Stax's sublime portable in ear headphone.

Stax SR001 MK2

  • Stax's sublime portable in ear headphone.

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  1. ianmedium
    Stax SR001MK2
    Written by ianmedium
    Published Jun 14, 2010
    Pros - Sublime out of the ear sound
    Cons - takes getting used to comfort-wise
    This is my first foray into the electrostatic world and won't be my last. Everything that has been written in the past about Stax is borne true in listening to these phones.
    Liquid mid's, shimmering treble and a suprising amount of deep, strong bass.
    Even though described as portable I would not go outside with these. They are my in the house set up as they offer little or no isolation from external noise.
    Overal if you are looking for headphones that sound musical and involving you would do yourself a favour by giving these a go!
    Along with my IE8's(which are similar in musical enjoyment BTW!) These are my go to phones!


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