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Cameron Taylor: Based on the award-winning SteelSeries Siberia Full-size Headset, the v2 features...

SteelSeries 51100 Siberia V2 Headset (White)

  • Cameron Taylor: Based on the award-winning SteelSeries Siberia Full-size Headset, the v2 features major enhancements in sound quality, comfort and its microphone. Every element of the v2 has been optimized for pro gaming, making the headset a preferred piece of equipment for the worlds' best competitive PC gamers - the most demanding headset users in the world.

Recent Reviews

  1. CloudeKr
    Go-to headphone for gaming. OK for music.
    Written by CloudeKr
    Published Sep 12, 2015
    Pros - Microphone, Soundstage, Dat bass
    Cons - Can't wear outdoors, Slight strain, Isolation, Muffled high, Recessed high.
    My first true headset. I had been choosing between this and the Razer Kraken (no reason for choosing this over that, probably because I see Siberias used more than Krakens in streams). I've been using this for atop a year.
    It works for games as much as it should. Rumbling and grumbling of ballistics are portrayed with direction and clarity, noise rarely gets muffled. Works wonders for ambient sound, especially in environment/psychological horror. Mic is not outstanding but is adequate for most communication intensive games such as CS:GO. To be honest, gaming wise it's hard to fault it at all seeing these are already forefront com
    Bass is full bodied and clear, and I totally enjoyed every bit of detail from the lower end of the spectrum. Mids are adequate. Highs are overpowered by the bass and undetailed, a little grainy when it comes to e.g. pop. Its clarity might be a little impeded by the other frequencies. Using it for genres that portray few distinct instruments (such as rock).
    You look like a buffoon if you wear it outdoors, so keep it at home. The elastic bridge is a tad too tight for me and it strains my ears if I use it for long periods of time. They not satisfactorily sound-isolating (another reason not to wear them outdoors) as somewhere within the headset is open for airflow.
    IDK I think it's not too bad.
  2. anodyne
    Bargain desktop allrounders
    Written by anodyne
    Published Oct 6, 2013
    Pros - Comfort, price, versatility. Great mids with powerful but warm and pleasant lower end.
    Cons - Music performance drops as dynamics get tighter.
    Have had these for almost two years. Though I'd at least write a few basic impressions.
    First, the intended gaming and media use:
    Well, I have to say I've found them excellent. Voices are clear, environment sounds are crisp and the lower end does subsonic rumbles and concussive thumps equally well. The phones actually still make me check if I have left my external subwoofer turned on from time to time. Headphone surround with the included sound card and drivers works decently, though I haven't had much to compare with. Borderlands 2 sounds open and wide, Bioshock 2 sounds confined and eerie as hell. They are comfortable enough for a weekend of Civ 5. DiRT 3, GRID 2 and Shift 2 have worked well without making engine sound annoying.
    There are probably other gaming phones that sound about as good in the price range, but I haven't tried any that come close to the Siberas when it comes to comfort.
    Over to music:
    Gaming sound is a lot about high dynamic range, and with music I think the phones show their weakness at the other end. As the soundspace fills up the soundstage and separation go away. So, in my opinion they are not really for big rock and pop productions or for metal, hard electronica and other loud genres in general.
    But, I think they really shine with more intimate recordings. The kind where you want a room rather than a stage. Vocals and acoustic instruments benefit from the mids and warmth in the lower end. Regina Spektor and Natalie Merchant sound as good as Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits. For club/electronic music I've enjoyed listening to chill/trip stuff like Air, Massive Attack and Portishead, and I think the bass works really well without taking over too much. Not much of a jazz or classical guy, but from what I've listened to I'd say small sessions and chamber music/solo/quartet performances work fine as well.
    Some sort of conclusion:
    I've talked a lot about mids and bottom, and those are the strong points to me. I'd say the sound is crisp with a dark sweetness. Honey roasted, maybe? :) The treble could be little stronger, but there are no real flaws there to my ears.
    I haven't tried the phones with a proper amp, and as I feel they get muddier with portable devices and enjoyable with half decent sound cards and regular hifi headphone outputs it could be that a little more power could help keep those 50mm drivers in check even with louder music.
