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STE Audio Cable - 7N ACP Lite & AGP Slite

  1. Zelda
    STE Audio Cable - ACP Lite & AGP Slite
    Written by Zelda
    Published Oct 29, 2018
    Pros - Build Quality; Price; Good as replacement options
    STE Audio Cable - 7N ACP Lite & AGP Slite

    ste 1 (2).JPG

    Website (Facebook) - STE Audio Cable

    7N ACP Lite
    • Material: 7N OFC Copper
    • Cable: Double Shielding MKII, 4 cable conductors
    • Phone Plug: 3.5mm Plug & 2.5mm Plug
    • Earphone Plug: MMCX / CM (2-Pin)

    : U$D 21.54.

    7N AGP Slite
    • Material: 7N Silver Plated Copper
    • Cable: Double Shielding MKII, 4 cable conductors
    • Phone Plug: 3.5mm Plug & 2.5mm Plug
    • Earphone Plug: MMCX / CM (2-Pin)

    Price: U$D 25.38.

    Available from the STE Audio Facebook online shop

    I don't really remember how I found about STE Audio products, but it was probably a random find on Facebook. The cables looked fine and prices seemed worth a try, so contacted them by the Facebook messenger to figure out some details and arrange the shipment of a pair of the higher cables and these 2 more budget oriented arrived as an extra to share some impressions. Had to wait some time to have the cables made, and due some local shipping delays they all safely arrived around a month ago. As usual there are some language barriers when contacting far-east manufacturers, but nonetheless their reply to all the messages is quite fast despite the time zone difference.

    These here are their two entry options of their 'Beginning series', available on the more standard options of MMCX and 2-pin (0.78) and 3.5mm and balanced 2.5mm plugs. They both arrive in a simple plastic bag with a small sticker stating the respective specifications.

    ste 1 (1).JPG

    The price on ACP and AGP is very close and so the design is identical. The material on both is of 7N wire and they just differ in their wire type, the ACP has OFC copper while the AGP silver-plated copper, which is the usual thing for most affordable IEM cables. The number of conductors is of four, all tightly twisted within the outer plastic jacket as single strand. All the beginning series are advertised as using a kind of 'double shielding' as can be seen on the diagram; not sure how it actually looks, but if it works better then fine.

    ste 1 (3).JPG

    The overall build quality is very solid. The cable has average thickness and moderate noise if moving around. The straight plug is made of metal and seems very well attached to the wires. The y-split is compact with no strain relief, and the cable slider runs smoothly up to the base of the earguides. The guides have a fixed curved shape, and might have a too sharp angle but are soft enough. The MMCX connectors are well covered.

    Sound wise, I've tried both cables with various IEMs on the $100~500 price range, and as usual with different drivers' setup. The main ones were Brainwavz B400, iBasso IT01 & IT04, Dunu Falcon-C & DK-3001 and Advanced GT3. Differences or improvements were minimal to none, but on a more critical A/B listening, the copper ACP cable brings a bit more upper midrange and lowest treble emphasis with a tiny richer tonality, with thinner mid-bass. On the other hand, the silver-plated AGP is smoother towards the higher frequencies with a slightly more laid-back treble and a tad thicker low end. There's no gain in the overall detail whatsoever, though the soundstage is narrower with a more closed presentation, mostly noticed with the Dunu earphones Falcon-C and DK-3001 and iBasso IT04 which tend to have a wider and spacious effect with their included cables.
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