5 Eb Earphones with Extended Bass

General Information

From the makers of Ultimate Ears professional ear monitor products comes the 5 EB earphones. Join stars like U2, Green Day, Ashanti, Madonna, No Doubt, Beastie Boys, Eve and many others in using Ultimate Ears' premiere earphone technology and get the best experience from your iPod or other personal audio device. Imagine professional quality sound out of earphones designed for your "on-the-go" lifestyle. The compact, lightweight design and metallic storage case allow the earphones to go where you go. The flexible ear loops comfortably secure the earphones in place and the fit kit enables maximum noise isolation from the world around you. Best of all, the combined armature and diaphragm driver technology delivers hip hop, rap, metal, techno and other bass rich music with the low end output you expect - without distortion. So if you want full spectrum audio performance but also enjoy heavy, driving bass beats, plug into a 5 EB - your ears will love you for it!


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