    I've written this with the price in mind, and I think they are a bargain that rivals more expensive phones in the areas where they shine. With the retractable mic they make a practical and affordable all-in-one solution for all desktop needs like gaming, casual music listening and Skype calls.
  3. Ezio
    Written by Ezio
    Published Jul 5, 2013
    Pros - Lively Soundstage, Great seperation, BAAASSSS!!!
    Cons - Big, Not for portability, Leakage!, Some alternatives are better
    The Sound is just WOW! Bass is unbelievable, best for EDM, Rock, Acoustic etc. Low frequencies doesnt muffle the highs and mids.
    Some alternatives are better
  4. Bralleput
    Siberia v2
    Written by Bralleput
    Published Sep 9, 2012
    Pros - Great sound, low price, great comfort, audio control, BASS
    Cons - they look awful
    A very short review.
    They sound great for all music, especially EDM. The bass is very present, goes deep, good quality for this price for sure. This headphone can make your ears shake. HUGE impact. Comfort is superb. The plastic feels cheap but never had any issues. Good for both gaming and music. 
    Better than Beats Solo Studio and Pros together.
    If you can get it for 50 to 80 dollars, don't even think twice.[​IMG]
  5. Jason4774
    Written by Jason4774
    Published Nov 3, 2011
    Pros - Big sound, very live, tons of energy, lack of obvious nasties in sound
    Cons - Lack refinement of higher priced offerings
    Heard these at a gaming convention.  Wanted to buy a pair riht there and then, but they were not allowed to sell them at the con, so I went to their site, picked up the black/gold version with a 40% discount.  Sixty bucks for these seems like I stole them.  Here's why...
    They sound FANTASTIC!!!  I never heard the v1's, but I own a pair of sennheiser 650's, also a pair 590's, Audio Technica M50's, shure e4's.  I like listening to these more!
    I'm not saying they're better.  I'm saying I like listening to them ALOT more than any set of headphones I've ever placed on my ears!
    They have a very energetic presentation of music without showing an obvious fault in the audio spectrum.  The bass gets nice and big when the music needs it, but isn't boomy or excessive like the M50's tend to be.  They remind me most of the Senn 590's, with a very lively presentation, but a richer midband, and without the screechy highs I've endured with the 590's.  Another way they remind me of the 590's is their comfort.  These two headphones are the only two I could literally fall asleep wearing.
    Unlike the 650's sorta blandly even presentation, the Siberia V2's sound big, alive, without getting too in your face about it.  They have energy without overhyping the bass or the treble to do it.  And I have the 650's hooked up to a Benchmark DAC1 USB, while the Siberias are plugged into my Asus Xonar's headphone slot.  I've done some opamp mods to the card, but the Benchmark is still the superior headphone amp, with the 'superior' headphones attached, and I enjoy listening to the Siberias.
    I have noticed that, with some complex music, that the Senn's stay composed alot better, seperating instruments in the mix better, but I really have to listen to the mixes to notice it.  when I'm just listening for enjoyment, I prefer the Siberias.
    I don't mean to imply anything except this.  Spending alot on the Senn 650's didn't bring me to the audio nirvana I hoped for.  The cans aren't my cup of tea.  they didn't endear themselves to me the way the 590's did in the past.  I guess I like a more lively presentation, and I don't want to say that they're bad, or that the Siberias are better.
    But they are, for long periods of time, a VERY enjoyable set of headphones that allow me to connect to the energy of the music.  they haven't worn on me, nor have I noticed any glaring faults with them, especially for their price.  They're REDICULOUSLY good for their price, and a joy to wear for long periods of time, both for comfort, and for musical enjoyment.  They remind me of the Senn 590's, but richer sounding, without sacrificing the energy of the music.  But those headphones weren't too popular around here, and there's a good chance these won't be, either, but man to they make music sound alive!
    My only advice to anyone who has ever looked at these headphones.  Do anything you can to try these out!  They are the real deal!  They sound better than they have any right to at their price point, and while I would NEVER claim they are the best headphones out there, you might find, like I did, that they are more enjoyable and bring more joy to you and your music than anything else you've tried so far.
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    1. Moosecraft
      wow this is really interesting might pick up a pair to try
      Moosecraft, Nov 3, 2011


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