SteelSeries Siberia 51016 Headphones (White)

General Information

Steel Series Siberia Full Size Headphones - With a superior soundscape and signature design, the Steel Series Siberia Full Size Headphone is an ideal choice for music and gaming enthusiasts. The headphone (sans the microphone), is avaialable in glossy black or white. The signature Siberia headband suspension offers superior comfort and a 2.8 meter cord for convenience that can be used with MP3 players, PCs, and portable consoles to rock-out, frag your oppoent or ever use at the turntables.

Latest reviews

Pros: nothing worth mentioning
Cons: mediocre sound, very fragile and horrible build
Not the best headphones. Sound is mediocre and is not much better than a decent pair of IEMs. 
Worth mentioning that they fell apart after a year of use. I am not over exaggerating. They fell apart.
These are made for gaming, I have this with their USB sound card. works very well for FPS games. not so much for music tho
Mad Lust Envy
Mad Lust Envy
I bought these for my ex last year. They are extremely comfortable (actually one of the very best in that regard for me), but as you said, they don't sound too great. They're warm and not offensive, but nothing special.
Huge huge lack of detal. Bass thumps but it's not very tight. Kindof veiled and sloppy sounding overall but hey for gaming it's whatever.
I loved them until I heard some good sens and grados


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