Spirit Torino Headphone Stand


1000+ Head-Fier
Pros: Quality materials and construction
Sleek Italian design; eye-catching way the materials are put together
Cons: If I had to nitpick one thing it would be using hex key bolts to secure the parts together. Mine has a slight looseness on one part and I had to fish out the right size wrench to tighten it. Philips head would have been simpler.
Spirit SounDesign is located in Turin, Italy and designs and manufactures hi-end headphones under the brand Spirit Torino as well as importing and selling hi-fi products most notably Audio-gd’s line of headphone electronics (https://spiritsoundstore.com/). Their sole US distributor is HeadAmp.com (https://www.headamp.com/) who graciously provided the headphone stand to me in exchange for my review. They have no control over what I am about to say. I am by no stretch a professional head-fi reviewer but I will try and convey my impressions in plain language for you.

Having recently purchased the Spirit Torino Radiante 1706 headphones with its beautiful presentation case, I was in the market for a nice headphone stand to go with the sleek modern Italian lines of the headphones. I located the Spirit SounDesign online store and lo and behold they have a stand in the same lovely blond colored wood as used in the presentation case. Unable to purchase them off the Italian web site, I contacted them and was directed to the US seller headamp.com who might be able to help me. They did and this is my review.

The stand arrived well-packed but not in its original packaging so I can’t comment on that. The headphone retails on the Italian site (https://spiritsoundstore.com/en/spirit-headphone-stand-porta-cuffie) for 120 Euros. Headamp.com only had a demo unit and originally offered them to me for $100. No word on what a brand-new stand would cost.

There’s not a lot you can say when reviewing a headphone stand other than perhaps about its material construction and stability under load (is it prone to tipping?). I’m not sure exactly what kind of wood it is (pine?) but it has a pleasant blond color overall and has a very smooth and luxurious finish. It’s clearly well-made with quality materials and craftsmanship. The Spirit logo is carved into the front. The construction consists of component parts that are laminated so the edges have a nice alternating light/dark wood aesthetic that are then assembled in such a way so there is air and light between and within the stand parts.

I have several solid wood stands as well as the ubiquitous laminated and bent wood stands (e.g., Sieveking Omega style). This stand is unique in its look and feel. It has relatively wide round base that sits on felt feet. I found it to be very stable with no feeling like it was going to tip over at any time.

This headphone stand performs the intended job perfectly and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. It is the perfect companion piece for the sleek Spirit Torino headphones.


(image taken from https://www.headamp.com/products/spirit-radiante-1706 )

(the rest are of my stand & headphones, pardon the clutter)

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