Sunrise Xcape Impressive Edition

General Information

The SW-Xcape is a more balanced IEM with a sweet midrange and nice bass, yet never compromises detail anywhere in the spectrum, notably the highs. Highs are neither in the forefront or in the background; they are balanced with the rest of the spectrum and are present as the recording dictates. There is a slight emphasis on the midrange, which is great for strings, vocals, and rock, but is still very suitable for other genres of music. The bass is satisfying, detailed, and carries some weight. It is not intrusive, but is always present when the music calls for it. These are not bass heavy, and likewise they are not catered to bassheads, but most others will find the amount and quality of the bass to be more than satisfying.

Overall, these are an excellent set of balanced IEMs, with a welcome touch of warmth that makes for an excellent, easy going listening experience.


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