Styleaudio Carat-Topaz

General Information

The headphone driver portion of the Topaz is quite special, utilizing two of the high performance TI/Burr Brown OPA2134 OPAMP's, allowing the Topaz to comfortably drive any headphone from 32ohm to 300ohm. The line ouput section gets the same attention to detail as the rest of the unit and employs two of the Analog Device AD817 OPAMP's, allowing the Topaz to be at home in a high end two channel audio system. Impressively, the Topaz also use four of the TI NE5534 OPAMP's for the I/V section, a testament to their dedication to quality and good sound.
The impressive engineering pedigree and use of top notch parts continues into the DAC section. Utilizing the TI PCM1792 24bit/192Khz DA converter, this DAC is capable of an astounding dynamic range of 123dB with a negligible THD+N of 0.0005%. The USB input is controlled by the proven TI PCM2707 USB controller, allowing use of up to 48Khz files via USB. And, finally, the digital controller is the Crystal CS8416 with low jitter clock recovery.
The Topaz is truly "plug and play" with any Mac OS of 9.0 or later and any Windows OS of 2000, or later


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