Super Stereo Headphone Amplifier Kit

General Information

A few years ago we designed the SHA1 stereo headphone amplifier to provide an audiophile quality headphone signal from a radio or amplifier that only had a line output. The success was overwhelming! Well, it's been a couple of years and the need has been proven so we decided not to just sit on our laurels with the success of the SHA1. We put our engineers to work, asking them questions like... what if a band wanted multiple headphones with separate level controls? And what about controls . . . how about the ability to tailor the audio characteristics to each user's preferences? What about multiple headphones from just one unit? When they got tired of all our questions they said've got it, the new SHA2...the next generation headphone amplifier kit! Standard 3.5mm stereo audio headphone connectors are used for both looping input and dual outputs for simple Walkman style headphones. That was decided when I recently bought a hundred dollar set of Sony professional headphones that had the 3.5mm plug on them and an included ¼ adapter; I figured it's time to concede to 3.5mm! We provide a dual RCA to 3.5mm stereo input cable with the SHA2 to match up with your standard unbalanced RCA line out connectors! From there LM386's and LM1036's are used for audio processing providing nearly 1 watt of output to the normal 4-40 ohm headphones or speaker circuits. The loop-through inputs are properly isolated to prevent ground loop and hum problems when daisy chained or used in multiples. The dual outputs are great for that other person that just has to listen in too! We covered it all with the SHA2! Runs on a built-in standard 9VDC battery but also has a rear power jack for 12-20VDC if you don't want to bother with a battery! If you're looking for multiple outputs, looping inputs, daisy chained amplifiers, and bass, treble, loudness control, then try the SHA2, the new generation stereo amplifier! It includes a matching case measuring 5W x 1½H x 5¼D.


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