of price) bright ... bright ... bright
    Got 2 pairs for US$65 ... gave one to a friend who is a bass-head (plays video games and runs it through movies [ DVDrips]) and kept one for myself.
    After a year, here is our skinny on these El-cheapos:
    Get the ugly part out of the way --> These boys are unforgiving and bright and WILL show up your crappy music systems. If the recording was brightly mastered/crap, if your source is bad, if your cables are bright (esp. pure silver and silver plated stuff), if your amp/dac setup is too revealing THEN these babies are RUTHLESS. They will show up the brightness and amplify the crap out of the brightness to make ears bleed.
    No .. they will not flatter anything. They just let you know something is really amiss in your chain of music production.
    Hence: although easy to drive (low impedance, high sensitivity), these are NOT for badly ripped MP3s, not suitable for porta-ipod/phone/mp3 players and not for your cheap PC music cards.  Forget it, you will get better sound elsewhere. You have been warned!!
    Now for the honest truth about these phones - look carefully at the reviews. The folks who have a decent setup, and putting thru good quality sources (properly done CDs/FLACS/SACDs --> decent DAC --> decent amp) all enjoyed them, or were smitten by their price/performance ratio.
    They may not beat the big boys costing 5-10X more in price (certainly not the Denon D5000 or the Grado PS1000). But unlike the other cheap crap in the sub US$100 range, they don't get worse as you up the ante, they get better - and better to the point of lunacy. No cans priced US$ 30 should be giving owners of Senn HD 600/Denon D2000/AKG 240/Grado 125 (Yes between my friend and I, we have had all these for extended periods in the past) raised eyebrows ... but this one does.
    Yes its still slightly bright, and its bass doesn't extend low enough, neither is its midrange meaty and alluring enough ...BUT ... it IS still impressive for US$ 30.
    Its best you treat these as studio monitors, as they were intended by their creators. But if you ever want a really ruthless pair of cans to weed out a weak kink in your setup, then try these out. If your systme boogies on these baby, then you can try out any other more esoteric headsets and have something to smile about.
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  10. MZ Lab
    "Superbuy "
    Pros - Sound- bass, treable, mids, stage accuracy
    Cons - Not very portable, pleather cushions make you sweat when is warm..
    Killer headphones for the money.  Very hard to dislike. People who probably paid more money for AKG K240's (which sound inferior) would probably criticize them. I work in the audio retail industry and have experience with Grado - full line, Sennheiser - full line, AKG full line, Goldring, Beyerdynamic. 
    There is definitely something magical about their sound that makes me return to them again and again even though my collection includes: Sennheiser - HD600 and 250II Linear, Beyerdynamic DT990pro, 770 - 600 ohm, AKG K240 - 55 ohm, Grado SR80 and I-Grado.
    I have to mention  that I did few mods: First I removed the thin black fabric from the enclosures and replaced with organic cotton pads one for each side.  Second I replaced the logo plastic caps with wooden ones and third I cut felt pieces and replaced the bass pads that cover partially the drivers (mine cover tiny bit less)
    I listen mostly classical music, jazz. I also listen some 70's prog rock, acoustic rock and electronica. I listen analog or uncompressed digital files (SACD, 24/96, 24/88.2, 16/44.1)
    I don't know how MP3 will sound with the HD668B .  I use FLAC on my portable player and the sound is pretty good. People who are complaining about comfort should listen Grado SR60 for couple of days and switch back to the HD668B.
    I think the HD668B are killers for their price and Superlux is a great company which makes affordable products with great sound quality.  Now enthusiasts and professionals who couldn't afford to buy 5 pairs of AKG's for their studio can do that with Superlux without compromising the sound.
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