Stefan AudioArt E-series P5 Cable

General Information

The Stefan AudioArt E-Series P5 is a specialty version our audiophile line of headphone cables with a unique conductive surface formula configured with an internal twisted field geometry and designed to delivering top portable performance from your Bowers-Wilkins P5 headphones.

Designed to give the user the purest path from source to headphone, the new E-Series P5 audiophile headphone cable is designed to eliminate the stock cables performance degrading connectors, conductive surface and body structure allowing a true high-end portable listening experience.

The Bowers-Wilkins P5's are among the best portable headphones available (along with the Sennheiser HD25's and Ultrasone E8's) and is one of the best headphones for portable use as they are small, great sounding, extremely comfortable and do an excellent job against ambient noise. With the P5 upgraded to the Stefan AudioArt E-Series custom headphone cable connecting directly to a portable source the combination is far beyond the performance of the best ear buds and much more comfortable in use.


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