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Stax SR-L300 Electrostatic Earspeaker

  • Electrostatic Earspeaker

Recent Reviews

  1. Bloos
    A magically musical electrostatic
    Written by Bloos
    Published Jul 11, 2016
    Pros - bass quantity, large-ish soundstage, tame highs, details & clarity
    Cons - comfort
    *This is "review" is old, made a new one on the whole SRM3100 system here: https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/stax-srs-3100.22188/ *

    (First off, let me say that this review is more of a LX00 vs X07 comparison with some extra details on the L300s,
    I've listened for a few hours to all the Lambdas that have been released since 2010 and spent just under a month
    with my L300s )

    The L300s have an amazing soundstage that sometimes makes me question whether I left my speakers on, I
    have not experienced this with any of my other headphones. These just present sound in such a natural
    sounding way. The only negative I found is that the pads are thin, so your ears may touch the inside if the earpiece,
    but this can be solved by using 207/507 (or 307,407 if you want non-black) pads, which I have done.
    (Or just use thicker pads in general)

    Jumping right to some comparisons,

    HD800 compared to the L300 sounds veiled to me, now don't get me wrong, before I listened to the Lambdas, the HD800
    was the pinnacle of transparency for me ...but it just isn't on the level of the Lambdas. (I hope I didn't open Pandora's box
    by saying this...) they just aren't as transparent/natural sounding to my ears, oh and the HD700 sounds almost closed
    in comparason.
    Both the HD800 & 700 were powered by an HDVD800, with the same source used for the Lambdas.

    HD650, while I loved the HD650s for its smooth and almost perfect mids, I can't get over its lack of extension in the
    higher frequencies, making it lack the airiness I've come to love from Listening to STAX.

    LX00s vs X07s:
    the LX00s are warmer sounding than the X07s series, with less sibilance and a deeper textured bass
    (a weightier, fuller tone, more sub-bass support?).the LX00s also seem less dependent on their seal.
    X07s are more airy but also more sibilant, but things seem to improve with tubes,
    bass kicks too strongly with edm, to the point that it almost hurts my ears (which i will call "bass spike"), it is the same kind of
    high-frequency spike sound that I hear form some of my bass-light headphones when they play bass kicks
    (I spent the least amount of time with the SR507s, so not sure if these generalizations apply)

    Some of the gripes I have with the previous STAX lambdas were, especially with the 407,
    female vocals feel too close, almost in your head kind of sound. Making things sound
    somethings brash/harsh this might be attributed to the rise at 1khz in the frequency graph.
    Also, the soundstage on the 207s feels too two-dimensional to me, lacking depth.

    Recommended Song: Only Time - Enya
    (there's just something special lambdas do to this song, that nothing I've heard can match)

    Questions are greaty welcome!


    So LX00s vs X07s generally
    -nicer soundstage imho
    -more bass
    -weird swivel, less comfort
    -vocals are farther
    -more highs & airy
    -better comfort

    -female vocals closer, other sounds farther from vocals
    -bass spike
    -bass is deep but never the focus
    -vocals more delicate, more details?
    -space seems larger?
    -good bass, a lot less bass spike. maybe even a bass hump,
    -ample thump
    -less sizzle
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    1. DigitalCitizen
      Can't wait for the review. :)
      DigitalCitizen, Jul 16, 2016
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