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Stax SR-303 (Classic) electrostatic earspeaker

  • Electrostatic earspeaker featuring the same element material as the SR-404, the Stax SR-303 is a startling innovation in a more affordable earspeaker package. The sound is both refined yet powerful and the unit comes complete with a low capacitance standard PC-OCC cable to allow the Stax SR-303 earspeakers to attain their full sonic potential.

Recent Reviews

  1. audiophilehe400
    Amazing Quality and Clarity
    Written by audiophilehe400
    Published Mar 14, 2017
    Pros - Lightweight, comfortable, clear, amazing sound
    Cons - Awkward Design, but who cares its unique
    These are one of the most amazing headphones I have ever bought. The sound quality is very nice and much different than anything I have heard.Paired with a vintage Technics speaker amp and a SRD 7SB energizer. Very lightweight and comfortable. If you can find them, I recommend them. I have tried many headphone types, and the electrostatic technology in these blow the other headphones away.


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