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Styleaudio Carat-Ruby2

  • RUBY2 has original ‘hi-fi Audio DAC & Headphone AMP’ which has USB input as well as Optical digital input. Using these digital inputs. RUBY2 can be connected with DVD player or normal grade CD player and produce fantastic audio quality.

    For digital chipset combination, RUBY2 was designed with PCM1796, Burr Brown and CS8416, Cirrus Logic. For the OPAMP part of analog output, OPA604, Texan Instruments and OPA2134, Burr Brown are used. Total six OPAMPs of three for left part and three for right part are designed as HEXAD style of the isolated dual mono structure.

    As before, RUBY2 also took famous audio parts from SANYO OSCON, WIMA, VISHAY DALE, TDK, etc.. Full aluminum case, aluminum cutting knob and 24K gold coating PCB, brass spike, TCXO 1ppm, Toshiba’s optical terminal are used for RUBY2.


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