Stanton Dynaphase Sixty

General Information

Dual-driver headphones from the 1970's.

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Pros: loud and bass
a tad muddy, but it can be easily fixed with abit of equalizing
they're louder then stadium speakers with duel drivers
there is a woofer and tweeter in each can, so that= loads of bass and tremble

tons of bass to go around

it has it, but that about all I can say

they favor highs over mids, but 'they're still well balanced

sound stage
love it
deep and rich

fine after awhile, I'm not a big fan of leather
but you can ware them for a long time

loud, grate sound stage
good for gaming
can be driven without a amp
killer looks

old and hard to find
some my find them ugly

heavy, like 3~4 ponds
my jvc RX-8040b amp does not like them. it shuts off with an headphone overload warning long before they're going to blow
so I have to use my fiio E6 till I find out how to disable it

other thoughts
the Threshold of discomfort and pain has been achieved
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